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The man who walked into the tent was in his thirties, bearing some resemblance to Gongsun Leng, he was dress in dark-colored robes, which were plain, he had a sword by his waist, giving off a heroic aura of a general.

That man was precisely Gongsun Leng's uncle, Gongsun Ye.

"Uncle." Gongsun Leng greeted the man.

Gongsun Ye nodded and spoke: "I heard from Song Shun that you were looking for the camp doctor, are you hurt?" He looked at his nephew with gentle eyes, like any loving family member.

"No, not for me, I encountered a little girl in the woods, she was unconscious, so I brought her back, hoping the doctor could take a look at her, but he was not present." Gongsun Leng explained as he pointed toward the bed that was previously his, but now it has been occupied by the porcelain doll-like child.

Gongsun Ye came to look at the 'unconscious' child on his nephew's bed. He only had three words: "She is adorable."

After he said that, he gave his nephew a strange look.

"Are you sure?" He asked after all the little girl did not look the slightest bit ill.

"Yes uncle, feel her forehead." Gongsun Leng said to persuade his uncle to trust he was telling the truth.

Gongsun Ye touched her forehead before quickly retrieving his fingers.

"She is indeed cold, but her breathing is strong, she should be all right." Gongsun Ye conclude based on her observations.

Meanwhile, sleeping on the bed, she inwardly sighed as she heard these men talk about her.

[Great, now everyone is focused on me.]

She continued to sleep, as she listened to what those two had to talk about.

"Do you know whose family she is from?" Gongsun Ye asked his nephew.

Gongsun Leng shook his head "No, I found her alone in the forest, maybe she has no family, but the way she is dressed tells us otherwise. Perhaps she got lost in the woods."

"A pity, I would take her as my adopted daughter if she didn't have any family." Gongsun Ye sighed. Although he was in his thirties, he had never gotten married. He had spent most of his life on the battlefield. He did not want to drag down an innocent girl with him as a widow if he were to die in battle.

Take his brother for example, who had gotten married and they soon gave birth to a son. Unfortunately, fate was not kind as he was called off to battle soon after, soon news of his death came and his sister in law died from sorrow, leaving his nephew.

"It would be good if that happened." Gongsun Leng agreed with his uncle.

"You little brat, what are you saying? You've fallen in love so soon." Gongsun Ye said with a smile as he teased his nephew.

"Uncle, what are you saying?" Gongsun Leng's face slightly blushed upon hearing his uncle's words.

"My nephew has grown up." Gongsun Ye said with fatherly love.

Gongsun Leng lowered his head further, if he could, he would probably burrow a hole in the ground and jump in, never to show his face before that uncle of his again.

"Hehe, what I said was right." he paused for a while before changing the subject "Didn't you say you were going to investigate?"

"Uncle, I did not get a chance to investigate."

"Eh, it's fine, I'm sure we'll get the news soon, come let's go get dinner. Oh, by the way, you're sleeping on the ground tonight." He said as he dragged his nephew from the tent.

"But…" the boy seemed like he had something he wanted to say.

"That's an official order." Gongsun Ye solemnly replied.

Gongsun Leng became despondent after he heard what his uncle said.

He was planning to ask his uncle if he could sleep on his bed tonight, to avoid sleeping on the ground, but now it seems that it would be an impossible task to do, he would have to go on the ground tonight.

After hearing the uncle-nephew pair leave, the girl's eyes fluttered open to reveal those black obsidian gemstones.

Making sure that there was no one within a fifteen-meter radius of the tent, she quietly tiptoed off the bed, to explore this new place that she was in.

The tent was quite large, and covered in animal skins as an insulation to keep out the cold winds. There was two beds in the room and a large wooden desk that was at the center of the tent. The desk held many letters and confidential information about the other kingdoms of the continent.

There was a large piece of animal skin that hung silently behind the desk. The young girl's eyes glowed as she laid her eyes on that map of the entire continent. She was like a little child that had just been given sweets.

"Northern Wei Kingdom, Eastern Jin Kingdom and the Southern Mo Kingdom." She silently whispered as she looked at the map, that perhaps a normal citizen would never have the opportunity to see in their lifetime.

That map was extremely detailed, showing every mountain, forest, river, and road within the three kingdoms of the central kingdom. It could be said that if such a map were to fall into the wrong hands, it would signify an impending disaster for the kingdoms.

Her gaze slowly left the map as she looked towards the table towards the short sword and a bronze tablet on it.

She slowly slid the sword from its sheath and looked closely at the sword, memorizing every detail and dent on it, done by the unique forging technique that made the sword.

It was an incredibly unique forging technique, that solely belongs to the Gongsun Clan, being able to forge weapons that were harder and sturdier than the best quality metals that were made.

But unfortunately, this method was lost to the times and only a few forged pieces remained. All of which belongs to the Gongsun Clan.

She carefully slid the sword into the sheath, without making the slightest sound, before looking towards the bronze tablet. Picking it up, she ran her fingers over the cold metal. The words conscripted on the tablet read Gongsun.

An adorable smile could not help but appear on her lips.
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