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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 079 out of 513 – Hidden danger is lurking everywhere (2)

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Chapter: 079 out of 513 – Hidden danger is lurking everywhere (2)

Ji Man was currently in the kitchen watching over old madame’s bird’s nest soup as it cooked. Her back was rigid because there was a man standing somewhat close behind her.

Zhao Zhe was leaning against the doorway and he curiously asked, “Why did you personally come here to perform this manual labor?”

Ji Man rolled her eyes. She felt that the politer she was towards this type of man, the more he would take advantage of this. And so, her tone wasn’t very pleasant when she said, “To respond to Your Highness, Sangyu is just a servant. It’s only right that Sangyu does this type of work. But Your Highness, you’re a crown prince. This type of place is rather mismatched with your status.”

Zhao Zhe raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “I only came here to see you.”

His tone was ambiguous. He was a person experienced with the affairs of the heart.

Ji Man curved her lips, turned around, and said, “This servant didn’t know that the crown prince was interested in fallen women like myself.”

Zhao Zhe was choked off by her words. He rubbed his nose and said, “This is the first time a woman has scolded me like this.”

“This is the truth. Sangyu is the Marquis Moyu’s person. My body, heart, and even my eyes all belong to him. Towards other people, Sangyu is just an abandoned, withered woman. It’s only for the marquis that Sangyu is a complete woman.” Ji Man raised her head and used a firm tone in an attempt to tell him that she was absolutely serious.

The person at the doorway was silent for a long time. He put away a good portion of his joking and halfhearted attitude. His eyes were deep as he looked at her and said, “I’m close friends with Yuxuan. In all our years of friendship, I’ve only heard bad things about you from him. He said you were unruly, overbearing, and didn’t understand the established rules. Originally, I just wanted to tease you for a little bit. But now, I kind of want to be serious.”

The corners of Ji Man’s mouth twitched. Did he think she would believe that this overbearing prince had fallen in love with her? Would he become interested in her just because she showed a little bit moral integrity? Were his next words going to be, “You succeeded in attracting my attention, little demoness.”

He might as well have spared himself this effort.

“I’ve never seen a woman that was so deeply in love. I’m more powerful than Marquis Moyu. If you follow me, you might become a woman in the imperial harem in the future. I didn’t expect you would say words like that.” The crown prince crossed his arms and smiled. “It seems that Yuxuan doesn’t know how to cherish you.”

“Your Highness, you’re such a jokester.” Ji Man saw that bird’s nest soup in the pot was almost done and went to extinguish the fire in the stove. “Don’t forget. Although Sangyu is only the marquis’s concubine, Sangyu is also Nie Clan’s daughter from a main wife and Noble Consort Nie’s niece.”

The crown prince wanted her? What a joke. Did he think that if he teased her like this, her heart would start beating quickly, her face would turn red, and she would be unable to control her emotions? It didn’t even need to be said that the empress and Noble Consort Nie’s relationship was like fire and water. Just on the mere basis of Marquis Moyu and the crown prince’s relationship, the crown prince wouldn’t touch her unless he wanted to sever ties with his indispensable assistant.

Zhao Zhe loudly laughed. As he looked at Nie Sangyu, his eyes showed appreciation. “Ning Yuxuan has really overlooked a pearl.”

“Thank you for your praise, Your Highness. Sangyu is only a slightly better looking fish eye that’s being passed off as a pearl.” Ji Man laughed. She wrapped a handkerchief around her hand before taking the bird’s nest soup out.

“Be careful!” Looking at her hand, Zhao Zhe strode over, took the bird’s nest soup from her and placed it on a plate.

It had still felt very hot even with the barrier of the handkerchief. Ji Man pursed her lips, discarded the handkerchief, and took back the bird’s nest soup. She selected a red-lacquered tray and placed the plate on the tray. She glanced at the crown prince and said, “Thank you.”

Then, she turned around and left to bring the bird’s nest soup to old madame while it was still hot.


Ning Yuxan had been in the ting yu xuan for a while, but he hadn’t seen Nie Sangyu. He had already said a round of good words to old madame, and old madame’s heart had also slightly softened. She said she would return in two days. She wouldn’t let Wen Wan have too many comfortable days.

Ning Yuxuan relaxed. Regardless of anything else, his mother was willing to return. After drinking a pot of tea with her, he pretended to casually ask, “Where’s Sangyu?”

“She’s cooking bird’s nest soup for me,” Old madame said. “That child knows how to be filial. Since the matter from last time, I also feel that she’s changed a lot. But, I like the changed her more. Where can you find another woman that’s as good as her?”

Ning Yuxuan declined to comment. After sitting there for a little while longer, he saw Nie Sangyu coming into the room with bird’s nest soup.

“My lord.” Seeing that Ning Yuxuan was also here, Ji Man greeted him before placing the bird’s nest soup in front of old madame.

He hadn’t seen her in two days. Nie Sangyu had become increasingly full of life. She wasn’t wearing any makeup; only natural beauty could be seen on her face. Her plump, beautiful lips looked very kissable.

Marquis Moyu lowered his head and reflected. Was he attracted to Nie Sangyu because it had been too long since he was intimate with a woman?

Old madame’s eyes turned and she said with a smile, “The two of you also haven’t seen each other for two days. You should go to the side hall to talk. I want to quietly eat my bird’s nest soup and take my afternoon nap afterwards.

Ning Yuxuan nodded, stood up, and walked outside. Ji Man followed after him even though she felt that there wasn’t anything they had to say to each other.

Marquis Moyu walked into her side hall, looked around, and asked, “Have you gotten used to living in the palace?”

Ji Man lowered her eyes and said, “There’s nothing to get used to. Every place is the same.”

Originally, he had just been casually looking around. But, he suddenly stopped by the divider screen, “Every place is the same?”

Translator Ramblings: It’s nice to see Sangyu’s infamous reputation of being a woman crazily in love with Ning Yuxuan helping Ji Man for once.
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