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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 087 out of 513 – The ending can be changed (2)

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Chapter: 087 out of 513 – The ending can be changed (2)

Her hot blood was slightly boiling from these thoughts, but then a plop of snow fell down on her from the eaves and cooled her down.

She had come here to fulfill Nie Sangyu’s wish. She couldn’t stay in this ancient world for a lifetime. Other than getting Ning Yuxuan to fall in love with her, there wasn’t another way for her to return to modern times. There was no reason for her to get so excited, ah.

She sighed and reluctantly looked away from Ning Mingjie. She calmly brushed off the snow on her head. “It’s not early anymore. I’ll be leaving first.”

“En.” Ning Mingjie casually broke off a branch with plum blossoms and brought it to her. “The way the plum tree in your courtyard was trimmed is slightly ugly. Take this with you and put it into a vase.”

Ji Man, “…”

The plum tree in her courtyard, Marquis Moyu had trimmed it….

She resisted the urge to laugh. Ji Man accepted the plum blossoms and expressed her thanks. Then, she turned around and started walking to Feiwan Courtyard. As she walked, she started to feel that something was off.

Eh? Ning Mingjie didn’t seem to dislike to her? Ji Man stopped her steps and couldn’t resist turning around to look. He was still standing in the same place. Seeing that she was looking over here, he was somewhat surprised for a moment, then he slightly turned his head away.

In the original novel, the supporting male character had sided with the female lead and deeply hated the supporting female character because of this, ah. Of course, it was also because Nie Sangyu had done truly outrageous things. But now, she was very well behaved and hadn’t done anything wrong since she came here. Was this enough for the supporting male character to not despise her?

The person who had given evidence against the supporting female character had been Ning Mingjie! Did this mean that part of the ending had already changed? At the very least, she wouldn’t die. There was a burst of excitement in her heart.

She had originally thought that no matter what she did, the general plot wouldn’t change. Unexpectedly, it was possible to change fate.


Under the warmth of a hibiscus canopy* in Qiangwei Coutryard, it was obvious that Wen Wen had recently cried. Her eyes were red-rimmed. However, her face showed a bashful joy.

* (T/N: Under the warmth of a hibiscus canopy is a line from the Song of Everlasting Regret by Bai Juyi. It’s expressing the emperor’s disregard of politics and caring only about the beauty of his consort. He neglected his duties and promoted members of her family into important positions (basically what Ning Yuxuan seems to be doing right now).

Ning Yuxuan’s chin was resting on Wen Wan's head. He sighed and said, “Why can’t you be more obedient? You’re always making me feel worried."

“How am I not obedient?” Wen Wan snorted. “You’ve been treating Nie Sangyu so well recently. You were clearly trying to make me feel jealous. But when I feel jealous, you say that I’m making you feel worried. You’ve already done your best to make me feel good and bad, what do you want me to do?”

Ning Yuxuan chuckled. He lowered his head to look at Wen Wan’s face and couldn’t resist kissing her eyes. “Okay, okay. Don’t be angry with me. It was Noble Consort Nie’s idea to bring Nie Sangyu with me on this trip. Right now, the noble consort has regained the emperor’s favor. The emperor has broken off most of Nie Clan’s power and connections, but he has started to fear the influence of empress’s faction. If I didn’t insist on saving your position as the main wife, it would have definitely gone to Nie Sangyu.”

Wen Wan furrowed her brows, but then she quickly smoothed out her expression. “It’s not important if I’m the main wife or not. As long as I can be by your side forever, I’ll be satisfied.”

Marquis Moyu kissed her forehead and stroked her face for a long time before he finally said, “Go to sleep. Have sweet dreams.”

“En.” Wen Wan hugged his waist and closed her eyes.


Ji Man had been planning for her trip that would take place in half a month when a servant had suddenly brought the message that old madame wanted to see her.

With a serious expression, old madame said, “Sangyu, I need your help with something.”

“Old Madame, please give your order.” Ji Man hadn’t seen this old one look so serious in a long time. She was somewhat curious.

“Take a trip to Nie residence to persuade your older brother,” old madame said. “Our two families should have already settled on a wedding date between your older brother and Errong, but he suddenly told Errong that he doesn’t want to get married so early. Isn’t that just nonsense? The crown prince’s side has always been covetously eyeing Errong. If the crown prince pleads with the emperor for an imperial edict, the second half of Errong’s life will be ruined.”

Ji Man was shocked by old madame’s words. During the past period, she had been busy dealing with Marquis Moyu. When she carefully thought about it, she realized that she hadn’t talked to Errong in a while. During the past few days, she had heard that Errong had been leaving the residence to go on scenic tours with Nie Qingyun to cultivate their relationship. Why did a problem come up with their engagement at this juncture?

“Sangyu understands.”

After taking the token that would allow her to leave the residence, Ji Man went to the southern courtyard first. Ning Mingjie was helplessly leaning against a wall on the first floor. Seeing her coming inside, he indicated for her to go upstairs.

Ning Errong had locked herself inside her room. Baizhi was standing outside.

Baizhi was both worried and angry as she said, “Mistress Sang, please persuade the junzhu. She’s such a good woman. She can easily find someone else to marry her. Why does insist on obsessing over Sir Nie and torturing herself like this?”

(T/N: This was first mentioned in chapter 63, but since this word doesn’t come up often, I’m repeating the explanation again. Junzhu is one rank lower than princess. The title of junzhu is usually given to a daughter of a first-rank prince. The title can also be bestowed by the emperor’s decree.)

Baizhi had been so focused on protecting her master that she temporarily forgot that Nie Qingyun was Sangyu’s older brother. When she returned to her senses, she stopped speaking, lowered her head, and stepped to the side.

“Go and bring something sweet to eat. I’ll go inside to persuade her.” Ji Man pushed the doors and faintly smiled at Baizhi.

Baizhi made a sound of agreement and lifted her skirt as she went down the stairs.

Ji Man looked around. There wasn’t anyone else upstairs. She lifted up her heavy skirt, so she could kick the tightly sealed doors.

Nie Sangyu was too weak and the first kick didn’t budge the doors at all. Ji Man took a deep breath and gathered the strength that a baby would use to drink milk. Her second attempt kicked the doors wide open.

Ning Errong forgot to cry. With leftover tears on her face, she blankly looked at Nie Sangyu at the doorway.

Ji Man lightly smiled. She put down her skirt, tidied her hair, entered the room, and warmly said, “I heard that you were in a bad mood.”

Errong bit her lip and hoarsely said, “Your older brother doesn’t want me.”
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