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Descent of the Phoenix 13 Years Old Princess Consort Chapter 170 – Wu Lin Championship 15

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Chapter 170 – Wu Lin Championship (15)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Those who sat far away might not be able to see it, but Jin Shui City’s Lord, who sat at the Host’s seat, could see everything clearly and distinctly. Astonishment filled his eyes.

From such a far distance, how could she kill Fang Hong with nothing? What kind of martial arts skill was that? Exactly how strong was this Liu Yue?

The astonishment in his eyes couldn’t be concealed. Jin Shui City’s Lord immediately turned towards the middle-aged man beside him, and the middle-aged man was also wearing an expression of shock in his face, his brows knotting tightly together.

The other guests sitting on the VIP seats also started whispering to each other, an expression of disbelief painted their faces.

From the participants waiting area, Chen Mu and the others were also blinking their eyes in shock. Their eyes were glued to Liu Yue; the radiance that she emitted almost blinding them.

Colour slowly return to their cheeks, as the surrounding audiences, who were pale from the initial shock, gradually started to come back to their senses.

Their murmurs immediately surged louder and louder.

“Did you die or forfeit?” Amongst the murmurs, sitting beside the expressionless Liu Yue, Yun Zhao jumped excitedly as he shouted towards Fang Hong, who was still kneeling at the arena.

Fang Hong, who was previously so arrogant and bossy, quickly paled, her face white as death. She didn’t say anything; instead, she bowed her head in defeat.

Her meaning was clear.

Her sleeves fluttering in the wind, Li Yue then stood up and turned to leave.

Yun Zhao, who was sitting beside her, didn’t wait for Du Yi to collect Liu Yue’s zither. Instead he took it with him, hugging it closely as he followed right behind Liu Yue, his face grinning happily. Just like that, he walked away brazenly.

His face that was originally already handsome, shone even more with his smile, dazzling like sunshine.

Nobody tried to stop them. Anywhere Liu Yue chose to walk, the sea of people parted to give way to her.

On their faces, there were respect, shock and fear.

The two matches that Liu Yue had participated in, both ended in one-hit KO. To them, Liu Yue was like a bright star hidden in the darkness of the night that suddenly emitted a bright light, making her impossible to be missed.

Her limelight outshone the other fighters, including Chen Mu and Feng Cheng.

“Have you investigated it?”

“Yes, he came from overseas.” Seated on the VIP seats, Jin Shui City’s Lord reported.

“Overseas?” The middle-aged man, whose face still wasn’t revealed, slowly frowned his brows.
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