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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 363 - A foolish woman 2

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Chapter 363 - A foolish woman (2)

However, Ning Yuxuan didn't stay once the pleasurable act was done. Instead, he left to go see Haohao.

When Wen Wan woke up in the middle of the night and looked at the moonlight that was spilling into her room through windows, she thought; he really did love children the most.

She had to figure out a way to get pregnant.


The next day, Wen Wan left the estate to look for a doctor. Once the doctor finished examining her, he said there was nothing wrong with her and that it was possible for her to get pregnant. Wen Wan found it odd. It had already been over a year. If there was nothing wrong with her, why hadn't she gotten pregnant by now?

"Miss Wen."

Right after she left the doctor's office, she met Kangyuan Junzhu. Wen Wan hurriedly saluted her. Kangyuan Junzhu and Wen Wan had a somewhat close relationship, so she pulled her to a nearby teahouse to chat.

"Junzhu, now that the general has returned to the capital, we can go out on fun boating trips again." Wen Wan was smiling very happily. This junzhu had a rather high status, and she was also Ning Mingjie's main wife. Wen Wan had frequently given her advice and shared with her things that she knew about Ning Mingjie. After several of these types of conversations, Kangyuan Junzhu regarded Wen Wan as a close friend.

"I'm bored of going to lakes. How about I pay a visit to your home today?" Kangyuan Junzhu smiled and said, "While I'm there, I can also greet the marquis."

Wen Wan very happily agreed and led the junzhu to the marquis's estate.

When Liu Hanyun saw the junzhu, she would have to salute to her too. Wen Wan felt a joyfulness that came from accompanying someone that was high above in status.

However, Wen Wan could tell that Kangyuan Junzhu seemed a bit sad from her expression. She couldn't resist asking, "Junzhu, is there something that’s troubling you?"

Kangyuan Junzhu nodded and bitterly smiled. "Do you know someone named Sangyu?"

Wen Wan was shocked and rattled. "Junzhu, why are you mentioning that name out of the blue?"

Kangyuan wryly laughed. "On our way back from Jin Province, the general met a strange woman on the roadside. After their encounter, his mood hasn't been good. I frequently hear him mumbling Nie Clan and someone named Sangyu in his sleep."

Sangyu sounded like a woman's name, and Kangyuan Junzhu found it difficult to dispel her suspicions. She had originally lived far away from here before her wedding and naturally didn't know what had happened between Ning Mingjie and this woman named Sangyu for him to miss her so much.

“Sangyu is the name of a dead person." Wen Wan's expression wasn't good as she said, "Junzhu, you don't need to worry about her. The general definitely isn't mumbling her name in his sleep because he likes her. The marquis had divorced that woman, and she died from falling off a cliff."

Kangyuan Junzhu was stunned to hear this answer. She pursed her lips and said, "Do you have a painting of her? I want to see what she looked like."

How could Wen Wan have a painting of Nie Sangyu? Still, if there was a way that she could assist the junzhu, Wen Wan would at least try her best to think of a way. She tapped her forehead and said, "I do have a painting of her. Come with me."

Wen Wan had left that painting of a family of three in her place. She hadn't had time to return it yet. Since Kangyuan Junzhu wanted to see it, she would show it to her.

However, when Kangyuan Junzhu saw that painting, her expression suddenly turned very ugly.

"This woman is Nie Sangyu?"

"En." Wen Wan nodded and said, “I used to hate her so much when she was alive, but she's already dead and can't compete with me anymore. So, I've let go of those feelings."

The artist for this painting was very skillful, and three people in this painting looked remarkably true to life with distinct facial features. Kangyuan Junzhu looked at inscription on the painting, and her heart sunk. She rolled up the painting and said, "I really like this painting. Could I have it?"

"This... this isn't mine." Wen Wan felt that she was put into an awkward position.

"It's rare to see such a good painting. I want to have the same domestic happiness with Mingjie as the people in this painting." Kangyuan Junzhu looked at Wen Wan with very sincere eyes. "Give this to me, okay?"

Wen Wan thought it over. This painting had been stolen from Teacher Ji's room, and no one would find out who had stolen this painting. She might as well give it to the junzhu to get further in her good graces. Besides, other than making her feel a bit bad when she looked at it, this painting didn't have any other purpose.

"Alright then, junzhu, you can take it."

Kangyuan Junzhu was very happy. She slipped off the jade bracelet that she was wearing and put it on Wen Wan's wrist. "Thank you, you're a good friend."

Wen Wan very happily smiled and didn't seem to realize what she was giving away. She was immeasurably self-satisfied as she held the bracelet that Kangyuan Junzhu had given her.

After Kangyuan Junzhu left the marquis's estate, she went straight to the palace.

Wearing the bracelet, Wen Wan strolled around the estate in a very good mood. When she encountered Ji Man, she very smugly stroked the bracelet and said, "Teacher Ji, it's so late in the day. Did you just finish giving the heir his lessons?"

Ji Man glanced at her. She didn't understand why Wen Wan was strutting around like a peacock that was displaying its feathers.

"En, I'm going back to my room to rest."

Wen Wan smiled and walked a few steps closer to Ji Man before saying, "I acted immaturely last night and asked the marquis who was more important to him, me or you. Guess what his answer was."

The corners of Ji Man's lips twitched before she bowed and said, "Of course it's Mistress Wan that's more important. This one has to continue giving lessons to heir tomorrow. It's getting late, so this one won't continue to chat with Mistress Wan."

Seeing how calm Ji Man looked, Wen Wan felt as if she was futilely trying to punch cotton. In a bad mood, Wen Wan angrily stamped her feet. "Hey!"

However, Wen Wan calmed down after she looked at the bracelet on her wrist. Hadn't the marquis thought Nie Sangyu was very capable because she frequently drew people to her side? She could show the marquis that she was now capable of doing the same.
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