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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade 39 Testing poison on 'guinea pigs'

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It was a very good question, why were they standing in one place?

She was definitely not the person they were looking for, after all, would a person on the run really be idiotic enough to stop and cook a gourmet meal, before resuming the run for their lives.

They had arrived to check to see who was here, they know that she is not their target, so why were they not leaving.

[Do they expect me to invite them to eat?]

Xue'er looked at the few small birds she caught, she only had a few left. More trials had to be done to perfect the taste.

[Yeah… That's not going to happen.]

She could go without eating for a long, long time, but when she did eat, she was a black hole that allowed endless amounts of food to disappear into.

She lightly sprinkled some herbs on the little roasted bird and an amazing scent permeated the air, making all those around feel the mouthwatering taste.

At the end of the day, these six people were well trained in martial arts and were extremely self-disciplined, they could easily resist the temptation of food.

They looked at the figure whose face was shrouded by a veiled bamboo hat. It was impossible to tell the person's age or even gender. That person was a complete mystery.

They moved closer, with their hands on their swords.

Xue'er remained motionless externally, but internally, she was in deep thought, she would let them go if they did not bother her, but if they did…

She stared into her bag at that particular bottle.

She wouldn't mind having a few living test subjects.

"You're not trying to steal my food, are you?" She asked, infusing her internal energy into her voice.

The six people stared at her strangely. Although one could not see their faces, you could be ninety-nine percent sure that they had strange expressions on their faces.

Here she was, acting like some powerful elder of a sect by using her internal energy in her voice, yet the question she asked was so childish, one couldn't help but ponder.

"If you have somewhere to go, please leave, I have to practice my cooking." Xue'er said politely.

She decided to give them a chance, if they left now, without bringing any ill intentions to her, then they would leave here alive, if they didn't, then she shall see how the poison effects a normal person.

The black robed people looked at each other as if silently communicating with each other, coming up with a diabolical plan to take down the person who had just told them to leave.

Although the person was mysterious, that internal force infused into the voice didn't seem like much, they believed that they would be able to handle it.

They came closer, preparing to corner the figure that was sitting down by the fire.

Xue'er, who only wanted to mind her business and cook could not help but let out a sigh.

[Don't you guys have anything better to do?]

She annoyingly threw a fistful of the gray powder onto the bodies of three people, she did this, mainly because of two things; one, how this poison affected the bode, and two, how people would react when they saw its effects. She herself felt an unexplainable excitement, but she was sure that not everyone would feel the same way as her.

After much debate, she decided to split the group in half, the magic of even numbers.

When the powder got onto the skin, it brought on a wave of heavy scratching, followed by an onslaught of heavy rashes and blisters that appeared on the body. They scratched heavily, but to no relief. It was like melting flesh with pools of blood. To the onlookers, there was only a look of terror on their faces.

Xue'er observed the three poisoned victims, as well as the three people watching with horror plastered over their face, as they saw their comrades in pure agony. She had spared them from the feeling of scratching until they clawed out her hearts because she wanted to see how they reacted.

So far, she was quite pleased with the reaction of those people who attempted to take her cooking experiment.

She silently ate the food as she closely watched the reactions, closely jotting down the symptoms in her mind.

It only took about half an incense stick before they breathed their last breaths. In their deaths, they had scratched to the point where only their mangled their entire bodies, yet did not obtain a moment of relief.

Xue'er raised her head to take a look at the remaining people who were like frozen statues, before resuming her attention to the roast.

Seeing that she did not pay them any attention, they quietly scurried off, without even speaking of revenge, afraid to end up a corpse.

Xue'er didn't mind. If she did not allow them to leave, they would be unable to live. She didn't care since she had already noted down the reaction and were no longer of use to her.

Why would she make it difficult for them?

For something that had no benefit to her, she could care less for.

After a few more trials of experimental cooking, Xue'er felt that the last one tasted the best. She had finished all the food by herself, not leaving a single one for Gan Tian Chi, but he won't mind, he was the one she was aiming to surpass.

She licked her lips satisfyingly, as there was still a thin layer of oil from the meat, although cold, she could still somewhat taste the essence of the meat.

Her stomach was truly like a black hole, causing everything that goes in there vanish into the abyss. It was a strange feeling, but she still felt that she could eat more.

Perhaps, she could go three years without eating, but she could also finish three years of food in one sitting.


It was now time to see how those creatures' battles turned out.
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