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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 374 - System Notification: Your white lotus has been upgraded 1

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Chapter 374 - System Notification: Your white lotus has been upgraded (1)

Ji Man had seen things going wrong during wedding ceremonies, but never like this. Although she was actually delighted to see Zhu Yurun rushing over to Qian Yingchen's side of the procession, she had to play out the role of someone that was infuriated and horrified that had his bride had been stolen.

Ji Man dismounted from her horse. Before Qian Yingchen had time to react, she had already walked over and shoved him. "Sir Qian, what do you mean by this?"

Her stance looked as if she was about to fight with a hooligan.

Qian Yingchen retreated half a step. His brow was furrowed as he looked Ji Man, "Miss Zhu is doing this of her volition. This has nothing to do with this one. Brother Ji, why are you angry with this one?"

"Fine, then I'll take her away." With her chin raised, Ji Man stretched her hand out and was about to pull Zhu Yurun down.

Of course, Zhu Yurun stubbornly refused to move. Clinging to the side of the sedan chair, she exclaimed as if this was a matter of life and death, "I like this sedan!"

A crowd had gathered to watch this spectacle. Qian Yingchen was on the verge of losing his composure. "Stop messing around!"

"I'm not." Zhu Yurun stretched her head out and said, "You owe me a child! No matter what, it won't end until I get compensation."

There was uproar in the crowd. Miss Zhu's words and actions were really too shocking. Qian Yingchen's face was slightly red, and he somewhat helplessly looked at Ji Man.

Acting as if she was deeply heartbroken, Ji Man asked, “Miss Zhu, are you not willing to marry this one?"

Zhu Yurun bit her lip. The voice that came out from underneath the veil sounded sulky. "Older Brother Man, you're a good person, but I still like him and can't forget about him. I can't marry someone else."

Qian Yingchen was stunned.

"It's okay that this person doesn't like you?" Ji Man raised her eyebrows.

"There are lots of arranged marriages. At least I can marry someone that I like. Isn't that already fortunate enough?” Zhu Yurun lightly pushed the sedan chair and said, "Older brother Man, please support us!"

The gathered people sighed. A lot of people looked at Ji Man sympathetically.

Ji Man let out a long sigh. She looked at Qian Yingchen said, "Today, Sir Qian snatched Miss Zhu from this one's marriage sedan. If you don't cherish her in the future, this one won't let you off even if this one is only a mere commoner!"

Qian Yingchen was at a complete loss. How did it become him snatching her?

"Raise the sedan!" Ji Man shouted. Frightened, the nearby porters shakily followed the command. When the matchmaker saw this sight, for the sake of her bonus later, she hastily urged Qian Yingchen back onto his horse.

"Hey, it's a lucky day, and it’s about time anyways. Hurry, let's head over to Qian Residence and complete the wedding ceremony."

With a clamoring sound, the grandiose procession for escorting the bride to the groom's home resumed. They squeezed past the crowd as they headed towards Qian Residence.

Qian Yingchen was blankly riding his horse for a long time. By the time he returned to his senses, they had already arrived at Qian Residence.

After Ji Man happily paid the members of the procession, she returned to her newly purchased home. She ordered a servant to take down the festive decorations, then she changed her clothes and went to Qian Residence to attend the wedding reception.

No one had ever seen a person being so calm after having his bride snatched away on the wedding day.

Although Ji Man continued to appear very heartbroken, her act didn't really fool anyone.

Even when Qian Yingchen looked at Ji Man from a distance, he could tell that this person was actually somewhat rejoicing over Zhu Yurun's action in jumping to another marriage sedan. He thought that this person had truly only agreed to marry Zhu Yurun for his own selfish benefit.


After the bowing part of the ceremony had been completed earlier, the bride was sent to the bridal chamber.

Zhuer was currently standing by her side and protesting, "Miss, why are you being so foolish? Sir Qian doesn't have you in his heart. Why are you still so happy about marrying him?"

Zhu Yurun was sneakily gnawing an apple underneath her wedding veil, so her words weren't clear as she answered, "Because I want to life my life with him. It's painful to live life if there's something forever stuck in my heart. I did feel resentment towards him, but resenting him won't get me anything, so I decided to give up on those negative feelings."

Wasn't she being too broadminded? Zhuer expressed that she couldn't understand, “Sir Qian didn't want to marry you at the start."

"I know." Zhu Yurun quietly said, "Still, it'll be better to marry him than older brother Man. I can't drag older brother Man down for a lifetime."

After saying this, she couldn't resist quietly mumbling, "Should it be older brother Man, or older sister Man?"

Zhuer didn't clearly hear the last part of her question. She grumbled, " This servant still think that Sir Qian won't treat Miss well."

"That's okay." Zhu Yurun tossed the apple core. "No matter how much he dislikes me, he still officially married me. It was because of him that other people cursed at me. Now that I've tied the knot with him, other people won't have standing to continue cursing. They won't be able to say bad things about my dad and older brother anymore."

Zhuer was slightly shocked.

Zhu Yurun also thought that her tone had been a bit too excessive. She went back to smiling and said, "Anyways, I'll have to find the time to thank older brother Man later."


Ji Man didn't need Zhu Yurun's thanks.

After finding out that the marriage had fizzled out, Assistant Minister called Ji Man over. Extremely embarrassed, he asked Ji Man, "Do you have any other unfilled aspirations?"

This person had been willing to marry his daughter after everything that she had done. Ji Man had never broken off his promise to marry her. It was his daughter that ended up running off after already sitting down in the marriage sedan. Assistant Minister Zhu felt extremely apologetic towards Ji Man and didn't know how to compensate him.

“Sir Zhu, don't worry." Ji Man wryly smiled and said, “It's alright. This one and Miss Zhu simply weren't fated to be together."

“Ah..." Assistant Minister Zhu patted Ji Man's shoulder and said, "If you ever need help in the future, this old man will definitely help you."

"Thank you, Sir." Ji Man deeply bowed.

Ji Man greatly admired Sir Zhu’s character. He was a good person that had a strong sense of paternal love.

Translator Ramblings: Zhu Yurun and Qian Yingchen are both victims, but I don’t think it would be fair for Qian Yingchen to be bamboozled into marry Zhu Yurun just because she’s in love with him. If Zhu Yurun's real reason in wanting to marry Qian Yingchen is because she wants to fix the reputations of her family members that had been tarnished by association instead of being crazy in love with him, I like that reason a lot more.
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