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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 414 - The capital's gate can be opened with grain 1

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Chapter 414 - The capital's gate can be opened with grain (1)

Zhao Zhe stopped his horse on the other side of the moat. He looked at the capital. He could hear the clamoring sounds even at this distance.

Zhao Zhe slightly smiled, turned his head back to look at Ji Man, and said, "You once said that you would open the capital's gate for this prince. That gate is right in front of us now."

Ji Man couldn't refrain from laughing. "Your Highness, you don't need to feel too anxious. You can't be asking for Sangyu to push down the gate with my hands, right? Sangyu has already arranged for people to create mayhem inside and spread the news that Ji Store's largest granary is right outside of the capital. A huge amount of grain is stored in granary, and no one is guarding it. The common people can go get grain from Ji Store's granary as soon as they breakthrough the capital's gate."

Zhao Zhe pursed his lips. “This prince still wants to go over there and directly attack. It's unlikely that the gate will be open if we rely on the efforts of those common people.

"Your Highness, you shouldn't underestimate the power of the common people," Ji Man sternly said, "Water can move a boat as well as capsize it. It's the commoners that are the foundation of a country. The current emperor doesn't have the hearts of the people because of his tyrannical ways. Once the grievances of the people have accumulated to a certain level, it'll naturally become a flood that will drown the capital."

"Really?" Zhao Zhe's gaze showed that he didn't really believe her. "This prince will wait one more hour. If the capital's gate isn't open by then, this prince will order for the battering ram to be used."

"Okay." Ji Man nodded.


Ning Yuxuan was standing on the capital's wall. From far away, he was able to spot Ji Man, who was wearing her red outfit, in the crowd. The sight of her and Zhao Zhe sitting side by side on their horses felt a bit offensive to his eyes.

"Master, there's at least three thousand commoners gathered below. The emperor has ordered for these people to be killed without exception. What..."

Turning his gaze to Guibai, Ning Yuxuan slightly furrowed his brow. "If those three thousand people are all killed, it will only cause more people to rise up in rage. Why would the emperor issue such an order?"

Guibai shook his head. "The palace is already a mess, and the emperor has lost his temper."

Guibai reported that the emperor had even roared out, "Those who submit to me will prosper, those who rebel will be executed."

In the end, Zhao Li was an emperor that had once been oppressed and bullied for a long time. After he had a change in fortune, it was inevitable that he would be obstinate and do whatever he pleased.

Ning Yuxuan was stunned for a moment. He glanced down at the person below the capital's gate tower, pursed his lips, and said, "Since it's like that, follow the emperor's order. I'm going to take a trip to the palace."

Even people with discerning eyes could see that he had done his best in guarding this country for Zhao Li. Seeing that the capital's gate would soon be broken down, it was time for him to pick up Haohao.


The virtuous consort was standing in Zichen Hall. In a fluster, she said, "Your Majesty, please calm down. Those people outside are just rebels and traitors. My father has already brought his army over. Don't let yourself fall into panic."

Zhao Li's eyes were thoroughly red. Sitting in his wheelchair, he said, "It wasn't easy for me to seize this country. Why should I submissively hand it over to someone else? Oldest imperial brother has always made life difficult for me. Now that I'm sitting on the throne after going through such great difficulties, why is he trying to snatch it away from me?"

These words were a bit too naive. It was because he was so angry that he had gotten muddle-headed and couldn't think of anything else. He only had Fan Tianxing by his side. This trusted aide had followed him up step-by-step from the bottom.

"Your Majesty, Marquis Moyu is currently guarding the capital, but how about replacing him with a general?" Fan Tianxing furrowed his brow and said, “Marquis Moyu had once opened the capital's gate for you. This subject is worried that he'll open the capital's gate for the first prince too."

Zhao Li turned his head to glared at him. "I spent so much effort on Ning Yuxuan. Other people might not know that, but shouldn't you know better?"

Fan Tianxing froze in surprise for a moment.

Back when the princes were competing, the first prince and third prince had both tried to pull Marquis Moyu to their respective faction and even meddled in his harem. At that time, the second prince was powerless, and could only rely on a few loyal officials to do his bidding. However, in the end, Marquis Moyu had chosen Zhao Li instead of the first prince and third prince.

Zhao Li had been able to succeed in the past by keeping a low profile and bidding his time. He secretly accumulated power until he was able to seize control in one successful swoop.

However, Fan Tianxing had to admit to himself that Zhao Li's temperament had greatly changed once he had successfully seized the throne. He had once been a reserved and low profile person, but after becoming the emperor, he had become egotistical. He wouldn't listen to other people's advice or admonishments. Even someone like him, who had wholeheartedly followed Zhao Li, felt bitterly disillusioned.

Although it was disloyal of the first prince to revolt, it was truly Zhao Li's actions that paved the way for his army to easily come all the way to capital without difficulties.

Fan Tianxing sighed and said, "Your Majesty, although it's true that you spent a lot of effort on Marquis Moyu, and he's seems very loyal, this subject still feels worried."

Zhao Li lightly sneered. "What's there to worry about? The civil and military officials have all fled. It's only him that persists in defending the capital for this emperor. Can you really not discern his stance?"

Fan Tianxing hesitated. He wanted to say more, but in the end, he just let out a long sigh.


Ning Yuxuan entered the palace. There was no restriction to where he could go, and he headed straight for the empress's palace.

Pengyue had already deteriorated to half consciousness, but Haohao remained under the care of her palace servants. It was just that his little face was crumpled and looked very sad.

"Dad!" Haohao rushed over as soon as he saw him. With tears falling down to the floor, he said, "Dad is a liar. You clearly said that you would come pick up Haohao up very soon, but Haohao hasn't seen you in forever.”

His tender little face looked so pitiful with tears. Ning Yuxuan hurriedly picked him up. "Dad said that the next time I come, I would be picking you up. I wasn't lying. It's only that dad has been delayed, so I came here a bit late."
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