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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 486 - Too heavy, can't let go after picking up 1

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Chapter 486 - Too heavy, can't let go after picking up (1)

Everyone knew that he had married a foolish wife. Today, he was was sitting with a group of good friends and drinking. Halfway through the gathering, someone stood up and said, "It's getting late. My wife is probably going to complain when this one gets back. This one will penalize myself with a cup of wine and leave first."

Another person stood up and said, "My Yulan is very petty. If I got back with the scent of rouge on me, she'll definitely throw a fit for at least half a month. This one will drink a cup of wine as penalty and say my goodbyes too."

Qian Yingchen sulky drank and thought; these two were really successes. Their wives controlled them so stringently.

But then, an obtuse fool, who wanted to curry favor with him, raised a cup to toast him and said, "It's Sir Qian that's the best. You're fine with staying out all night."

Qian Yingchen was somewhat unhappy, but he raised his chin and thought; that was because he managed his wife in the correct manner. If Zhu Yurun dared to make a fuss, he would go over to one of his concubine's courtyards and not go over to see her. After two days of this treatment, she would naturally come looking for him while crying and sniffling.

However, another nearby person said, "Brother Zhang, you don't know this, but the two people that recently left, their wives have deep affection and love for them. That's why they're so controlling toward their husbands. Haha."

Qian Yingchen's expression had blackened. Instead of swallowing the wine in his mouth, he spat it out on the ground.

Their wifes were controlling because of deep love? It had been half a month since he married Zhu Yurun, but she didn't show any care about his life of debauchery. It couldn't be that she wasn't in love with him, right? What a joke. Who was the one that had pestered him day in and day out asking him to marry her and acting as if she would die if he didn’t?

He sprinkled some of the wine from his cup onto his body, embraced a musician girl, and rubbed her body all over. Then, Qian Yingchen stood up and said, "Yingchen will also take my leave earlier. Everyone, enjoy yourselves to the fullest."

"Ai, Sir Qian, why are you leaving so early?" The person that was rushing to curry favor with him was unhappy. "Your honorable wife isn't controlling. You can stay here longer."

"Who said she isn't controlling?" With an unhappy face, Qian Yingchen said, "She’s definitely staying up and waiting for me to come home with lit candles. Goodbye!"

Rather childishly slamming the door on his way out, Qian Yingchen boarded his carriage and returned to his estate. He didn't know what he was feeling unhappy about. When he walked back to Zhu Yurun's courtyard, it was the same as usual. He hadn't come home on time, so she had extinguished the lamps and went to sleep by herself. The courtyard was very dark. Don't even mention a lit candle in the room, there was nothing waiting for him at the door.

Fuming with anger, Qian Yingchen went forward and kicked the doors to Zhu Yurun's room, then he turned around and went to Honored Concubine Feng's courtyard.

Zhu Yurun was woken up by this noise. When she got up and looked at the doorway, there was no one there. Murmuring to herself that it was probably because the wind was too strong, the chubby girl closed the doors and waddled back to her bed to continue sleeping.

As Qian Yingchen walked down the path, he kept kicking the ground and grumbling: that fat idiot!

Although it was true that he had previously said he didn't want her to concern herself with his life, but wasn't Zhu Yurun being too free and easy by not showing any concern at all? Why had she wanted to marry him? She didn't show any concern when he went out indulging in sensual pleasures. When he favored an honored concubine more frequently than he favored her, she didn't throw a tantrum. She was like a soft persimmon. How could someone not want to pinch her and bully her

He really wanted to squeeze her until she was a ball of cotton wadding and stuff her into a quilt!

As Qian Yingchen walked, he kept cursing her. When he reached Honored Concubine Feng's courtyard, he was still grumbling.

"Sir Qian, what's wrong?" Honored Concubine Feng gently took off his outer layer of clothing for him. "Has Madam angered you?"

Qian Yingchen sneered. It could be considered tacitly assenting.

Honored Concubine Feng's eyes turned. She sweetly smiled and said, "Sir Qian, don't be angry. Everyone knows that Madam isn't that bright in the head. She speaks without considering propriety. If she's done anything wrong, just treat it as if a child has done something wrong and forgive her."

These words sounded like she was pleading for Zhu Yurun, but when he thought about it again, he realized it was wrong. Qian Yingchen narrowed his eyes. "A child?"

"Isn't that the right description for her? Madam is just like a child. She doesn't know anything. She only knows how to eat." Honored Concubine Feng hanged his outer layer on a room divider, then carelessly said, "Everyone has been saying why is Sir Qian is so unlucky to have married her."

"Is that so?" His hand stretched out and grabbed the outer layer of clothing that she had just hung up. Honored Concubine Feng froze in surprise for a moment. When she turned her head, she saw Qian Yingchen's expressionless face.

"Sir Qian? Has this servant said something wrong?" Honored Concubine Feng felt somewhat panicky. "You just came here..."

"You can think for yourself what you did wrong. Starting from tomorrow, your monthly allowance will be cut in half." Qian Yingchen finished putting on his clothes and lightly said, "I'm going back to care for that child."

Honored Concubine Feng was stunned. Qian Yingchen left her courtyard and took the return path.

Zhu Yurun was very stupid. She didn't know how to shrewdly scheme or compete for favor. She only knew how to eat. He didn't like her; he thought she was stupid and fat.

But, even if he didn't like her, it was only okay if he was the one feeling this way. If someone said a single bad word about her, then it was the same as hitting his face too.

Right now, he was Zhu Yurun's husband.

After returning to the main courtyard, he took off his outer layer of clothing and lied down on the bed. Zhu Yurun was sleeping very sweetly. Sensing a source of warmth nearby, the chubby girl rolled over to rub against the warmth. However, as soon as she smelled the stench of alcohol on that body, Zhu Yurun rolled back to the inner part of the bed and kept her distance from him. There was the slightest sound of snoring coming from her.

Qian Yingchen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This chubby girl was actually finding him disdainful?

After changing into sleeping clothes and bringing her over to hug, Qian Yingchen murmured, "You're not allowed to press me down at night. I'll have a nightmare."

Zhu Yurun sleepily assented and really did follow his order in sleeping properly.

Translator Ramblings: "You're not allowed to press me down at night." I thought Qian Yingchen's wording was so weird and funny. Does that mean he doesn't want to forbid her from pressing him down in the daytime?

How lucky to be Zhu Yurun. She doesn't have to do basic work like manage the household's finances. All she does is eat, but Qian Yingchen will protect her from being bullied without her lifting a finger or using a brain cell. Because he knows she's stupid, he'll protect her and automatically judge the other women in his harem as crafty and manipulative (which admittedly they are).
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