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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 067 out of 513 – This brainless woman (2)

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Chapter: 067 out of 513 – This brainless woman (2)

Without noticing, his feet had led him to Feiwan Courtyard. Nie Sangyu was currently pruning the plum tree in her courtyard. Her sleeves were tied up and her hair was loosely tied behind her back instead of being arranged into an elaborate hairstyle. She looked gentle and soft.

In the past, Nie Sangyu was the person that he disliked to see the most. But now, the more he looked at her, the more he found her pleasing to look at. Ning Yuxuan couldn’t help silently cursing himself. How could he think of Feiwan Courtyard as a place that would put his mind at ease?

Ji Man’s back was facing the entrance, so she didn’t see Marquis Moyu. But, Muxu, who was standing nearby, saw him. However, this young girl had spent a lot of time with Ji Man and had become much smarter. She immediately left without making a sound.

“Muxu, where’s my handkerchief?” Ji Man’s hands had been stained by dirt. She was in a very good mood as she looked at the plum tree she had just finished pruning.

There was someone standing near her. The person wordlessly took out a handkerchief, grabbed her hand, and wiped her hand clean bit by bit.

Finding something off about the situation, Ji Man turned her head and saw Ning Yuxuan’s gentle eyes.

Her hand instinctively pulled away from his.

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Ning Yuxuan didn’t get angry. He only looked at her as he asked, “Why are you in such a leisurely mood today?”

Ji Man awkwardly laughed and said, “Winter has arrived and the courtyard is feeling bleak, so this servant has been trimming this plum tree. This way, this servant will feel happier seeing this tree from inside my room.”

Ning Yuxuan looked at the plum tree in front of them and his eyes were rather disdainful as he said, “You’ll feel happy looking at this mess of a tree?”

The way she had trimmed it look way too ugly.

Ji Man was grinding her teeth as she forced herself to smile. Then, how else should she prune it? Was he expecting her to prune it into the shape of Hello Kitty? She had already cut down all of the branches that looked ugly!

“Hand that over to me.” He stretched his hand out. His slender fingers were simply perfection.

Ji Man gulped and handed over the slightly dirty shears.

Ning Yuxuan took the shears and looked at the plum tree for a few moments, then he stretched his hands out and swiftly started to cut away the superfluous branches and twigs. He left behind the trunk and small, nicely shaped branches. Compared to the lush growth from before, the plum tree finally had the feeling of winter’s bleakness.

Ji Man felt that Marquis Moyu’s standard of beauty was slightly strange, but she didn’t have courage to say this thought out loud. She could only agreeably say, “Ah, it looks much better.”

Ning Yuxuan dropped the shears to the side, took the handkerchief from her hand, and wiped his hands. Then, he was silent for a moment before he said, “I’ll be sleeping here tonight.”

A glance was enough to tell that Ji Man that he was feeling troubled again. Ji Man was already used to this. Every time this person was feeling troubled or had an argument with Wen Wan, he would always come to her place.



Wen Wan stayed in her room and cried for an entire afternoon. Her eyes were swollen when Qi Siling came by.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Qi Siling sighed and said, “You have a place in the marquis’s heart. Why are you in a rush to force him?”

“Siling, what should I do?” Wen Wen said in an aggrieved tone, “I feel that he doesn’t love me as much as before.”

Qi Siling paused, then she said, “You’re overthinking things. You know how much the marquis protects you. It’s only that Old Madame has always been thinking about returning Nie Sangyu to the position of main wife. No matter what you do, she won’t care.”

Wen Wan pursed her lips, “Then, at worse, I’ll just give her the position of main wife. I just want Yuxuan.”

“You’re saying nonsense.” Qi Siling shook her head and said, “On the day that you give the position of main wife to Nie Sangyu, no one in this household will be able to live peacefully.”

Wen Wan look like she was about to cry again. “Then, what do you want me to do?”

“This matter is actually very easy to deal with,” Qi Siling said. “Old Madame is only causing trouble for you because of Nie Sangyu, so think of a way to get rid of her. Once Old Madame is no longer thinking about her, she naturally won’t make life difficult for you anymore.”

Wen Wan widened her eyes. After thinking over these words for a while, she actually thought that Qi Siling’s words were reasonable.

But, how could she get rid of Nie Sangyu? She had old madame’s protection.

“If Madam believes in me, just follow my instructions. Nie Sangyu already has a corrupt reputation. Catch her with any crime and you can make her die without a burial site.” As Qi Siling said these words, she was slightly agitated and made Wen Wan look at her doubtfully.

“Why do you have such a bias against her?”

Qi Siling pursed her lips and lightly smiled, “If someone wanted to carve your face, you’ll naturally be very biased against her.”

Wen Wan thought about things that Marquis Moyu had told her about Nie Sangyu and nodded. She decided to believe Qi Siling.


“Today, I’ll tell you one of Hans Christian Andersen’s children fairy tales.” Ji Man was lying in bed. She couldn’t resist patting Ning Yuxuan’s back like she was coaxing a child as she said, “In the depths of the sea, there lived a young mermaid…”

Ning Yuxuan quietly listened. His peach blossom eyes weren’t completely closed as he looked at her delicate, rosy neck. He actually felt an impulse in his mind.

“The mermaid fell in love with the prince and decided to exchange her voice for a pair of legs with the witch…” Ji Man didn’t notice anything. Anyways, Marquis Moyu hadn’t been interested in her during the past several times, so she had considerably let down her guard.

“Later on, the prince fell in love with the princess and was going to marry her. The young mermaid couldn’t speak. She could only secretly cry…”

“… In the end, the young mermaid turned into bubbles and disappeared into the sea.” Ji Man sighed as she said the last word. Just as she was about to ask if he had any thoughts about this story, she suddenly felt warmth on her neck.

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