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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 048 out of 513 – One thousand and one nights (1)

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Chapter: 048 out of 513 – One thousand and one nights (1)

“Ali Baba hurriedly followed the path to the mountain, but when he got there, he saw forty, very strong bandits. They were all carrying heavy burlap sacks on their shoulders. The person at the head of the group walked to a gigantic boulder and yelled, “Open sesame.” And, an entrance was revealed. After the group of bandits hid their treasure inside the mountain, the person yelled out, “Close sesame.” And, the treasure was locked up inside the mountain.”

As Ji Man unhurriedly told the story, she secretly checked on Marquis Moyu’s expression. Even though she had talked for such a long time, he actually didn’t have even a hint of sleepiness.

With his eyes full of curiosity, he asked, “And then?”

“And then, after Ali Baba had waited for the bandits to leave, he ran to that entrance, copied the bandit’s action by shouting, “Open sesame,” and returned home with some of the money and valuables.”

Ji Man couldn’t help rolling her eyes. This person was actually this interested towards a children’s fairy tale. Moreover, he totally didn’t look as if he going to fall asleep anytime soon.

Helpless, she could only brace herself and tell the story as slowly as possible to Ning Yuxuan.

After he finished listening to the story, Marquis Moyu rhetorically asked with a smile, “So, the meaning is that good people will had good endings and bad people will have bad endings? It’s a rather interesting story.”

Whether or not it was an interesting story was only of minor importance. The crucial point was, why aren’t you asleep yet, great lord? Feeling annoyed, Ji Man inwardly scolded him. But, her outward expression still showed a light smile as she stretched her hand out to cover her mouth and yawned, “It’s not early anymore. My lord, you must be busy tomorrow. Let’s go to sleep early.”

Ning Yuxuan slightly raised his eyebrows. “Sleep?”

Ji Man seriously nodded. Moreover, her entire face showed her exhaustion. What else could they do other than sleep? Although it was true that Nie Sangyu really wanted to pounce on him, this matter couldn’t be rushed and she wasn’t prepared to dedicate herself to ancient person.

After the candle was extinguished, she could see that the sky outside of the window was starting to slightly brighten. Ji Man turned her back toward Marquis Moyu and fell asleep very quickly.

The man next to her was silent for a long time before he slightly sat up and looked at Nie Sangyu’s sleeping face. He couldn’t resist looking at the mark at the back of her neck again.

Why had she become such an interesting person? Not only had she not been anxious to be favored by him, she had used a story as a way to delay the matter. This was also the second time. Did Nie Sangyu not understand the meaning of quitting while one was ahead?

After he had stretched his hand out to touch the back of her neck, she turned around and wrapped an arm around his waist while she was still deeply asleep.

Ning Yuxuan froze for a moment. He actually smelled a faint scent. He couldn’t identify what the dense and soft fragrance was, but it felt comfortable to smell. After the warm body had turned around to cling to his body, his body actually reacted even though she didn’t make any additional movements.

Marquis Moyu somewhat awkwardly separated their bodies slightly. With his eyebrows furrowed, he looked at Nie Sangyu’s face with disdain. Then, he lied down even further away from her.

The next morning, Ji Man went to pay respects and attend to old madame during breakfast as usual. However, she saw that old madame was full of joy and in high spirits.

Ji Man curiously asked, “Did something good happen?”

Old madame said with a smile, “Marquis Jinwen and Errong will becoming to the capital. I haven’t seen them in a while. They come to capital once a year, and this year, they also brought Mingjie.”

Marquis Jingwen, Ning Huaiwen, was old madame’s husband’s younger brother. Ji Man remembered as soon as she lightly knocked her head. This was about the time that the supporting male lead should be appearing. The male lead was currently giving the female lead the cold shoulder. And so, it was naturally time for the gentle, warm, and very wealthy supporting male lead to come here and whole-heartedly keep her company.

Ning Mingjie, Marquis Moyu’s older cousin, was naturally the man that would be the supporting male lead. Although he was only a sixth rank official, he had supervisory power over the manufacturing of weapons. He was a promising youth with an elegant and graceful bearing. The novel had described him as beautiful as cultivated white jade. He was born with an enchanting and feminine face, but he absolutely hated when people commented on his face. And so, he had been wearing a silver mask for many years. He only took off his mask when he went into the palace and was meeting the emperor.

Ji Man didn’t want to evaluate this contrived and melodramatic setup. But, as a person that had skimmed through half of the book, she knew that Ning Mingjie would become Wen Wan’s greatest supporter. He would shelter her from rain and wind and protect her as if she was the emperor. He was the perfect example of a spare tire and the essence of a supporting male lead.

Ji Man felt that in order for her to fulfill Nie Sangyu’s wish, it would be necessary for her to develop a plan to help the supporting male lead. If the female lead ran away with the supporting male lead, it would be much easier to deal with the male lead.

“When will Marquis Jingwen and the others arrive?” Ji Man asked.

Old madame said, “They’ll get here in three to five days. After you leave here, tell Wen Wan to have the southern courtyard tidied up. There can’t be the slightest neglect during their stay.”

“Understood.” Ji Man acknowledged the order. On the way back to Feiwan Courtyard, she went to Qiangwei Courtyard to pass on this message.

It was reported that Marquis Moyu would be returning home early today. And so, Ji Man had prepared herself to see him when she went to Qiangwei Courtyard. However, when she went inside, she only saw Wen Wan. Her face looked haggard even with cold cream applied to it.

After hearing Nie Sangyu’s words, she only nodded and said, “I understand.”

Ji Man really wanted to tell her that there was no reason for her to be this sad. The supporting male lead is coming!

But, to avoid being seen as a lunatic, she saluted and obediently returned to Feiwan Courtyard.

“Why are so many of your flowers gone?” Standing in her small garden, Marquis Moyu looked around and saw that the flowers had all been cut off and only the stems remained. He curiously raised his eyebrows and asked, “What did you do with them?”

Ji Man slowly closed her mouth that had gaped open from surprise. She stepped through the courtyard's entranceway and said, “They were used to soak in my baths… My lord, why are you here?”

Why was he here for no good reason instead of with the female lead? If she got stolen from him, he wouldn’t even know why!
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