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That was what she was trying to understand.

Forests were the quite dangerous places, if the forest was large enough, who knew how many predators would be lurking in the darkness and under the cover of trees.

Though it is like an endless maze, where one could lose an attacker, it was also a place where one was likely to get lost. If a person had no wilderness survival skills, it would only be a matter of time before they starved to death, or got eaten by a wild animal.

There were too many possibilities to go over.

Let's not mention, the number of poisonous plants and berries that could be found in the forest. If a person had mistaken a poisonous herb for an edible one, then it would only spell a disaster.

Xue'er felt that if an assassin manages to get someone that has zero wilderness survival skills whatsoever to run into the woods and lose their way, they wouldn't even need to lift a pinky and allow the rule of survival of the fittest to take over.

Of course, one could never underestimate a person's willpower to live.

Xue'er thought as she soared in the air with her lightness skills. There was a cool breeze that passed through her veil, allowing her head to feel refreshed.

[How kind of Gan Tian Chi to make a hat for me.]

Of course, Xue'er didn't believe this for a moment that he would make a veiled bamboo hat for no reason.

[There must be something.]

Before she knew it, she had arrived at the most poisonous and forbidden part of the forest.

The area of that place was quite small, perhaps no larger than a small city, but it was said to be shrouded in miasma all year round that birds dared not fly in and animals dare not take a step further. Inside, the place is filled with hundreds of different types of snakes and insects.

Such places were said to be a poison lover's paradise, but a nightmare to those who have chosen the path of healing...

As there was no known cure.

[I guess I'll see if the rumors live up to reality.]

She entered the thick miasma. It seemed as if her body had been swallowed up by the large ground clouds, that resembled fog, but its color was a gray that was very close to black.

The miasma easily penetrated the veil and floated around her body. But it did absolutely nothing to her, aside from covering her in a fog that had a putrid smell.

Needless to say, she was disappointed.

The miasma was somewhat close to the forest that was on the outskirts of the forbidden ground that she had lived in. Although her body did not have much of a reaction to it, she knew that it was far more potent.

[Maybe it did live up to its name after all.]

She walked deeper into the poisonous forest, the miasma cleared up, but what she saw was a hundred if not a thousand times better than the miasma she knew of, or more deadly so to say.

There were different types of trees, with different colors flowers growing on it, if one looked closer, or searched, they would be able to find some snakes, spiders, scorpions, worms, or even insects crawling along the trees.

[Yes! The rumors were true, this really is a poison lover's paradise.]

At this point, Xue'er almost loudly shouted to the world, wanting to tell them what she had found, but she narrowly stopped herself, after all, she did not want random people to break into this poisonous part of the forest and then end up with a fate worse than death.

Even though she doesn't know how a normal person's body would react to these toxins, there was a time when she tried her concoctions on corpses with her grandfather, the result was quite unsettling.

If it was already like this on dead flesh, then what about the flesh of the living?

What about her? What did she count as?

At this point, it could be said that she does not know much about her own body.

But, there was still plenty of time for her to get to know herself better. If she didn't know about herself well, then, how could she even know other people?

Gan Tian Chi had always been wise, she was always admiring his wisdom. Without much thought, she had already begun to see him as a teacher.

Her pale and dainty fingers ran along the many poisonous plants that were growing along the vines of the trees. Soon, she felt a slight tingling sensation in her fingers.

It seems, there was an effect on her, though it was not much, it was still present.

She looked closely at each plant that she had run her fingers over and found that there was a variation of a plant that caused this type of feeling on the skin.

Seeing that she could get a reaction out of her body, Xue'er got excited and took some leaves from five of the plants growing in the perimeter.

These were different types of plants, all holding different toxins. Although separately they were somewhat manageable to cure, when put together, even the best doctors would have a difficult time, this was because one of antidotes when mixed together with one of the poisons would create an even deadlier toxin.

Xue'er hand crushed these leaves into powder form using her internal strength and mixed all five powders together in a porcelain vile. When mixed together, it turned into a light grayish whitish color, but it was still in powder form.

For its reaction, Xue'er would first try it on herself, she pulled up her sleeves and lightly sprinkled the powder onto her pale arm. Of course, this may be risky as she does not yet know the effects of the powder.

Then, there were red splotches that appeared on her arm, it was like a rash that had been irritated over and over again. Then there was a slight pain in the place where she applied the power.

Unfortunately, as soon as she got excited, the rash vanished and the pain was gone, as quickly as it had come, leaving Xue'er in a haze of disappointment.

She looked at her pale arm again, the skin was smooth that if someone said there was once a rash that broke out there, no one would believe it.

[So there is no effect after all.]
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