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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 375 - System Notification: Your white lotus has been upgraded 2

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Chapter 375 - System Notification: Your white lotus has been upgraded (2)

On Marquis Moyu's side, there were mixed feelings about the unsuccessful wedding. Grand Tutor Peng had personally paid a visit to offer his apologies. Ning Yuxuan didn't have anything good to say. The relationship between the two sides would just be a bit awkward. However, Ning Yuxuan had still sighed in relief when he found out that Ji Man hadn't been able to marry Zhu Yurun,

For now, he wouldn't concern himself with what was happening over at Qian Residence. Once he found some free time, he went to look for Ji Man.


Ji Store's rice business was growing rapidly. Ji Man had confidence that after a year, she would be able to gain complete control over the cost of food in the capital. She had a solid relationship with the Ministry of Revenue as well as a talented store manager like Yan Buba. Ji Man felt that she could sleep without worries for a long period of time.

As for Ning Yuxuan, once Ji Man found out that he had chosen to confine Wen Wan within his estate, she no longer wanted to see him. And so, no matter where Ning Yuxuan went to stop her for a talk, he was unsuccessful.

This lasted until she received the news that the marquis's honored concubine had hanged herself.

Ji Man felt a bit frightened. Wen Wan committed suicide? Although the original story was a stupid romance novel, wasn't there a law that the female lead couldn't die? If Wen Wan's story ended like this, what would happen to her?

Was it time for a grand finale in this story? What would become of her then?

Not having the time to worry about anything else, Ji Man rushed to the marquis's estate. The servants at the entrance were originally going to stop her from her entering, but Liu Hanyun happened to be waiting at the entrance for Marquis Moyu. Seeing that it was Ji Man, she let her in.


“Don’t call me Madam. Sir Ji will suffice. ”Ji Man hastily walked. Her mood was very complicated as she asked, "How's the situation?"

“She was saved from death, but she remains unconscious." Liu Hanyun furrowed her brow as she said, "She was immediately rescued down when she tried to hang herself, so I don't know why she's still unconscious and saying nonsensical words in her sleep. I've already sent a servant to inform the marquis."

Still alive? Ji Man let out a long exhalation of relief and hurriedly continued walking to Wen Wan’s room to check for herself. She had originally wanted this woman to simply die, but if Wen Wan died like this, wouldn't that be letting her off too easily?

Wen Wan was clad entirely in white as if she was dressed in burial clothes. Her face was also thoroughly white with only her veins showing color. She was mumbling something.

The doctor was already putting away his tools on the side. Seeing Liu Hanyun, he reported again, "There's nothing wrong with Mistress Wan. She'll be fine after waking up."

Liu Hanyun nodded. Ji Man sat down by Wen Wan's bedside.

"Save me..." Wen Wan seemed to be having a nightmare. Ji Man stared at her for a while in puzzlement.

Why would a person that tried to hang herself be calling out to be rescued? Was this supposed to be a joke?


Ji Man couldn't clearly hear the rest of Wen Wan's words. Furrowing her brow, she couldn't resist the impulse of getting closer. To her surprise, Wen Wan suddenly opened her eyes. Faced with Wen Wan's empty gaze, Ji Man almost fell over in alarm.

"Where am I?" Wen Wan vacantly stared at the canopy of her bed for a long time before turning her head to look at Ji Man and Liu Hanyun.

While Liu Hanyun was still recovering from her surprise, the nearby crying Tanxiang had already rushed over. "Master, why had you acted so foolishly?"

Wen Wan had a blank expression as she looked at Tanxiang, then she dropped a bombshell question. "Who are you?”

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded.

Liu Hanyun was the first to recover. Frowning as she touched Wen Wan's forehead, she confirmed that her temperature was normal. "Have you forgotten who we are?”

Wen Wan furrowed her brow and swept her gaze over the room's occupants. "I don't remember. Where am I? What did I do?"

For a moment, Ji Man felt suspicious that Wen Wan was only pretending to have amnesia. But no, Wen Wan didn't have the IQ to put on such a good act. When their gazes met, there was only unfamiliarity. It seemed that Wen Wan had really lost her memory.

Marquis Moyu had also returned. As soon as he stepped into Wen Wan's room, Wen Wan blankly looked at him without averting her gaze. "Who is he?"

“Master, he’s the marquis!” Tanxiang's eyes were red from crying too much. "Have you really forgotten everything?"

Ning Yuxuan walked over. He looked at Ji Man in surprise before looking at Wen Wan and saying, "Why are you causing trouble?"

"I?" Wen Wan had a dimwitted expression. She was still unable to speak properly.*

* (T/N: She should be referring to herself as Wan-er or this servant when speaking to Ning Yuxuan.)

The doctor that had been about to leave the estate was brought back. After checking Wen Wan over again, the doctor could only offer a guess. "It's probably because she suffered too much shock and has temporary amnesia."

Ning Yuxuan was stunned for a long time before he pointed at Ji Man and asked Wen Wan, “Who is he?”

Wen Wan continued to show a blank expression.

No one knew what do. Ji Man seriously scrutinized Wen Wan for a long time before standing up and saying, "It was rude and inappropriate of this one to come here. This one will bid my farewell now."

"Stop." Marquis Moyu furrowed his brow. “Since you're here already, why are you in such a rush to leaving?"

She had only come here to see if the female lead had died or not. Since Wen Wan hadn't died, it was naturally time for her to leave. Was she supposed to stay and watch the show? Ji Man good-naturedly turned around and answered, "My rice business has been hectic lately. This one has to get back to it."

“I went to the palace and saw Haohao today." Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips and said, "You don't want to stay and chat with me for a bit?"

Ji Man had wanted to firmly fling down the words, "don't want to", then immediately leave.

However, when she heard him mentioning Haohao, she weakened. She saluted with her hands and obediently said, "This one is willing to listen to whatever the marquis wants to say."

“En.” Ning Yuxuan's expression eased. As he led her out of the room, he said, "Let's go to the western courtyard. It's not convenient to talk here."
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