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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 453 - I like him 2

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Chapter 453 - I like him (2)

Tanxiang waited until that servant girl had walked far away. She thought; truly the Heavens are helping me. She went forward and silently approached Haohao from the behind. Seeing that were no one else around, she smiled and said, "Heir, Madam is looking for you."

Haohao put down the book. He looked at her confusion. "What Madam?"

"The main wife that lives in Linghan Courtyard, ah."

Haohao was frightened by Tanxiang's fake-looking smile. He retreated a few steps. "I don't want to go. I'm waiting here for someone."

"You have to go even if you don't want to!" Tanxiang's smile looked somewhat deranged. She went forward, covered Haohao's mouth, tied him up, and tossed him into a burlap bag.

"Even if I can't deal with your mother, do you think I can't deal with a little child like you?" Tanxiang sneered. She looked around again, before bringing the bag onto her shoulder and carrying Haohao to Linghan Courtyard.

After Wen Wan had died, she had been living in Qiangwei Courtyard by herself. Everyone in the estate thought she had gone crazy, so even if someone saw her behaving strangely, no one would dare to approach her and stop her. After all, lunatics would bite people.

After her master had died, she lived worse than the estate's dogs. She couldn't think of a direct way to get revenge for her master, so she could only harm Nie Sangyu behind her back. Right now, she was bringing the heir to the Madam. How would she deal with him?

In this household, it was Liu Hanyun that was the most woeful woman. Wasn't she the main wife? Hadn't she given birth to a son? But, she had a hard time even seeing the marquis's face. The marquis freely spent every day with Nie Sangyu and the heir, but he never looked at Liu Hanyun's son, much less look at her. Tanxiang didn't believe that Liu Hanyun's heart wouldn't have any resentment.

Hadn't Liu Hanyun fainted when she heard that Nie Sangyu was pregnant again? Even if Liu Hanyun was a person that could tolerate a lot, Tanxiang really wanted to see what the outcome would be if she secretly brought the heir to her courtyard.

If Haohao died, then Young Master Xi-er would become the heir.


Liu Hanyun saw Tanxiang coming over with something, but wasn't too surprised. She only looked at Tanxiang and asked, "What do you want?"

Tanxiang darkly smiled. "This servant only wants Nie Sangyu to be so stricken with grief that she wants to die."

"Why did you coming looking for me?" Liu Hanyun calmly looked at her. "Why don't you just do it yourself?"

Tanxiang was taken aback. She slightly pulled back her emotions, straightened her posture, and said, "This servant wants to leave the marquis's estate. Madam, please help me. This servant doesn't have a single coin..."

Hearing this, Liu Hanyun finally lowered her guard. She nodded, took a banknote from her dressing table, and handed it to Tanxiang.

"Thank you, Madam!" Tanxiang repeatedly kowtowed before leaving.

Haohao quietly looked at Liu Hanyun's face without making any attempt to get away. Liu Hanyun's gaze swept over him, and she gently picked him up. "Heir, that must have been a frightful experience."

Although she said these words, she didn't untie him or take out the thing muffling his voice.

"I have some honey here. Heir, do you want to eat it?" Liu Hanyun took out a small red bottle. "It's very yummy."

Haohao shook his head. His lips were wobbly, and he looked as if he was about to cry.

However, Liu Hanyun kept a tight grip on him. The smile on her face looked increasingly horrifying.

The cloth was finally taken out of his mouth, but in the next instance, medicine was poured down his throat. Haohao fruitlessly struggled, but in the end, he could only swallow down the medicine.

"Sweet child, go to sleep. You've already enjoyed such an easy and comfortable life for so long. It's about time you let your younger brother experience it too," said Liu Hanyun softly. She soothingly patted Haohao's back just like how she would coax Xi-er to sleep.


When Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan entered the palace, Zhao Zhe was smiling more happily than when he found out he was going to be a father.

He completely ignored Ning Yuxuan's presence and looked at Ji Man as he asked, "Is your condition stable?"

"Your Majesty, thank you for your concern." Ji Man knelt down and said, "Is Your Majesty still not planning on bestowing the marriage? Sangyu is pregnant with the marquis's child."

Zhao Zhe's smile stiffened. He pursed his lips and asked, "How can you know for sure that the marquis is the father of your baby?"

"Because from beginning to end, this servant has only been with the marquis." Ji Man furrowed her brow. She was already confronting him. How could a person act so shamelessly?

"You've only been with one person?" Zhao Zhe seemed as if he had heard a joke. He suddenly laughed, and there was even a hint of sadness and pain in his eyes.

Looking at his eyes, even Ji Man felt an inkling of doubt towards her memory. Had she slept with Zhao Zhe before?

Marquis Moyu's expression was very ugly. Standing next to Ji Man, he stretched his hand out and helped her slowly stand up.

"Your Majesty, what will it take for you to let go of this husband and wife?" He asked.

Zhao Zhe raised his eyebrows. "This emperor hasn't bestowed the marriage yet. How could the two of you dare to be husband and wife?"

"Although there's no formal status, the marquis and Sangyu had already become husband and wife a long time ago." Ji Man raised her head to look at him. "Your Majesty, you can block us from getting married and also slander Sangyu's reputation, but the marquis and Sangyu are already husband and wife."

"He already has a wife, even if you marry him, you'll only be a concubine." In a flash, Zhao Zhe pointed at Ning Yuxuan and said, "This emperor can't tell. What's good about this person?"

Ji Man smiled. "He's not good. He has a harem. He's merciless and vicious. I can't guess what he's thinking. He's even had children with other women. It's not even a question of what's good about him. He's simply utterly awful."

The corners of Ning Yuxuan's mouth twitched. He turned his head to the side to look at her.

"But, I like him." Ji Man lowered her eyes as she said, "There's nothing good about him, but I like him. I used to say that I wouldn't like disloyal men, who had other women. That I wanted someone who could repair light bulbs and knows how to fix computers. But, after meeting him, all of those conditions became obsolete. Your Majesty, do you understand this feeling?"

Translator Ramblings: Such a juxtaposition of emotions from one scene to the next. I know what Liu Hanyun is doing is wrong , but I feel that Ji Man and Ning Yuxuan pushed to her to this point. Somewhere in the first third of the story, Ji Man says something along the lines of children suffering for their parents’ misdeeds, and I think that’s what happening here. What do you guys think?
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