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A Valiant Life Chapter 334: Autumn Sword Fish Killer is miserable

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Chapter 334: Autumn Sword Fish Killer is miserable
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Li Mu Ze was really furious. He said to his agent, "I want to terminate the contract. This programme has severely affected my reputation."

The agent said, "If you terminate the contract, we'd need to pay a high penalty. Forget about it. There are still nine more seasons. That guy won't be involved in these next nine seasons anyway."

Li Mu Ze nodded with an unsightly expression on his face. "That despicable fella really thinks that I don't dare to destroy his shop. I just don't think it's worth destroying, that's all."

The agent nodded. "Right, right. You're definitely right."

The next day!

Weibo was buzzing with activity.

Lin Fan looked at his own Weibo and instantly smiled delightedly. He had gained a good amount of attention once again. The number of comments on his page had increased significantly as well.

"Awesome, Master Lin has entered the entertainment scene. Those six superstars promoted Master Lin's scallion pancakes. His popularity is going to skyrocket!"

"Haha, even my favorite celebrity, Huang Yue, promoted Master Lin. I really have nothing to say."

"What kind of secret is hidden behind all this? How does Master Lin even know them?"

"I heard that for the third season of 'Celebrity Family', they chose to film at Cloud Street. I think they must have eaten Master Lin's scallion pancakes and got infatuated with them."

"That makes a lot of sense."

Huang Yue and the rest hadn't disappointed him. Each of them had made huge recommendations for him. For these celebrities who were under great scrutiny to promote him simultaneously, it was very effective. Huang Yue's promotional message, in particular, made Lin Fan a little embarrassed.

Huang Yue: 'I'm going to recommend a super super delicious scallion pancake to everyone. After eating this scallion pancake, I wanted to marry the boss who made it. If I wasn't so old, I would surely pursue him. Location: Cloud Street's 'Master Lin' shop. Everyone, please go take a look.'

Yang Tao and Tang Jing each posted their own promotional messages as well, drawing the attention of countless fans.

"God d*mn, Lil' Yue Yue rarely promotes other people like that. That Master Lin's scallion pancake shop is in Shanghai and it's quite near my place. Looks like I have to go check it out."

"I know about this Master Lin's shop. It's very well-known around here. However, it's very difficult to buy his scallion pancakes. He only sells ten servings a day and each serving costs fifty dollars. It's insane."

"Hey, I thought Li Mu Ze and Lu Dao Ren were there too. Why didn't they promote Master Lin?"

"I think those two must be refusing to admit the truth after eating the scallion pancakes."

"Yeah, I think so too. Those two guys aren't good people. They're very sinister. After all, they're both big figures in the 'Backstabbing Gang'."


Cloud Street.

"Little Boss, we're here. Thirty scallion pancakes… Just thinking about it is making me a little emotional."

"It should be like this from now on, thirty servings! Our chances would increase significantly."

"Cloud Street is going on television in a few days. After that, there'll surely be more people here to purchase the scallion pancakes. We'll be under tremendous pressure."

Lin Fan stood in front of his stall, looking at the waves of townsfolk in front of him. He was at a loss for words for a moment. The pressure was immense.

Fraud Tian and Wu You Lan were drawing numbers. Those people who had their numbers drawn were ecstatic while those that didn't get chosen were dumbfounded. It didn't make sense to them. Even with so many servings, they weren't chosen. What kind of luck did they have?

"Haha, I've been chosen! I've queued for so many days and I've finally been chosen!"

"Brothers, how could I be so unlucky? Even though I'm standing so close to the front, I wasn't chosen. I don't want to live anymore."

"$300 for a serving of scallion pancakes, who's willing to sell?"

"Heh, you want to buy Master Lin's scallion pancakes with just $300? You must be dreaming!"

Very quickly, the thirty servings of scallion pancakes were prepared. The townsfolk who managed to obtain them were all grinning happily. To them, this was really brilliant. Having a serving of scallion pancake was a pleasure to them. They were delighted.

