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A Valiant Life 1067 Where the f*ck did this guy come from?

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The goalkeeper's injury and the substituting of players made everyone feel as if this was going to be a tragedy. Everyone was curious as to who this new substitute was.

From afar, they couldn't see his facial features clearly. They could only hope that this substitute was a little more reliable.

At the very least, they hoped he would be able to guard the post and not let in any balls.

The reporters were filming the situation on site. The Golden Flowers goalkeeper getting injured was a very bad sign. The match hadn't even started for long when it happened. It really made everyone feel as if their hearts had knotted up.

"Hey, that's strange. Isn't the other goalkeeper from Golden Flowers sick? Then who's that?" asked someone from the film crew curiously.

"I have no idea."

"Zoom in on him. Let's see just who he is."

When the film crew zoomed their lens in on him, the person manning the camera suddenly jolted. He looked up into the distance before aiming his camera once again.

This time, he was sure. Then, he yelled.

"D*mn! How could it be him?"

His surrounding colleagues almost jumped from surprise. "What the f*ck is wrong with you? Why are you shouting about?"

"That goalkeeper is Master Lin!"

His colleague was dumbfounded. "What? What did you say? The goalkeeper is Master Lin? Are you f*cking playing around with me?"

"No. If you don't believe me, come and see for yourself. See if it really is him."

His colleague definitely didn't believe him. "Move aside. I'll see for myself. What kind of eyes do you have? Master Lin must be selling scallion pancakes at Cloud Street now. How could the f*cking goalkeeper be Master Lin? Without any training, how could he be a goalkeeper?"

Then, he walked over and shot his colleague a glare before going to see for himself. "A few seconds later, he slowly and stupidly turned his head around, looking at his colleague. "Is it really Master Lin?"

"Mmm." His colleague nodded, a little dumbfounded as well.

He hadn't expected the Golden Flowers' goalkeeper to be Master Lin. Was it a f*cking joke?"

"It's over."

"What's wrong?"

"Golden Flowers is going to lose for sure. How could Master Lin know how to be a goalkeeper? It'll be as if there's no one guarding the goal post at all. The opposition will be able to score anytime they want."

"It can't be."

"It can't be? Just look at Wu Ze for yourself. He's just slumped on his seat now and he looks so lifeless. He must know that they're done for, that's why he let Master Lin go up to play around. Otherwise, why would he do that?"

"Even if Wu Ze himself goes on the field, it would be better than Master Lin."

The two of them kept discussing. They had now given up on the situation. They hadn't expected Master Lin to go on the field. If this wasn't a joke, what was it?

Huang Jun was still broadcasting with his phone. Then, his gaze shifted towards the coaches' stands but he couldn't find Master Lin's figure. He couldn't help but be dazed.

"Where has Master Lin gone? Why is he suddenly missing?"

At this point, his Internet buddies in the broadcast room were in anguish as well.

"Where else could he have gone? He must have gone home. This match isn't worth watching anymore. I'm not watching anymore too. Host, keep broadcasting by yourself. I won't continue watching."

"Me too. I can't bear to watch the tragedy that's about to happen. For my own sake, I can't keep watching."

In the infirmary.

The goalkeeper shouted, "I'm still fine! Let me go. Our team doesn't have any more goalkeepers."

The doctor said, "Don't move. Your shoulder bone has already been fractured. And there's already a substitute goalkeeper."

The goalkeeper was startled. "How could that be? Our team only has two goalkeepers. I'm here and the other one is sick. How could there be another one?"

The doctor said, "There is. Master Lin just went in. He's wearing number 1."

"Huh?" When the goalkeeper heard this, he was instantly stupefied. Master Lin has gone in? Is this a joke?

On the field.

Master Lin was standing there, watching all the other players in the distance and feeling a little bored. The ball was just flying around there, getting passed here and there. He wondered when it would come to him. It couldn't be that it wouldn't come for the whole match, right?"

Wang Fei was sprinting as he shouted, "Watch your man! Don't let them enter our side. Otherwise, Master Lin won't be able to defend."

"We got it. Don't worry, Captain. We're going to put it all on the line and defend," the players shouted in response.

They knew that the person guarding the post now was Master Lin.

Although they knew that Master Lin was amazing in other aspects, they didn't believe that Master Lin was any good at football at all. Guarding the goal post, in particular, was no joke.

It required lightning-fast reflexes.

Moreover, it required a strong and powerful physique because the power behind a professional player's kick was exceptional.

Even they didn't dare to block the ball with their bodies. After all, it would really hurt a lot. Sometimes, when the ball hit someone's hip region, that person's hip would fracture. This kind of incident had happened before.


A change occurred on the field.

Wang Fei was startled. "Sh*t. Hurry up and follow them. The ball is going over to our side."

The players from Yokohama F. Marinos had kicked the ball over and they were charging towards Golden Flowers' goal post.

Moreover, because of the change in goalkeeper, the Golden Flowers team was in a mess. Everyone had charged forward and tried to contest for the ball. At that moment, it was completely too late to return to defense.

The players from Yokohama F. Marinos cried out ferociously as they increased their speed and widened the distance between them and the Golden Flowers players.

The player in possession of the ball raised his leg up before passing it to his teammate in front.

The spectators' hearts were all tangled up.

"D*mn. It's over. They've broken through. Yokohama F. Marinos have broken through our defense. They're going to score."

"That's Tanaka Hiroshi. He's the striker from his team. I heard that his shooting power is no joke. Even if you manage to reach it, it would slip from your hands."

"It's over. Look. That guy's speed is increasing. The Golden Flowers players are still ten meters away. They can't possibly catch up now."

"Sh*t. What's up with that goalkeeper. Why is he still standing there stupidly at this point? Doesn't he know how to get into position to defend the goal?"

"Professional goalkeepers actually look at the opposition's kicking posture in order to decide which side to defend. However, many goalkeepers can't react in time at all, so they can only gamble."

"D*mn. They're getting close. Why isn't he defending? He's just standing there like an idiot. Motherf*cker. If they score, I'm going to beat him to death."

The Yokohama F. Marinos player, Tanaka Hiroshi, looked at how the Golden Flowers goalkeeper wasn't defending at all and he started laughing coldly in his heart.

It seems that he has been scared stiff by my imposing manner or perhaps he knows who I am. He knows that trying to defend will be useless.


With a powerful kick, the ball flew from under Tanaka Hiroshi's feet like a bullet towards the goal post.
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