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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 369 - Haohao is the only reason 2

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Chapter 369 - Haohao is the only reason (2)

Ning Yuxuan sat down on the side of the bed and lightly said, "Hanyun, arrange for a carriage to bring Wan-er back to Wen Province tomorrow. It wouldn't be suitable for her to remain here."

Hearing these words, Liu Hanyun's heart suddenly jumped. She somewhat incredulously asked, "My lord, you want to send Wan-er to her hometown?"

"She's already caused a catastrophe today. It would be too soft-hearted of me to allow her to remain here," Ning Yuxuan lightly answered, "Since we were once husband and wife, help me by arranging more things for her to take back."

Still feeling stunned, Liu Hanyun nodded. Then, she instinctively glanced at Ji Man.

There was a scornful look in Ji Man's eyes. She didn't say another word and simply turned around to leave.

"Stop!" Ning Yuxuan shouted, "Where are you going?"

Ji Man didn't bother turning her head. "Haohao isn't here anymore. Why would I continue to stay here? Marquis, you don't need to put on this show of dealing with your beloved for me. I won't forgive her wrongdoing. You might as well try your best to protect her."

Ning Yuxuan chased after her. His brow was furrowed as he grabbed her hand to stop her. "Ji Man! I'll figure out a way to bring Haohao back. Don't be so impulsive. We're already at this point. Are you really going to leave?"

"Why not?" Ji Man turned her head to look at him with her eyebrows dubiously raised. "Marquis, why do you think I want to stay in your estate? What do you think is the reason I was willing to disregard my feelings of enmity?"

Marquis Moyu was a bit stunned. He pursed his lips and said, "Was it entirely because of Haohao? Is there really no other reason?"

"There isn't." Ji Man smiled. "It's time for this one to return to being a rice merchant. Marquis, take care of yourself."

In the end, there was nothing left to hold in his hand. Ning Yuxuan stood in place as he watched the silver-robed person open the doors and walk out of the room without any trace of hesitation. It was if he had been utterly delusional in believing that his affection wasn't one-sided.

"My lord," Liu Hanyun called out in a quiet voice, "He... Are you not going to chase after him?"

Teacher Ji had turned out to be Madam. The person that she had harmed last time was actually Madam, who had always treated her kindly. Liu Hanyun was at a complete loss. As she clutched her handkerchief, it seemed as if she had changed back to her former self that wasn't eloquent with her words and was an insignificant concubine that didn't know how to compete for favor. Her eyes were slightly red as she looked at Ning Yuxuan.

"Would he come back if I chase after him?" He asked in quiet voice.

She wasn't the same as other women. If she said she was going leave, she really did have a place to go to. He couldn't stop her or bring her back. For other women, he was their supporter, and someone they depended on. However, she never relied on him. On the contrary, she left him feeling clueless on what action he should take.

What could he use to keep her here? Haohao? Haohao had already been taken away. No wonder she had walked away without hesitation.

Ning Yuxuan wryly laughed. He finally understood why people would say that it's depressingly futile to keep a beautiful woman. It really was a sad feeling.


It was simple enough to pack away her things. After stuffing her original clothes into a bag, Ji Man swept her gaze over the room. Her gaze landed on a small bag that was on the table.

She froze for a moment before looking away. Putting the bundle over shoulder, she strode out of the room.

The estate was very quiet. She had only taken a few steps when her pace slowed.

She went back into the room and stuffed the small bag into her bundle. After that, she walked out of the estate without looking back.


Ji Man's rice business had been going smoothly under Yan Buba's management. She used the extra money she had to purchase a home near one of her stores. After that, she went over to Zhu Residence to visit Zhu Yurun.

After learning that Haohao had been taken into the palace, Zhu Yurun, who was currently recovering from her miscarriage, sighed regretfully and said, "Does that mean you won't be able to see Haohao anymore?"

Ji Man pursed her lips and nodded. Her eyes were quite red.

"Ah, don't be so upset," Zhu Yurun hurriedly said, "I'll tell my dad to go check on the marquis's heir to see if he's doing well whenever he gets the chance to enter the palace."

Ji Man wouldn't cry in front of Ning Yuxuan, much less when she was in the marquis's estate. But now, seeing Zhu Yurun's pale face and plump figure, Ji Man couldn't stop herself from bawling.

Zhu Yurun frantically waved her hands in panic. She quickly told Zhuer to bring over a handkerchief and even shouted, "Hurry, bring over a basin to hold the tears."

She comfortingly patted Ji Man's back and murmured, "You look like a woman when you're crying like this. You have smooth hands like a woman too..."

Ji Man was grievously crying her heart out, so how could she pay attention to Zhu Yurun's nattering words? Her days were so difficult. Before, she could continue to bear with everything because she had Haohao. But now, he was gone too. She didn't even know if Haohao would end up being mistreated inside the palace. Ning Yuxuan could probably frequently enter the palace to see Haohao, but it would be difficult for her to see Haohao again...

Nie Sangyu, come out. Let's talk. Could you please let me go back? She had just wanted to read a book. She didn't want to be dragged into the story and be devastated with these emotions.

Someone sighed, but the sound was so weak that it couldn't be heard.

A man had been walking over here from the entrance of the courtyard. Hearing the sound of weeping, he furrowed his brow and picked up his pace. He walked past the doorway and asked, "Why are you crying?"

Ji Man felt that she had cried enough. She rubbed her eyes and turned her head to look.

Qian Yingchen was standing by the doorway with a serious expression. When their eyes met, the person on the other side was clearly stunned for a moment. He awkwardly turned his head away and said, "Sorry, this one must have misheard."
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