When all these townsfolk had been sent off, Lin Fan lay in the shop and sipped on some tea. He lay on the chair leisurely. These days were really filled with joy.


At the entrance of a certain hotel.

A fatty stood outside for a long while with a little worry on his face, as well as a little sadness.

It was Autumn Sword Fish Killer, whose real name was Ou Bai Qi. he was really filled with regret and he wanted to give himself two hard slaps. He had persevered in the gym for a whole month, hoping to regain his once beautiful figure but he had failed. Every time he returned from the gym, he would be so hungry that he wouldn't be able to resist eating. This went back and forth and his weight did not just stay stagnant. Instead, he gained even more weight.

"Bai Qi…" At that moment, a voice came from afar.

When Autumn Sword Fish Killer heard this voice, he didn't dare to turn around because he didn't want that person to know that he was the once graceful and elegant Ou Bai Qi. Moreover, he thought that with his current figure, not many people would be able to recognize him.

But when a hand was placed on his shoulder, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was dumbfounded. He had already deteriorated to this state, yet there was someone who still recognized him. How was that possible? The, he took a deep breath and with the friendliest smile that he could muster, he turned around. When he saw who it was, he was stunned. "Hey, you're Zhang Meng Jun."

Zhang Meng Jun smiled as he scanned Autumn Sword Fish Killer from head to toe. "Bai Qi, I haven't seen you in a few years and you've already put on so much weight."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer nodded embarrassedly, then said, "I've put on so much weight, how did you recognize me?"

"By your ears! Your ears have always been this big. With one look, I knew it was you. What are you doing, standing here? Let's go in," said Zhang Meng Jun with a smile.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer didn't want to say much. At that moment, he wanted to back out. "You go in first. I'll go in in a bit."

Zhang Meng Jun nodded. "Alright then. Don't come in too late. This time, Jia Hui is getting married and all our classmates are here. We haven't met up in so long, it'll surely be very lively."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer nodded. "Alright, I'll come in soon."

He saw that Zhang Meng Jun wasn't really shocked by his current figure. Then, he let out a confident grin. Could it be that even though he had grown a little fatter, he still had the same charisma as before?

Thinking about it, Autumn Sword Fish Killer couldn't help but regain his confidence. Then, he entered the hotel. When he entered the elevator and reached the third floor, he had already prepared himself. He was prepared to muster up his courage and with a red packet in his hand, calmly face his first girlfriend with a steady gaze. He would end it off with an embrace and also have a few good words with Wu Hao Yun and say some touching words about caring for Jia Hui and such.

But when he stepped out from the corner, Autumn Sword Fish Killer suddenly stopped in his tracks. Some not-so-pleasant voices came from afar.

Zhang Meng Jun said, "I just saw Ou Bai Qi downstairs. You won't believe it."

The crowd asked, "Won't believe what?"

Wu Hao Yun said, "I don't even know why Jia Hui invited him."

Liu Jia Hui said, "I didn't really have any intentions. I just wanted him to know that I'm doing well now."

Zhang Meng Jun said, "Jia Hui really has good foresight. I'm afraid you all don't know this but when I saw Ou Bai Qi downstairs, I was in disbelief. He's now as fat as a fat pig. I think he must be at least 300 pounds. Would you dare to believe that?"

Someone in the crowd asked in surprise, "It can't be. Are you exaggerating?"

Zhang Meng Jun said, "How am I exaggerating? What I said is all true. He's really so fat that he could cover up the horizon. It's really terrifying. When he comes up in a bit, don't laugh at him. Just pretend you don't know. Otherwise, it would be too great of a blow to him. When I was downstairs, I managed to resist the urge to show my shock."

Autumn Sword Fish Killer's feet had stopped. Then, with a twist of his tongue, he swallowed back his mucus. He regained his usual expression and turned around.

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