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Beneath the Embroidered Brocade 26 I now know what I want to do

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"Is it possible for me to return to the underground maze next year?" Xue'er suddenly asked with curiosity.

"Do not be so greedy." Gan Tian Chi said sternly.

"It's not that, I liked that place." Xue'er said with a mesmerizing smile.

She remembered the beautiful waterfall that existed within that place. Facing it, she couldn't help but wonder how could there be such a beautiful place in the darkness. She would swim there and practice beneath the waterfall.

It was the only reason that she would like to return again.

"One year was plenty enough for you." He sighed, "Besides, you can only enter there once."

"Is that why you didn't enter with me?" Xue'er moved her head, so she could clearly see his face. Although it was as dark as darkness could be in the middle of nowhere, she could still clearly see his face.

[What kind of place is it to have such strange rules?]

"Mn." Gan Tian Chi nodded, "That place also only allows certain people to enter, not everyone who finds the location can enter. Do you remember the fate I told you about?"

"Yeah, you said you only know of one other person that had it." Xue'er said without any hesitation, that day was still clear in her mind.

"Only those who have a specific spiritual sense can enter. I can tell you, yours is quite high, considering you have emerged with such deep internal qi. Throughout history, there has been countless grandmaster martial artists, even the leaders of the most powerful sects and clans have tried to break into the underground maze, just to find its secrets." Gan Tian Chi paused, "Do you know what happened to them?" he asked mysteriously.

Xue'er shook her head.

[Why is his voice so strange all of a sudden?]

"Not only were they unable to enter, their souls were enslaved by the underground maze for all of eternity, used to train those who qualify to enter the underground maze. Its collection is forever growing." Gan Tian Chi said with a trace of mocking laughter.

It seemed that he did not pity those whose souls were forever trapped in the underground maze, unable to enter the cycle of reincarnation, for they had been too greedy in wanting more.

"That makes sense." Xue'er shrugged and relaxed her body on the tree branch.

Gan Tian Chi also relaxed in a comfortable position, with his feet propped up on the trunk of the tree.

[Can't you act slightly scared or surprised. You do not have the temperament of a child at all.]

They both laid up in a tree for a good hour, their minds filled with nothingness as they looked up at the night sky that was veiled in a blanket of glowing clouds. The fierce winds meant nothing to them as their clothes fluttered.

Suddenly, there were sounds of a swinging sword as it cut through the air, one can just imagine how sharp the sword would be, it was not close at all, but about three miles away, where there was a small village was located.

With their sensitive ears, even if it was a hundred miles away, the sound would still be heard and it was as loud as if they were standing next to the sword.

At the sound, Xue'er's side of the branch slightly shook.

Seeing the curious look on Xue'er's face, Gan Tian Chi gave a yawned and said: "We'll go and check later."

They quietly listened to the sounds of the swordplay that echoed into their ears. The sword move was swift and killed at the swing of a blade. They could tell that there was one person with the sword, while the other party did not put up much of a struggle.

[How dare they disturb my peaceful dreams.]

Once the sound came to a halt, Gan Tian Chi and Xue'er emerged from the shadows to see what had happened.

They saw five corpses in the woods. There were three men and two women, they were dressed in common clothes. It seemed to be a man and the woman who were the masters. They were escorted by two guards and their female servant.

But unfortunately, their trip into the woods is one they will not ever return from.

Seeing that the hairpins in the woman's hair were quite valuable, it seems they were from a fairly well off family.

"They're dead." Xue'er simply said without having to check the corpses. After all, she had spent years with corpses and knew one when she saw one.

The five were already dead and there was no one left alive, so there was no use in chasing them over the loss of a peaceful night.

Gan Tian Chi bent down to look at the wounds on the bodies. It was like that of a serpent that crawled along their bodies, one wound on each of their backs that dealt the killing blow, there were no other wounds.

"The serpent's shadow." Gan Tian Chi muttered, although he said it in a low voice, he was not at all fearful, in fact, there were some traces of mockery within his tone.

Although Xue'er did not know what the serpent's shadow was, she could tell that it was not a worrisome matter after hearing Gan Tian Chi's tone.

"Are you okay." Xue'er stated, she decided not to ask about the serpent's shadow, she figured that she would find out about it in time, besides there was no hurry to find out about it.

"I now know what I want to do."Gan Tian Chi said, his face was calming to the eyes, "Let's go." He said.

The two corpses were left in the woods for any scavengers to feast on. Gan Tian Chi was not the type to pity others, he always said that there is always a reason for something to happen.

He did believe that there has never been a sin-free person in this world, nor will ever be in the future.

It was simply human nature.
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