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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 585 – The Singing of the Empty City 3

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The Singing of the Empty City [3]

When Liu Yue had said up to this, she abruptly threw the winecup in her hand onto the small table in front of her. The winecup hit the small table and let out a loud ‘dong’ sound.

Liu Yue’s cold eyes swept across the officials, her gaze was as sharp as a knife. She continued, “Yet, instead of being grateful for my grace, you want to kill me. Good!

I am the type of person that repays kindness with grace and repay enmity with enmity. Empress Dowager Xiao entrusted Bei Mu to me. She believes that I will bring Bei Mu to a new era. For this trust, I would be willing to go through mountains of daggers and seas of fire.

However, I am not someone who is easily bullied. Whoever wants to harm me or smear my good name, then I won’t hesitate to destroy you indiscriminately. Today, don’t even think about leaving Chen Lan Hall alive.”

Her sharp and ice-cold words resounded through Chen Lan Hall and slowly floated far into the distant night.

The hall was in complete silence. The officials became speechless after hearing Liu Yue’s speech. Their expression turned unsightly as they laid on their chair, unable to move because they had been paralyzed by poison.

“Regent, this… this can be discussed. We don’t mean it that way…,” Prime Minister Xiao Chen responded as he slightly wrinkled his brows.

When Liu Yue heard that she sneered, “What else can we discuss? I had sworn loyalty to Bei Mu. Yet in the end, what did I get? If I haven’t made preparation before this banquet, I would’ve been already dead by now. So what else can we discuss?

Didn’t you say that I want to seize Bei Mu and destroy it? Then I will certainly kill you all today. I really want to see if anyone can do anything to me.”

The calm and gentle Liu Yue from the beginning of the banquet was like a sleeping tiger. Now that the tiger has awoken, it has bared its sharp teeth.

“How can what Prince Qin said represent everyone’s thoughts?”

“Yes, Prince Qin was the one who had raised the topic up. We didn’t say anything…”

“Yeah Regent, please don’t knock over the entire basin of water…”

Seeing that Liu Yue was being both determined and resolute in her decision, the officials who had stayed neutral and those who acted like they were watching a play, immediately started to reason with Liu Yue.

Liu Yue swept her cold gaze across the officials who suddenly had a change of heart. She leaned back on her chair and coldly humped, “Oh.”
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