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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 583 – The Singing of the Empty City 1

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The Singing of the Empty City [1]

Leaning weakly on the big chair, Yelu Ji suddenly felt as if there wasn’t a single bone in his body. He couldn’t even move his fingers.

There was no time for him to be shocked.

In the instant he fell, all the officials standing and sitting in the hall, had also all collapsed onto their chairs in the blink of an eye.

Their faces were as red as blood, and under the pressure of the crackling of the fiery red flames, the brilliant red looked extremely beautiful.

The floor was full of soft-footed prawns (cowards).

Suddenly, there was silence.

“What’s going on?”

“Ah, my body can no longer move…”

“Heavens, someone had poisoned us…”

“I’ve been poisoned. Hurry, someone come…”

Their hands and feet couldn’t move. They didn’t have any strength left in their body. It was as if their body no longer belong to them anymore.

The sudden situation caused a bone-piercing fear to instantly surface in everyone’s eyes. A chaotic and tense aura instantly fluttered above Chen Lan Hall.

After a short period of silence, everyone cried out in fear.

The chaos and nervousness of being unable to move were even greater than the chaos and nervousness of being able to flee for their life.

Amidst this bone-piercing tension.

Liu Yue leisurely leaned forward and slowly poured a cup of wine into the wine cup. Her entire body revealed a carefree and unperturbed manner. Liu Yue’s gaze swept across all the people lying down in the hall as she slowly savored the wine.

“Older sister, what happened to them?” The emperor of Bei Mu, Yelu Hong, stared at the crowd of frightened officials that were sprawled out on the chairs. His eyebrows were raised high as he turned around to look at Liu Yue with a baffled expression.

When Liu Yue heard this, she smiled and said, “Maybe they are putting on an act?”

Yelu Hong pursed his lips, “Liar.” Although he was young, he wasn’t a fool. No matter how he looked at it, this didn’t seem like an act at all.

The two of them talked willfully on the high platform. While below, the frightened officials who didn’t know where the danger had come from, watched Liu Yue who was talking cheerfully in a calm manner. In that split second, their frightened heart that was threatening to jump out, immediately fell.
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