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FALL 29 Angels Fall

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Gabriel snaps out with the vision that Angela showed him.

Shocked by the moment and he asked, "Why is Azrael inside your dream?"

The priest just smiled and invited Gabriel to go with him on the nearest Church.

They entered the elevator to go down the building so that they will look like a normal people if somebody might see them

By that moment, Gabriel is being distracted by the beauty of Angela. He cannot focus on what ever the priest is telling to him because it's like he's been hypnotize by Angela's charm.

William: "Sir Gabriel? Can you hear me?"

Gabriel: "Oh.. I'm sorry William what are you saying again?"

William: "Ah its ok I'm just saying that you can rest today inside the Church if you want. We have plenty of food that you might also like."

Gabriel: "That's great William. Ok I'll accept your offer."

Angela: "Father? Why this boy is talking so impolite with you? You are older than him, right?"

William: "Hahaha. I forgot to tell you Angela. He is Gabriel. One of the Archangel and he is a thousand years older than me."

Angela: "What?? So cool! So, he is also an angel."

Angela looks at Gabriel straight to his face and asked "Do you know the person that I showed you in my vision?"

Gabriel got disappointed expecting the Angela is going to ask him about himself being an archangel.

Gabriel: "Yeah, I know you that person is. And actually, I'm currently living with him. I just looking for our comrade right now."

Angela: "Woahhhhh!!!"

Angela gets very excited when she heard what Gabriel said.

William: "Did you just say that Azrael is also in here?"

Gabriel: "Yes and right now we are currently looking for the Mistess soul."

William: "Sir Gabriel. I'm sorry to say this but. Why are you staying with that traitor?"

Gabriel: "be careful with your words priest. He's not a traitor."

William: "I'm sorry Sir. But I'm a servant of God even though I'm a human. I know the reason why you have been fallen."

Gabriel: "I've been with him for a long time. And even though his memories were erased. I can feel in my heat that I can trust Azrael."

William saw the reaction of Gabriel after he said something about Azrael and he already understand that Gabriel really trust Azrael.

After few minutes of walking, they finally get into the church and invited Gabriel to go inside.

Inside the Church, there's a lot of painting that caught Gabriel's attention.

While walking inside, he saw a lot of heavenly paintings that brings back most of his memories when he was still in Heaven.

Upon looking thru each window he saw the complete images of all the Archangels.

Michael – Who is like God

Gabriel – Strength of God

Ariel – Lioness of God

Chamuel – Who sees God

Haniel – Grace of God

Jeremiel – Mercy of God

Jophiel – Beauty of God

Metatron – Highest of Angels (Twin)

Sandalphon – Highest of Angels (Twin)

Raguel – Friend of God

Rapahel – God Heals

Raziel – Secrets of God

Uriel – Light of God

Zadkiel – Righteousness of God

All of the Archangels were painted on the windows but Gabriel noticed that there is one missing archangel.

Gabriel: "Priest! why is Azrael's painting is not here? He is also an Archangel."

William: "I'm so sorry Sir Gabriel. But on this Church, we are not considering the Angel of Death to be part of the high servants of God."

Gabriel: "But he is an Archangel! and Angela is always seeing him on her visions right!"

William: "Yes I know. Angela's vision is a very difficult problem to dealt since we cannot change her destiny. But as long as I am alive, I will protect Angela from him."

Gabriel almost forgot about the hatred that they all felt when they've been fallen from Heaven.

That's why he also understands why even the priest doesn't trust Azrael right now.

They all believe that Azrael abandoned them while saying that he was saving all the souls that is misleading into Hell.

Azrael wanted to save all souls that are going to Hell even though it should not be in Hell.

He asked permission thru all the Archangels and they all agreed on him and he decided to go alone.

The Archangels gave him some amount of their energy so that he can defend himself since he's the only one allowed to enter the "Limbo."

Limbo is the border place between Heaven and Hell this is where the judgement of the souls was conducted.

A few moments after leaving, Demons suddenly approach on Heaven. Including the Seven Prince of Hell.

All of the Archangels remaining were not prepared for that fight but still they tried to fought back but their strength is not enough since their energy is not hundred percent after giving it to Azrael.

They were losing the battle and the Heaven were almost conquered by demons.

That's why God make a move and delivered everyone who's included on the fight to fall down to earth.

God removes their memories and they can only remember once they unleashed their sacred weapon.

Angles still have no idea why God make them fall into earth. That's why they started to blame Azrael and think of him as a traitor. They are all thinking that Azrael plans everything including the ambush of the demons.

No one knows what happened to Azrael that time. It is also the main reason why every angel who encounters Azrael were getting mad at him.

That is why even the Church doesn't want to include Azrael on the list of the Archangels they all immediately removed him as a high servant of God after hearing those stories from other Angels that they encountered and it passes through everyone who's involved on the previous battle on Heaven.

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