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The Employed Empress 116 Chapter 116: Beautiful sights

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The table has turned. At this very moment, it was Jiang Liu who wanted to shake off Wei Yi Yi. There's a sudden fear the crept up on him. He might not know the reason but his survival instinct clearly tells him to stir away. That the older sister in front of him is really, really, really dangerous. "Are you engaged? Do you have a princess consort already? What about a crush? Do you have one? Don't be shy and open up to this sister!" Wei Yi Yi threw multiple questions in a single breath because of excitement. "... I don't," Jiang Liu warily replied. "Then how about a male consort? Are you interested? What do you think of Xiao Yuan Xi? Quite a cry baby but really adorable; A bit clingy but the most caring! Oh, he's a 'buy one take one' along with Xiao Wang Xi. Although I'm not a fan of polygamy, if you guys don't mind it then who am I to comment on it. Anyway, is it interesting enough? Join the dark side, dear brother! I'll give you cookies!" Wei Yi Yi was very enthusiastic on corrupting the underage Jiang Liu. "This brother never saw them in that light!" Jiang Liu shows a 'dying in fear' face. As people who handle the imperial family's daily necessities, you could say that high ranking eunuch such as Xiao Yuan Xi would have enough power and connections on their own to affect the court. "Alright," Wei Yi Yi's face turned serious. "As of the moment, I don't have that much male acquaintances compare to way back then. Wait until this sister tour the capital after we come back then I'll find someone suitable for you. Right, hunting for a consort at the hunting ground is also a good option." "...Big Sister..." "Don't worry. I won't go as far as to sell your soul to the demon." "No... I think you're doing that exactly just now." Jiang Liu stares speechlessly at her while Wei Yi Yi gawks at him from head to toe. Her eyes are satisfied and her darkest desires were fully fed. It was at this moment of sudden quietness that Tang Mei walk in on them. 'A flawless painting of a pair softly gazing each other face to face.' Tang Mei was shocked into oblivion at the sudden thought. She forcefully rubbed her eyes before returning her gaze once again in front. A young woman with beauty painted by the gods, reached out her slender fingers to lift the curtain. Smiling, she leans on the carriage window. And a young man, with hotbloodedness that could only be found from the most passionate warriors who stood amidst the war, silently stare at the dazzling sight. Riding his horse, he bravely guards her side and awaits for her to descend. For anyone that sees, it gives birth to a wish for the pair to reach out and hold each other's hand. It was a beautiful sight, one that people dare not look at... Because there's really something wrong with the picture! "Your Majesty! Your Highness!" Tang Mei made a dashed for the carriage. How could this two still dare to meet up with just the two of them even now?! We're outside of the palace! No! No! How could she copy her mistress and think that the palace is a safe place?! When the two shifted their attention towards her, Tang Mei showed a restained face full of complaints towards her mistress. If this pair of in-laws don't learn to restrain their free spirit any time soon, Tang Mei's hair will start to fall off! "Ah?!" Tang Mei suddenly exclaimed and tripped over the hems of her robes. "Ah Mei!" Wei Yi Yi jumped in freight. In an impulse, she almost jumped out of the carriage window to catch her servant. Thankfully, Tang Mei tripped near Jiang Liu. The prince easily leaned down to grab her arm and stopped her face from hitting the ground first. "Nice catch," Wei Yi Yi sigh in relief. Ashamed of what happened, Tang Mei swiftly stood up. "Forgive me, your highness." Her priorities were set in stone and straight after apologizing, her body is already moving in between Jiang Liu and the carriage to block that little space. The expression in her eyes is even telling Jiang Liu to widen the distance away from the Empress. Jiang Liu opens his mouth but immediately close is again. He wrinkled his nose and smile ambiguously. "Aiyo, the vinegar pot tipped over again. Its strong stench is assaulting my nose." The other two didn't even have time to ponder on Jiang Liu's words when Jiang Yu came into view. Tang Mei felt her knees going weak. In her heart, she lights an incense. There are times where she have this foreboding that she must ready herself to get buried with the empress anytime soon. Also riding a sturdy and muscular horse, Jiang Yu stood next to Jiang Liu in his majestic robes. Now there are two celestials. Jiang Yu got used to Wei Yi Yi seeing him scold Jiang Liu almost every day and so, without any restrain, he grabbed his brother by the collar. "Ack! Brother be gentle. Be more gentle alright?" Jiang Liu cried for mercy. The pleading moans stimulated Wei Yi Yi and her gears started to run in full speed. She perks up her ears even more. What a sin! There's no turning back! Even holy water wouldn't be enough. "I looked away for a moment and you already run off to bother your sister-in-law! Since you are so free these days, why don't you start accompanying me to the court?" Jiang Yu was merciless on his threats.
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