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The Employed Empress 122 Chapter 122: Young Wei Yi Yi's Jade Prince

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Jiang Yu is sipping wine for digestion while Xiao Lin Xi was reciting today's report. All guest have been escorted to their respective courtyards at the Hei courtyard. The arrangement was decided either in respect to their status or by how satisfied the emperor is to them. The powerful clans supporting the structure of the court remained unmovable for the meantime. The emerging clans received that emperor's support took this chance to boast about. They mingle to the upper clans to strengthen their foundation and hope for a possible alliance. The one who was arranged to courtyards worst than the previous years had cold sweats running to their back. It could only mean that the emperor is dissatisfied or they lost their value. It could also be a warning or a prelude to their family being oppressed. In the end, except for a few furens who don't understand the tide at court making complains, all the guest had settled down without much commotion. After a few years of reigning, the emperor already holds the court to the palms of his hand. It was both scary and reassuring. The Wei Clan is paralyzed without a proper heir. The sons that were supposed to support Prime Minister Wei was scattered around the kingdom. With him supporting the foundation of the family alone, if the empress still couldn't give birth to a prince, where could the Wei family reach in the next generation? General Feng is already in his late years. The soldiers he trained is also getting with age and his only disciple rebelled against him. With the country at peace, the popularity of the military is collapsing. Just to be promoted as a captain would take years. There just not enough accomplishment for them to do. Slowly, as new blood turn to depend on the imperial family, the military power returned to the emperor. It wouldn't be long until the Imperial Guards become the largest military of Da Xian. "You may return now." Jiang Yu put down his cut and glance outside the window. "...Wait." The emperor suddenly raised his hand to indicate Xiao Lin Xi to remain in his place. The Luminous Pavillion could only be blurrily viewed from his inner chamber with only its light being the distinct one. But he could clearly see the small paved path. Jiang Yu immediately recognized Wei Yi Yi the moment she stepped around the garden. She looked beyond awe and amazed as she swept her gaze. The moment she looked up to the sky, tearing her eyes away become difficult. She remained staring at the vast sea of stars with her mouth gaping open. Only after a while did she utter a few words breathlessly. Jiang Yu could swear to himself that he saw Wei Yi Yi glowing brighter than the most beautiful luminous pearl. Xiao Lin Xi cannot see what the emperor is viewing outside but Jiang Yu told him, "Grab my cloak. Zhen is going out." The eunuch thought of advising against it, however, as the emperor kept staring outside, Xiao Lin Xi only complied without uttering a word. Jiang Yu continue to watch Wei Yi Yi without blinking, engraving it into his mind. Even after she becomes the Empress, Wei Yi Yi still lives freely than him. Doing as she pleased, unhindered, and as unstoppable as always. Wei Yi Yi stopped then with a bit of embarrassment, speak words towards the concubines following her. It's not that Jiang Yu didn't notice them, rather, they turned blurry as he focused on Wei Yi Yi. He doesn't know what she told them but Consort Xie grabbed concubine Su away. Then, in a blink of an eye, Wei Yi Yi grabbed her dress and runs off, leaving her servant all alone. In an impulse, Jiang Yu turned around and in quick strides, walked out of the central courtyard. Xiao Lin Xi who just went to grab the emperor's cloak saw him passing in a hurry. "Your majesty! Please wait for a moment!" Wei Yi Yi who runs in the morning on a daily basis was quick on her feet and reached the Luminous Courtyard's gate. Panting heavily, she sprints to the direction of Jiang Yu's courtyard. Jiang Yu who just exited the gates of the central courtyard saw his empress darting her gaze around as she runs in his direction. When their gaze met, Jiang Yu felt everything slow down. As if finding her most important treasure, Wei Yi Yi eyes lit up brighter than any star that Jiang Yu could find in the vast night sky. [Big Brother Jade Prince!] A bit breathless with a mix of excitement. Eyes glistering as her eyes remained only looking at him, the young 'Wei Yi Yi' would shout miles away whenever he entered her sights. "Boss!" The Wei Yi Yi in front still calls him with much delight. Still, like a storm he was not prepared to face, Wei Yi Yi came running to him. After repeating it countless time, Jiang Yu has long been used to it. For him, it was something normal that 'Wei Yi Yi' do. But Wei Yi Yi stopped doing it and he feared for a moment, that the person that Wei Yi Yi searching thru the crowd was no longer him. It has been so long that Jiang Yu felt like crying. "Wei Yi Yi..." Finally, Jiang Yu responded. "Boss! Boss! Wooaah!" Wei Yi Yi hit the break a bit too late that she cannot stop herself from stumbling towards Jiang Yu. "Careful!" Jiang Yu caught her in his embrace. "Holy--- that scared me!" I thought I would kiss the floor! "Nice catch, Boss!... Wait! Wait! That's not the point! Come with me!" Wei Yi Yi clasps Jiang Yu hands even before she could steady herself. "What are you rushing for? I'm here already." "Chances could easily slip out of the hand! Don't worry, Boss. Just follow me and you'll have a good life!" Wei Yi Yi face was a bit flustered after running and her cheeks redden with the cold. When she gave him a serious look while breathing laboriously, Jiang Yu cannot help but chuckle. Thus, Wei Yi Yi hauled a laughing Jiang Yu towards the Luminous Pavilion with much difficulty. With all the strength she was exerting into pulling his hand, Jiang Yu fear that she might roll over if she accidentally let go. Silently, he closed his palms and hold her hand.
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