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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 311 - Personally handing over the advantageous position 2

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Chapter 311 - Personally handing over the advantageous position (2)

After changing out of her wet clothing, Ji Man sniffled as she planned out their next move. "Once we go downstairs, Errong will board a carriage by herself, and older brother and I will board the carriage at the front. It would be great if there was someone around to help us make the situation more chaotic."

In their group, only she and Nie Qingyun could be put into one carriage. They were wearing extra layers of clothes and helmets specially fashioned from cotton-padded cloth. At any time, they had to be ready to jump out of the carriage. It would be the best if they could avoid involving Errong any further. When the time came, they could only flee by jumping into a river. She had considered the option of jumping off a cliff, but since they weren't the female lead, she couldn't be sure that they would survive.

Errong still felt that this idea wasn't very reliable. Just as she was hesitating, they heard their horses making neighing sounds from the inn's rear courtyard. It seemed as if the horses were being forcefully led somewhere.

Horse thieves? Shocked, Ji Man hurriedly opened the window to look.

There were several people standing in the rear courtyard. There were three men dressed as carriage drivers as well as a man wearing coarse clothing. There were also four females. The two women had a married woman's hairstyle, and the two younger girls were dressed like servants.

Ji Man raised her eyebrows. Why did this configuration look so familiar?

A stable lad had harnessed the horses to the three carriages. A man and a woman boarded the first carriage, the woman with the slightly protruding belly went into the middle carriage, and the two servant girls boarded the last carriage.

What a coincidence, he had thought of the same plan as her. Ji Man dryly laughed and pushed open the room's doors. As expected, Guibai was standing right outside of their room.

Guibai cupped his hands and said, "Madam, you don't need to worry. The marquis has already arranged everything. Just wait here until the evening before leaving."

Ning Errong and Nie Qingyun were both slightly stunned as they looked at Guibai from the doorway. Fortunately, this inn wasn't busy. The main entryway room was totally empty.

Ji Man smiled at Guibai and said, "I'm not his wife anymore. Give my thanks to your lord for his great benevolence and mercy."

Guibai slightly pursed his lips and said, "Actually, the marquis, he..."

"I know. The marquis is still protecting me. Thanks." Even though her face was showing a smile, for some unknown reason, her eyes were still slightly red.

Protecting Nie Sangyu? Is that why he opened the capital's gate, ruined all of the third prince's efforts, and allowed the rest of Nie Clan to accompany the third prince into death? Because he had done such a good job protecting her, if not for Errong, she would have been the only one that didn't need to kneel in a puddle. She only had sit on the side and watch as her entire family was executed.

She hated this type of man the most. If he was going to protect her, why couldn't he have protected everyone else too? If he only protected her and let her entire family die, what kind of lousy method was that?

It was also because the women in this era were too weak, so the men had the belief that women shouldn't be involved in anything and should just safely hide behind their backs.

If this wasn't their territory, she also wanted to annihilate their entire family so that not even a strand of hair was left.

This entire time, she had been living for the purpose of fulfilling Nie Sangyu's wish. But now, after witness such a massacre today, Ji Man changed her mind. She wasn't sure exactly what Nie Sangyu's wish was anyways, so she might as well fulfill her own wish first.

Originally, she didn't have any strong desires of her own. She just wanted to go back to modern-day sooner. But now, there were things that she wanted to do.

The three carriages left the inn and headed towards outside the capital. Ji Man and the others waited at the inn until the sky had darkened. Then, they followed Guibai down the stairs and exited the inn through a side door. They boarded a very large carriage and arrived at a relay station at the outskirts of the capital after the carriage had made many twists and turns.

Holding Errong's ice-cold hand to support her, Nie Qingyun slightly pursed his lips and said, "Let's wait here until tomorrow. We can continue on our way after the rain has stopped."

Ji Man nodded her head to indicate her agreement. The three people separated into two rooms. They planned on leaving the capital as soon as dawn arrived the next day.

Inside her room, Ji Man lit a lamp and waited for someone to come. The rain had already ended, and the window was half-opened.

When the lampwick was half-used up, Ning Yuxuan finally didn't fail to live up to her expectations. He snuck into her room through the window.

The man, whose shoulders were slightly wet, walked to her side and softly asked, "Were you waiting for me?"

Ji Man turned her head and looked at him with a beautiful smile. "I knew that my lord would come."

Marquis Moyu was slightly stunned. There was surprising twinge of pain in his heart.

He sat down by her side and poured a cup of warm tea for himself. "Don't you feel upset?"

A hundred or more members of Nie Clan had died on the execution ground today. Everyone had been discussing this matter today. He thought that she wouldn't understand why he would open the capital's gate for the second prince. He thought that she would hate him right now.

Looking at Ning Yuxuan, Ji Man stretched her hand out and gently clutched his hand. "Of course, I feel upset. But, it's only because of the marquis that my life was saved. It's already very good that I can keep living."

Nie Sangyu, who had been cool-headed for so long, was now looking at him with reddened eyes and holding his hand. Ning Yuxuan's heart slightly moved, and he stretched his other hand out to pull her into his arms.

"I'll look for an opportunity to bring you back."

Ji Man silently laughed. Her voice was very light as she asked, "My lord, how long do you want Sangyu to wait?"

"It won't be long. Stay with Errong and take care of yourself." Marquis Moyu closed his eyes. "This time, I finally won't need to let you down."

All of Nie Sangyu's supporters' power had collapsed. Right now, Nie Sangyu's background was even cleaner than what Wen Wan's had been. Ji Man understood. Previously, because of Nie Clan, he was very guarded against her and had all sorts of suspicions. He had always been hesitantly apprehensive towards her. But now, all of that was gone. For Ning Yuxuan to be wiling to come here, it clearly meant one thing.

He had fallen in love with the current Nie Sangyu.

He had fallen in love with Sangyu, who had been stripped of her family background. In other words, he had personally handed over the advantageous position to her.
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