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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 599 – Xianbei 17 4

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Xianbei 17 [4]

“This really makes me doubt your real age. How could you have such deep thoughts at such a young age? How are you able to see everything so clearly and appear to have so much experience?

This isn’t something you should have at such a young age.”

Saying up to this, he profoundly stared at Liu Yue for a bit.

When Liu Yue heard those seemingly like accusations yet probing words, it startled her and set great waves to her heart. However, her facial expression remained the same.

No one had ever suspected her since she transmigrated. No one had ever mentiond this in front of her. Yet today, Ouyang Yu Fei had mentioned it in front of her.

This Ouyang Yu Fei has a pair of sharp eyes, a deep mind, and very keen senses.

Ouyang Yu Fei’s word had set great waves in her heart but there was no change in expression on her face. She leaned on the pillar and didn’t react at all.

Seeing that Liu Yue didn’t react or respond, something flashed past his dark eyes. Just like before, Ouyang Yu Fei gently smiled and shook his head. He looked at Liu Yue, “Okay, okay. I won’t hide it from you. I still want to keep my life and travel the world. I don’t want to become your target after you finish setting your foundation.

So, I will raise both of my hands[1]. I will sincerely promise that I won’t interfere. Only some people have the ability to interfere.

[1]raise both of my hands – admit defeat.

At the same time, I will remind you to be cautious. The dark island isn’t that easy to deal with.

For the dark island to survive for thousands of years, they must have their own abilities. Their use of poison is just a very small portion of their ability. Don’t be too impatient or too short-sighted.

Otherwise, you will fail when success is just within grasp and become filled with eternal regret.”

His words were like a cool breeze as it flew up towards the sky in the night. And within his lukewarm words, there was a hint of concern for her.

When Liu Yue heard his words, she looked at his pair of eyes that was flickering brightly in the night. She wrinkled her brows.

After being alive for two lifetimes, Liu Yue obviously know if he was saying it wholeheartedly or not.

Liu Yue was already planning to kill this spy from the dark island after everything is stabilized. Yet, Ouyang Yu Fei isn’t worried that his life will be destroyed in her hands.

Instead, he is borrowing this conversation to advise her not to be too impatient for results because the dark island isn’t easy to deal with.
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