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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 345 - Stealing requires professional skills 2

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Chapter 345 - Stealing requires professional skills (2)

Before half an hour has passed, Wen Wan was actually pulling Ning Yuxuan back towards the study. Ji Man watched as the two of them entered the courtyard. She had been right to not trust Wen Wan. Wen Wan was quietly bringing Ning Yuxuan back to the study so soon after leaving with them. If she had really been inside and searching for the signature seal, she would have been doomed once Marquis Moyu opened the study's doors.

"Marquis." Guibai was standing in front of the study's doors, and he pushed open the doors for them.

Wen Wan had Marquis Moyu enter the study first, but there was no sign of activity inside the room at all. It was only when Ning Yuxuan asked where Teacher Ji had gone that Ji Man raise her hand and said, "This one is out here enjoying the moonlight."

They were partition by a short distance, and the sky was dark, so it wasn't possible to clearly see the other person's expression. Although Ji Man couldn't know for sure what kind of expression Wen Wan was currently showing, she could tell that Wen Wan stood in place for a long time before following Marquis Moyu outside.

Ning Yuxuan looked at Wen Wan as he said, "If there's nothing else, you can go back first."

Wen Wan was somewhat unwilling. She looked at Ji Man several times, but in the end, she could only stamp her feet and leave.

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This was man was too cunning. It seemed that he wouldn't be easy to deal with. As Wen Wan recollected that intimate scene in the study, she felt as if ants were chewing her heart, liver, lungs, and spleen. Even if she had to ignore the order given by the master, she wouldn't allow Marquis Moyu be snatched away by a man! His heart only had her. She was forever the only person that could be allowed in heart!


Ji Man returned to her room, and the person hidden in the corner reported, "There isn't any secret space in the study, and the signature seal couldn't be found either."

It had taken the professional less than half an hour to thoroughly search the study. Ji Man sighed. If it wasn't in the study, then it had to be in the bedroom. If it was in the bedroom, then she could only depend on Wen Wan.


They met in the garden the next morning. Wen Wan was frowning as she said, "Teacher Ji, why didn't you follow our plan to search for that item?"

Ji Man responded with a smile. "This one already looked for it. It's not in the study."

"Teacher Ji, you clearly weren't inside the study looking for that item yesterday." It was obvious from Wen Wan's expression that she was very displeased. "You wasted Wan-er's efforts."

"Someone else looked through the study for me." Ji Man continued to have a warm smile as she said, "Otherwise, since the marquis had returned in under half an hour, there would be no way for this one to safely leave the study."

Startled, Wen Wan averted her gaze. "What will we do now then?"

"Mistress Wan, there are times when you're favored, right?" Ji Man said in a low voice, "Go to the marquis's bedroom to look around."

Wen Wan's face turned red. "The marquis hasn't visited anyone in his harem in a long time."

"I know." Ji Man nodded. "That's why it'll be fine for Mistress Wan to take the initiative by going to the marquis's bedroom. Apply a sleeping drug to your lips. Once the marquis falls unconscious, Mistress Wan, you'll have your chance to render meritorious service."

Wen Wan felt a bit shy. After all, the person sitting across from her was a man. Wringing her handkerchief, she hesitated for a long time before finally saying, "I can only try my best."

Applying a sleeping drug to her lips was a good idea. As long as Wen Wan wasn't stupid enough to ingest the drug herself, the plan would be a success. Ji Man expectantly waited for the good news.


However, Wen Wan still ended up failing. Ning Yuxuan hadn't fallen unconscious, and Wen Wan didn't have the chance to search his bedroom. The next time that Wen Wan saw Ji Man, her expression was especially unpleasant. She didn't even say a single word before turning around to go to Linghan Courtyard.

Ji Man was at a loss. Marquis Moyu wasn't a person that practiced abstinency. He would have definitely favored Wen Wan, so why had Wen Wan failed? Could the sleeping drug have been expired?


Wen Wan sat down in front of Liu Hanyun. "Madam, we're probably going to have fight a man for the marquis's favor." She already couldn't stop her tears from falling down.

"What's wrong?" Liu Hanyun was playing with Xi-er and doubtful glanced at her.

"Do you remember that concentric knot waist accessory and ring?" Wen Wan wiped her tears and said, "When this servant went to the marquis's room to serve him last night, this servant saw those same items by his bedside table. He wouldn't even let this servant touch them."

Liu Hanyun's expression changed. "The same items?"

"Exactly!" Wen Wan gritted her teeth and said, "You said those items could just be love tokens between an engaged couple, but the other party turned out to be our lord. That man, he's truly has no sense of shame!"

Wen Wan was crying very bitterly, but she didn't feel comfortable telling Liu Hanyun the worst part. Last night's plan had been so meticulous. She had even thought of how she would send the signature seal out once she found it, but Yuxuan had been absolutely unwilling to kiss her lips last night.

Wen Wan looked at Liu Hanyun said, "How could this type of person be allowed to teach the heir? He should be driven out of the estate! Madam, if you continue to be soft-hearted, this man will snatch away your spot."

Liu Hanyun stayed silent. She only believed part of Wen Wan's words. The most important part was the she knew Ning Yuxuan would never be interested in a man. Perhaps, that teacher had somehow offended Wen Wan, so she was trying to ruin him?

Contrary to what she was really thinking, Liu Hanyun said, "Go back to your courtyard to rest first. I'll look into this matter myself and deal with it."


Ji Man felt dejected. At the very least, Wen Wan was the female lead. Shouldn't she have the basic ability to learn from her mistakes? It had already been so long, but she was still so stupid and couldn't even successfully seduce someone. Men were visual creatures that were controlled by the lower half of their bodies. All Wen Wan had to do was sneak into his bed in the middle of the night. Then, while wearing skimpy clothing, she would expose a fragrant shoulder and call out, "I'm so cold". How many stallions wouldn't have fallen for that trap?

How could Wen Wan have failed?

Ji Man sighed for a while before making a decision and standing up.
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