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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 598 – Xianbei 17 3

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Xianbei 17 [3]

With just one word, he was able to clearly guess that she was thinking about his identity as someone from the dark island. However, it’s not strange for him to correctly guess her motive for taking over Bei Mu.

While she held the wine cup in her hand, Liu Yue leaned against the pillar of the pavilion. She looked up at Ouyang Yu Fei whose face was full of smiles. The corner of her mouth hooked up into a sly smile as she said, “Then what are you planning to do?”

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw Liu Yue’s smile, he didn’t panic at all. He confidently and straightforwardly burst into laughter.

He raised the cup in his hand and sampled the wine in the cup. Ouyang Yu Fei smiled at Liu Yue and said, “Every man should confine himself in his own duties. I can’t do anything if you want to deal with the dark island.”

“Oh?” Liu Yue’s raised one of her eyebrows as suspicion flashed by her face.

Ouyang Yu Fei laughed like a wily old fox as he swirls the wine cup in his hand. He looked at Liu Yue and said, “My surname is Ouyang, not Nalan. It is none of my business whether the dark island is destroyed or invaded by outsiders.

Of course, if you promise to marry me right now and become my wife, then I’ll bath in your light.

I’ll become the king of the dark island. Then it’ll be my business if something happens to the dark island. However, I’m still an outsider right now.

I’m not fond of doing things that don’t have any rewards.”

After he finished speaking, Ouyang Yu Fei winked at Liu Yue. His expression resembles that of a sly white fox.

When Liu Yue heard his words, she stopped playing with the wine cup in her hand and profoundly glanced at him.

Since he doesn’t want to interfere in the matter, then what does he mean by intentionally offering that offer?

She doesn’t believe that Ouyang Yu Fei had nothing better to do. He had intentionally invited her over today just to tell her that he knows what she is doing and that he has no plans of interfering.

He smiled a smile yet not a smile. The smile seemed cold yet not cold. His dark eyes are like an endless abyss, making people unable to guess what he is thinking.

When Ouyang Yu Fei saw the way Liu Yue was looking at him, his fox-like eyes looked at her as his laughter deepen.

He stretched his hand out to support his forehead. Ouyang Yu Fei smiled as he shook his head and said, “You, why are you always so intelligent.”
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