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The supreme sovereign system 340 The conference begins!-part three-

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Alfonso… Lockheart!?" Shouted Lucio falling back.

"Lucio, the meeting hasn't started and you are already fighting to dead with Noah if this was going to resolve like this, what is the point of this meeting?" Asked Alfonso.


"However, at times like this, the child isn't at fault" Said Alfonso while looking up.

He looked straight at Edo.

Then he turned to look at Cameron.

"Aren't you two too old to be doing these childish things? Making your own sons do the dirty work, shame on you!" Scolded Alfonso.

"Watch your words Alfonso Lockheart" Said Edo while taking a step forward.

Cameron took a step forward as well.

The black-clothed person picked up Noah and put it on one side while punting himself in front of Cameron.

"I am representing all the north this time, whatever you have respect for me or not, I don't care, but at the very least, you do have respect for the Boltor family, do you not?" Asked Alfonso.

Edo looked at Alfonso, just for a second, he took out a small of his sword.

 In that instant, Alfonso felt an incoming danger coming on his way!

His eye turned green as he exploded the power of time in him, making a small barrier.


A huge sound could be heard on the barrier as crack appear one after another on Alfonso's barrier.


The barrier exploded as Alfonso's gasped for air.

"That attack right now could have instantly killed me!" Though Alfonso.

He looked at Edo with a hint of terror.

"The worst is… he didn't intend to kill me!"

The attack of Edo didn't have any killing intent; however, this didn't reassure Alfonso, on the contrary, making him look at Edo with a hint of terror.

"Be careful kid, that man is too dangerous, he didn't use any kind of soul power" Said Chrono inside of him.

"What!? He didn't have any soul power!?" Asked Alfonso.

"His will has reached a realm that is hard to achieve, even among gods, I haven't seen a will as powerful as him in a long, long time, in fact, I have only seen one human that managed to reach that realm in all the history of gods and humans" Said Chrono.

"Who?" Asked Alfonso

"Heracles" Answered Chrono.

"What!? You are telling me that he is at the same level as Heracles!?" Though Alfonso.

Heracles, if not the most, the second most famous hero in mythology. Even Perseus felt short compared to him. Alfonso still remembered the power of Perseus and how mighty he was even when his powers were greatly sealed… if the man in front of him was even more powerful than Perseus…

"It's too terrifying!" Though Alfonso.

On the other hand, Edo was impressed as well by Alfonso.

"This kid… how did he block my attack" Though Edo.

"This is enough!" A voice resounded in all the places.

Everyone turned and saw Fernando coming on their way with Susana following behind.

"Edo, Cameron, your behaviors are disrespectful towards me, in consequence, to the Lockheart family" Said Coldly Fernando.

Edo looked at Fernando before sighing.

"I hope that the crown prince won't take offense from my behavior" Said Edo.

Cameron said the same while bowing towards Fernando.

Fernando nodded and turned without looking at Alfonso. Alfonso looked at the group going and sighed.

"I am still as powerless as ever" Though Alfonso.

Alfonso lifted his head and saw that the clothed person was looking at him.

"Thanks for your help" Said Alfonso with a smile.

The clothed person and nodded and seemed that he wanted to say something.

However, before he could…

"Al!" A voice came from behind him.

"Unstoppable" Said Alfonso.

"Al, you almost gave me a heart attack, why did you confront Edo, he is not someone that someone like us can deal with" Said Unstoppable.

"He couldn't hurt me, that would be a direct insult to the Lockheart family, Fernando's pride wouldn't let him be insulted like that, even if he hates me to the core" Said Alfonso.

"You would get yourself killed with that mentality" Sighed Unstoppable.

"…" Alfonso couldn't refute.

"Anyway, let's go Al" Said Unstoppable while grabbing Alfonso's hand.


Alfonso felt a chill on his back, once again, he turned to his right and saw the clothed person looking at him, ready to kill.

"His killing intent is so intense… but why? why did I do? He was good just a few moments ago!" Though Alfonso.

He looked at Unstoppable.

"Maybe because he like her? That must be it" Concluded Alfonso.

Alfonso made a sight.

"Well, even if he hates me to the core, it wouldn't matter because I won't see him after this" Though Alfonso.

However, Alfonso felt the killing eyes of the clothed person all the way until they arrived at the conference room.

Inside the conference room was separated into four platforms in which each representative was going to stand. Alfonso went to the north side and climbed his platform with Unstoppable behind him.

"This time you are representing not only you but all the north, be careful Al" Said Unstoppable.

"Yes" Said Alfonso with seriousness.

Alfonso looked at the other four representants each at one platform. Alfonso was the opposite of Edo while Fredick was opposite Cameron.

At the center, sitting in a throne was Fernando who played the role of the judge while Susana was standing behind him.

A man appeared at the entrance of the conference room. He kneeled in front of Fernando and Fernando nodded. The man stood up and took out a long paper.

"Per the name of the current crown prince, Fernando Lockheart, we will begin the conference of Sky city, the demandant party, please said your name and your demand" Said the man.

"My name is Cameron Terkin, I came seeking justice for my son who died at the hand of the Pentagate family" Said Cameron with coldness.

"The other party, please" Said the man.

"I am Edo Pentagate, the current lord of the Pentagate family, I came here just to see what kind of nonsense Cameron is going to said, however, I want to be clear in something, my family didn't kill the youngest of the Terkin family" Said Edo.

"Giving that this is a conflict between two of the four lords of Leitol, we also have at honor guesses as well as witnesses, the two other representatives of the north and the west, please" Said the man.

"Fedrick Risenchild, representant of the west" Said Fredick.

Everyone looked at Alfonso who took a deep breath and said with a firm voice.

"Alfonso Lockheart, representant of the north"

"Now that all the involved parties have presented themselves" Said the man.


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