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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 567 – To Act as the Regent Queen 12

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To Act as the Regent Queen [12]

But suddenly, a Regent has dropped from the sky and into the royal court of Bei Mu.

The new Regent has disturbed a pond of muddy water and stirred up the waves, causing murderous intent to be hidden in all four corners.

However, among the ordinary people, Liu Yue’s prestige has skyrocketed as the millions of rations and fodder, cattle and sheep, cloth, and gold have arrived.

The person who gives them food to eat will be their mother. As the emperor of Bei Mu, it’s the emperor’s duty to let the people of Bei Mu live well. Liu Yue had allowed them to eat till they’re full so no one opposed the Regent among the people and various forces even though she’s an outsider.

“How’s the situation regarding empress dowager,” Liu Yue deeply said. She was sitting in Bei Mu’s main palace, Flying Dust Palace.

“I will do my best.” Ouyang Yu Fei didn’t say that it’s going to okay but he also didn’t say that it’s impossible. He only said he will do his best. This meant that his chances of saving the empress dowager aren’t big.

When Liu Yue heard that, she muttered to herself for a split second. Liu Yue knows how bad Empress Dowager Xiao’s injury is.

“Is the assassin dead?” She immediately changed the topic.

“Yes,” Li Kuo answered. His face was full of grief as he clenched his teeth and said: “The assassin was immediately killed. The assassin was one of the Huns.”

Liu Yue wrinkled her eyebrows, thinking, such impulsive people. They wouldn’t even leave one person alive. They have lost many clues and opportunities since the assassin is already dead.

“This enmity, we must repay it.”

“Yes, we must…,” Ku Za Mu and Li Kuo said in unison. Their faces were both ashen.

Liu Yue listened to them and then waved her hand. She said: “Of course we will repay their enmity. However, it won’t be right now. Since they have dared to take action, they must have preparation. It won’t be appropriate if we suddenly go and attack them. I will think of a plan myself.”

Ku Za Mu and Li Kuo both admire Liu Yue’s ability to calmly develop a strategy. So when they heard that, they clenched their teeth and didn’t utter another word.

The atmosphere in the main hall suddenly sank into silence.

“Tomorrow is the end of the year. In accordance with the usual practice, the Flying Dust Palace must host a big feast for the civil and military officials as well as the various clans.” Chen Lin, who has been following the Chief of Internal Affairs suddenly interjected and said: “This matter is supposed to be handled by the emperor. In the past, it was organized by Empress Dowager Xiao. But this year, Prince Qin, Yelu Ji has suddenly taken over the role. What do you think, Regent?”

T/N: Huns is the English term for Xiong Nu.
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