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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 081 out of 513 – The position of the secondary wife (2)

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Chapter: 081 out of 513 – The position of the secondary wife (2)

Ning Yuxuan was truly feeling very angry, but he didn’t know why he was feeling this way. He knew that it was impossible for anything to happen between Nie Sangyu and the crown prince, but he was still in a bad mood when he saw the crown prince continuing to hold the lotus flower.

“I don’t like her. I didn’t like her before, and I don’t like her now either.” After saying these words, Marquis Moyu raised his wine cup and said, “There are countless beauties in the world that you can only look at. You can’t just base your decisions on whether you like them or not based on their looks.”

“Even thought you say this, didn’t you still marry Wen Wan anyways?” Zhao Zhe was slightly drunk and there was even a somewhat confused look in his eyes.

Ning Yuxuan lightly laughed. “Wen Wan was only able to enter my household because of the princess consort’s care and help. When Wen Wan becomes pregnant in the future, I’ll have to ask the princess consort to come and give the baby a name.”

The crown prince finally smiled in satisfaction and let him off.

Ning Yuxuan quietly sighed. It was really tiring to have a conversation full of hidden meanings. He suddenly reminisced about the stories that Sangyu had told him. In those stories, there was a clear and simple distinction between good people and bad people.


After another two days passed, Ning Yuxuan arranged for a proper honor guard and personally led them to the palace to welcome old madame home.

This farce had finally ended. Before leaving, Ji Man truly felt a bit reluctant about leaving the palace. In the palace, she was under Noble Consort Nie’s protection and had extremely good food to eat. She didn’t have to fight and scheme against other women and only had to attend to old madame for a little bit each day.

But, she didn’t have an option. Old madame wanted to go back to make life difficult for Wen Wan again, and she couldn’t stay in the palace by herself.

Wen Wan’s expression wasn’t good as she kneeled at the entrance to welcome old madame. Qian Lianxue and Qi Siling were also here. Ji Man supported old madame as she got off from the carriage. She saw old madame briefly inquire Qian Lianxue about her health, then she directly went inside.

Wen Wan was still kneeling and her face changed colors. Ning Yuxuan got off from his horse and personally helped her up and led her inside.

Old madame’s action was really humiliating Wen Wan. She was clearly showing that she wanted to make life uncomfortable for Wen Wan. She had originally wanted to secretly hand over the management of the inner court’s accounts to Sangyu, but now she didn’t put up any pretense. In front of everyone, she told Wen Wan to hand over the account book to Sangyu.

Qi Siling came forward and said, “Old Madame, this wouldn’t proper. No matter what, Madam is the main wife and there’s nothing wrong with her health. How could a concubine be allowed to manage the account book?”

With a stern expression, old madame said, “The accounts for the inner court have to be clearly recorded and managed. There were many unclear transactions in the account book last month when Wen Wan was managing it. When I asked her where two hundred silver taels went, she couldn’t answer me. Can a main wife like her be allowed to manage the accounts? Sangyu is knowledgeable and attentive. All of you have witnessed her behavior during the past few months. I feel that she’s the most suitable person to manage the accounts.”

Wen Wan was standing at the side. She bit her lip and didn’t speak. Her father was a gambling addict. During the past period, in order to pay back all of his debts in order to give her a clean family background, he had already sold their home and was now living at an inn. As a daughter, how could she just do nothing when her father was in dire straits? She naturally had to take assistive measures.

The marquis’s family was a wealthy one. She had originally thought she could conceal the missing two hundred silver teals, but old madame had found out.

She was in the wrong about this matter, so she kept her head lowered and didn’t say anything. She only hoped that Yuxuan would side with her. At the very least, don’t let Nie Sangyu be given greater power than her.

However, after Marquis Moyu considered for a while, he actually nodded and said, “Okay.”

Wen Wan was shocked. She incredulously looked at him, but he only held her hand.

He looked at Nie Sangyu and said, “When I went to the palace last time, the emperor had praised Sangyu. He said she’s become much more sensible and that I should give face to the noble consort by returning the position of the main wife to Sangyu.”

Old madame’s eyes brightened, but Wen Wan’s face turned deathly pale. Her nails even pierced Ning Yuxuan’s palm.

Ji Man didn’t even raise her head. If Marquis Moyu were willing to take position of the main wife from Wen Wan so easily, then Wen Wan wouldn’t be called the female lead.

“But since Wen Wan’s mistake wasn’t colossal and Sangyu hadn’t done any great service, I choose a compromise. Sangyu will be promoted to the position of secondary wife and manage the inner court’s account book. This can also be counted as giving Noble Consort Nie a justification.”

The position of the secondary wife in this period was different from other dynasties. It was one rank below the main wife. The secondary wife didn’t have to be the main wife’s biological sister that was married into the household at the same and could have a status that was as noble as the main wife’s. Giving the position of the secondary wife was a serious matter. If the main wife died, the secondary wife would automatically be promoted to the position of main wife.

Ji Man felt that the emperor must truly love the noble consort to pressure Ning Yuxuan like this. Ning Yuxuan could also be considered as not treating Wen Wan unfairly by thinking of this method. After all, not only did Wen Wan’s family background not help him at all, it was probably a burden on Marquis Moyu’s position.

But, Wen Wan didn’t think about the social-political aspect. His words made her think of what Qi Siling had told her. Wen Wan felt that Marquis Moyu was rekindling his old feelings towards Nie Sangyu. She immediately clenched her teeth and almost cried.

“Then, the matter is settled.” Old madame was in a pretty good mood. Seeing Wen Wan’s expression, she only felt joy. Now that Sangyu had been promoted to position of the secondary wife, she could give Noble Consort Nie a satisfactory account. Plus, with Sangyu managing the accounts, the power in the marquis’s household would be in her hands again.
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