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Chapter 470 - I offer you my heart (1)

Most of Yuzhen's princesses had weapon training. Pengyue's weapon of choice was her whip. Pengxin's preferred weapon was her three-ring large sword.

Once, Pengyue had been the most favored princess in Yuzhen. However, after she got married, Yuzhen's queen passed away. Yuzhen's king's secret lover became the new queen, and her daughter, Pengxin, became a legitimate princess. In order to make up for the grievances that Pengxin went through in the past, the king acceded to her every request.

After Yuzhen's civil strife ended, war was waged at the borderland to get justice for Pengyue's death. Pengxin didn't hate Pengyue. Even after Pengxin became a princess, she still revered Pengyue. Pengxin actually felt that she had wronged her half-sister. Although she and her mother had been kept a dirty secret, hadn't they also been secretly taking away a portion of the king's favor from Pengyue and her mother?
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