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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 075 out of 513 – An intense war between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (2)

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Chapter: 075 out of 513 – An intense war between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (2)

Behind them, Ning Yuxan wanted to chase after old madame, but Wen Wan grabbed his sleeve.

Wen Wan looked at him with red eyes as she asked, “Are you always going to choose your mother over me?”

Ning Yuxuan’s eyebrows were tightly creased. He angrily said, “Why are you deliberately stirring up trouble? I’m already taking your side. And yet, you’re still saying words like these.”

Wen Wan wanted to continue to fuss, but she remembered Qi Siling's words. She should quit while she was ahead. She hurriedly controlled her anger, tugged at Marquis Moyu’s sleeve, and quietly said, “I know you’re doing this for my benefit and I also know that you love me. I was just temporarily feeling too agitated and couldn’t help blurting out my grievances. She’s already said those type of words about me…”

“Wen Wan.” Ning Yuxuan removed her hand from his sleeve and said, “You need to become more sensible.”

Stunned by these words, Wen Wan blankly moved her hand back to her side. She watched as Ning Yuxuan ran after old madame. She bit her bottom lip. Her eyes were full of unwillingness.

Actually, if that old woman went away, her life would become much better.

At some point, Ning Mingjie had also left without notice. Wen Wan stood in place for a while before turning around and going to Qiangwei Courtyard. She ordered Tanxiang to bring Qi Siling over here.


Ning Yuxuan was kneeling outside in the main courtyard, but old madame was calmly commanding Shouqu, Danggui, and Nie Sangyu to pack up their luggage.

Ji Man was slightly worried, so she asked, “Old Madame, are we really going to the palace? Wouldn’t that be a bit inappropriate?”

Old madame was very calm as she sat in her chair. She lightly smiled and said, “Do you think I’m doing this out of impulse?”

Wasn’t she? She was a stately, first-rank lady. If the news that she had been forced to move into the palace was spread, it would sound really bad, ah. Although this is what Ji Man thought, she didn’t voice her thoughts.

Old madame sent the servant girls outside and whispered into Ji Man’s ear, “Yesterday, Noble Consort Nie sent me a secret letter. She said she’s pregnant, but she doesn’t dare to make this information public. She wants me to go to the palace and keep her company. The empress doesn’t want her to have another child, so her baby definitely has to remain a secret until her pregnancy has reached three months and it’s condition becomes stabilized. She doesn’t have any person that she trusts in the palace, so she asked me to keep her company.”

Ji Man was shocked. Noble Consort Nie was pregnant? She was almost forty years old. Even though the third prince had no interest towards politics, the emperor was still very fond of him. If Noble Consort Nie gave birth to another prince, wouldn’t the empress’s feeling of impending crisis become more serious?

“Originally, I was only planning on keeping her company for two days and leave Shouwu and Dangui there to serve her, so that she’ll feel more at ease.” Old Madame’s expression sunk. “But Wen Wan has acted too outrageously. She even dares to try to bully me. We’ll stay in the palace for a few extra days, so that she’ll knows my power.”

If old madame used this opportunity to stay in the palace longer, it would be the equivalent of giving Wen Wan the reputation of an unfilial person. In the end, she would have to humbly request for old madame to return. As for whether or not old madame would be willing to easily come back, that was another matter.

Ji Man thought; as expected, old ginger was spicier.

“Old Madame, it’s snowing again. The marquis is still kneeling here.” Shouwu couldn’t resist shouting from outside.

Old madame felt distraught about her son, but she couldn’t take a step forward. If she forgave him, wouldn’t that be the same thing as forgiving Wen Wan? There was no way she would do that.

Ji Man didn’t have another option. She had to serve as a way out of this uncomfortable situation for old madame. She went out to try to help Marquis Moyu stand up.

“My lord, you know why Old Madame is angry. Why are you gambling with your own health?” She said.

Ning Yuxuan was kneeling with a perfectly straight back. He pursed his lip and stayed silent.

Ji Man brushed away all of the snow near his body and brought an umbrella and fox fur cloak to support him.

When the lights in old madame’s room were extinguished, Ning Yuxuan finally let out a tiny sigh. He slowly stood up and asked, “Sangyu, if you were in my position and was faced with this dilemma, what would you do?”

Ji Man shrugged, “I don’t know how to handle this dilemma either. My lord, you might as well allow things to happen naturally.”

Marquis Moyu left and went to Qiangwei Courtyard.

She could already foresee what would happen next. There would definitely be a serious problem between Wen Wan and Marquis Moyu.

Nie Sangyu had been so foolish, ah. She had directly rushed out to deal with Wen Wan. But, the environment of the marquis’s household was already sufficient to make Wen Wan’s life miserable. Why ruin its effect by adding something superfluous?


Early next morning, old madame had the servants prepare a carriage. She was going to bring Sangyu, Shouwu, and Danggui with her to the palace.

“Old Madame, please calm down. Don’t leave.” Qi Siling had led the female servants to kneel in the middle of the road and had attracted the attention of many pedestrians.

Old madame sneered, opened the curtains, glanced outside, and said, “She’s a main wife, and yet she has you, an honored concubine, coming here in her place. Don’t block my way. Otherwise, I’ll have the carriage run you over.”

Qi Siling gritted her teeth. She had already told Wen Wan that she couldn’t show her temper, but Wen Wan wouldn’t listen. She had actually thought that her life would become comfortable after old madame left.

What a hopelessly inept person!

Translator Ramblings: I think Ning Yuxuan and Ji Man’s relationship is really interesting and unique. He’s only recently crossed over the boundary line of not despising her and he only shows care towards her out of guilt, his mother, and Nie Clan. But, at the same time, he actually asks her for advice and values her opinion. There’s such a huge contrast between this relationship and his true love relationship with Wen Wan.

Ning Yuxuan think that Wen Wan is being immature and unreasonable, but he’s also aware that she doesn’t understand the stricter rules of a noble family. Even though Wen Wan is stupid for not following Qi Siling's advice, I think it's understandable. Experience has taught Wen Wan that she only needs to cry and Ning Yuxuan will resolve everything. Until there’s a lasting consequence to Wen Wan’s behavior, there’s no reason for her to change or think she’s wrong.
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