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"I remember the water in the back courtyard is from the water spring from the back mountain? Also, the water bucket has a pointed bottom?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at Gray Wolf.

"Hehe, that's right, it's the spring water from the back mountain. The whole day would have probably passed by the time they've filled it up. Ghost Doctor, I'm helping you by sending them away, lest they be an eyesore to you and My Lord."

She chuckled lightly: "How can they be an eyesore? The four of them have such voluptuous figures and their beauty is like a delicate flower that sways in front of your eyes, that's seductive."

"But My Lord thinks they will be an eyesore! My Lord only has eyes for you. With you around, no matter how beautiful a woman is, they would not catch My Lord's eyes at all."

When he heard this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze's lips curved up at the edges and he glanced at Gray Wolf. He wrapped his arms around Feng Jiu and said: "Do you want to go for a walk today? I will accompany you."

"I don't want to. I plan to stay here and enjoy the life of being waited on by others." She turned around to walk back inside. Once she had lain down on the chaise lounge, she said to Gray Wolf: "Gray Wolf, two people can carry the water, tell the other two to come back and massage my legs and wait on me personally."

Upon hearing the words, Gray Wolf glanced at My Lord before he responded: "Yes." He went to the back courtyard and called two of the women to return with him. 

"Where did Han Rong take you from?" Feng Jiu asked. Both her hands were propping up her head as the two women knelt down beside her and massaged her legs. 

"Miss, this servant was transferred out from the brothel." The two women replied in unison. 

"Oh? There is a brothel here too?" She glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze who was sitting at the side and asked with a smile: "Have you been there before?"


Xuanyuan Mo Ze replied and when he saw that she had closed her eyes and she lay there comfortably being waited on by the two women, he said: "I shall go to the study to deal with some matters first, I will be back later."

When she saw him leave, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and glanced at Gray Wolf: "Is My Lord running away?"

"Hehe, of course not." Gray Wolf smiled awkwardly and retreated outside. 

Feng Jiu snorted softly and said nothing more. Instead, she had closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

At this time, when the two women saw that she had fallen asleep, they looked at her up and down quietly. When they had come here today, their heads were lowered and they hadn't dared look at her. Now that they were looking at her, they couldn't help but be surprised at amazing beauty. 

This kind of beauty, not even one out of a hundred women at the Beauty House could match it. No wonder she had caught the eyes of Hell's Lord. 

They had heard that My Lord who wasn't fond of women had extremely pampered a woman in red clothes and regarded her as a treasure in his palm. After what they had seen today, the two women couldn't help but envy and yearn. 

How good would it be if they were also able to win My Lord's favour?

When they thought of this, they also remembered Han Rong's words. The two of them looked at each other and lowered their heads helplessly, gently massaging her legs…..

In the evening, the sky was filled with stars and the surroundings of the courtyard was quiet. After he had returned to the main courtyard to have dinner with Feng Jiu, Xuanyuan Mo Ze once again returned to his study to deal with his unfinished business. He was working late into the night. 

Feng Jiu was already lying in bed resting. And at this moment in time, one of the women had brought some ginseng tea to the study. However, before she was able to enter, she was stopped by Shadow One.

"Go back!" Shadow One shouted in a low and cold voice.

"Shadow Guard, maid-servant is only carrying out orders from Miss to bring ginseng tea to My Lord." The woman said in a light voice looking up, her eyes exuding a fascinating charm as she looked at Shadow One.

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