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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 512 – Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun 5

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Sharpening Knife, Ao Yun [5]

“No, absolutely not.” Bei Mu’s second in command military general, Li Kou, shook his head like a rattle-drum.

“Prince of Zhong Yi, our Bei Mu only have 500,000 soldiers and horses.” Bei Mu’s prime minister, Xiao Chen said. His whole face was unhappy as he glared at Liu Yue.

“Prince of Zhong Yi. Are you playing with us? If we give you the 500,000 soldiers and horses, then you will be the ruler of Bei Mu.”

“Yes, what a great ambition…”

Chattering continuously, everything both good and bad, suspecting and not suspecting words all floated from the royal court. The people from the grassland are straightforward, not caring if you’re able to accept it or not.

“She won’t, my sister won’t do that.”

Sitting above the prince of Bei Mu, he never had spoken a word before. Sitting extremely upright, Yelu Hong said suddenly in a loud clear voice.

The chattering noises from the officials below immediately stopped.

A king is a king. Even if he is young, he is still a king.

Black as a grape’s eye fixed at Liu Yue who is standing, Yelu Hong’s face showed trust.

That expression, it seemed as if Liu Yue said that it will rain gold nuggets, he’ll still believe her.

Liu Yue looked at Yelu Hong and slowly smiled. She likes people who trust her wholeheartedly.

“Give me 500,000 soldiers and horses. I promise to get 2 million piculs (120,957,963 kg) of food for Bei Mu,” she unhurriedly said. Liu Yue have a confidence that other people don’t understand.

“2 million piculs.” All the officials in the royal court were shocked. 2 million piculs, this is the total harvest of Bei Mu in a year. How can it be so easily stolen from Ao Yun country?

“Prince of Zhong Yi. Please don’t joke around.” Ku Za Mu’s eyebrows were all twisted together.

“I am definitely not joking around,” Liu Yue said calmly.

Seeing the absolute calm and confident Liu Yue, Empress Dowager Xiao kind of understand, but not really understand what Liu Yue is going to do.

At that moment, she muttered to herself irresolutely. After a while, she nodded her head at Prince of Zhong Yi: “Prince of Zhong Yi, maybe you really can bring back that much food for Bei Mu. But I can’t really give you this much soldiers and horses.”

“I’m not taking from Bei Mu’s troops. With just one word from you, I will go find 500,000 soldiers and horses myself.” Liu Yue said as she looked at Empress Dowager Xiao.

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