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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 303 - Dogs that bite don't bark 2

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Chapter 303 - Dogs that bite don't bark (2)

Holding Xi-er, Liu Hanyun stayed silent.

In contrast, Xia-shi walked forward with Haohao and said with an ingratiatingly smile, "Mistress Yun is insisting on not getting along with me. She said that it was my fault that Xi-er ate something that he was allergic to. Marquis, you should be the judge. Haohao is already the heir, why would I want to harm her child?"

After Ning Yuxuan hearing the entire story, he frowned. Looking at Liu Hanyun, he said, "Yun-er, go back to Linghan Courtyard."

Eyes reddening, Liu Hanyun asked, "My lord, are you really going to be this biased without even clearly investigating the matter?"

"We're one family. What's there to investigate?" Ning Yuxuan walked over and gently gripped Liu Hanyun's shoulder. In the passing, he glanced at Nie Sangyu and said, "Let's go back first and get Xi-er his medicine."

Ji Man nodded too. "All of the wet nurses need to be more careful in the future. If something like this happens again, you won't be so easily forgiven like today."

The two wet nurses nodded.

Ning Yuxuan herded Liu Hanyun outside, and Ji Man followed after them and left Cailian Courytard too.

Walking at the front, with an arm around Liu Hanyun's wait, Ning Yuxuan asked, "Why are you making life difficult for Xia-shi? Once Xi-er grows up, I'll arrange a good future for him too."

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Liu Hanyun bitterly smiled and said, "My lord, this servant isn't try to make her life difficult. If it's not something that should belong to Xi-er, I won't compete for it on his behalf. Xia-shi has an unclear background to begin with. Not only is she rude and crude, she's extremely ambitious. If you always indulge her and never discipline her because of the heir, she'll continue to be insatiably greedy."

It was somewhat inevitable that Ji Man would think that Liu Hanyun was like a dog that had bitten someone and wouldn't let go. Other than being a bit too blunt with her words, Xia-shi hadn't done anything wrong. Actually, it was very easy for other people to frame her because she wasn't smart. This was the reason why she and Marquis Moyu were constantly protecting her.

It was obvious that she and Ning Yuxuan were of the same mind about this matter. And so, extraneous words weren't needed. After Liu Hanyun was brought back to Linghan Courtyard, a servant girl was sent to make the herbal medicine.

On the way back to Feiwan Courtyard, Ning Yuxuan turned his head to the side and said to her, "It won't be long until Mingjie returns."

It had only been a couple of months since Ning Mingjie had left. This war hadn't lasted long, but who knows how many people had died or been injured. However, based on the war reports, Ning Mingjie had been responsible for many heroic contributions. The veterans in the army had fully accepted Ning Mingjie as the commander of the army. It was rumored that the troop morale was high, and the soldiers had swore allegiance to him too.

Shen Bozhong, the assistant general, was Shen Youqing's, the first princess consort, cousin. During this war, he had also earned credit for his position. As a result, the emperor had even praised the first princess consort and allowed Zhao Zhe to become involved with part of the military affairs.

In short, after Nie Clan had paid the consequences of the army having shoddy armory and weaponry, the army suddenly experienced smooth sailing and went on its way to a triumphal song.

Hearing these words, Ji Man nodded and asked, "My lord, you recently have to protect Nie Clan too. You must be feeling a lot of pressure, right?"

Nie Clan continued to meet with problem after problem. As a son-in-law of Nie Clan, he naturally had to help his in-laws, but there really were too many members in Nie Clan. He could only protect some of them and not all of them. Because of the Nie Clan's ongoing issues, the emperor also felt somewhat displeased with Marquis Moyu. The first prince wanted Marquis Moyu to alienate Nie Sangyu and Nie Chenyu a bit.

However, while Marquis Moyu had become distant with Nie Sangyu, there were rumors that Nie Chenyu was an exceptional beauty. And so, even at this juncture, Marquis Moyu was still favoring her quite a bit and was even helping ensuring Nie Clan's safety for her.

The imperial noble consort felt quite relieved over this. During the Lantern Festival, she had especially bestowed gifts to Nie Chenyu. And yet, Ji Man faintly thought that Ning Yuxuan was just using Nie Chenyu to be something that would stand out the most and get shot the first.

"It's okay." He glanced at her, then said, "When I was younger, General Nie had helped me too. It was just that I was at Foshan at the time and wasn't able to plead on his behalf when the emperor made his judgment. Right now, I can only do my best to protect the members of Nie Clan."

Ji Man nodded. If Nie Chenyu was the one hearing these words, she would definitely feel extremely overjoyed. She would think that Marquis Moyu loved her so much and was willing to protect Nie Clan just for her.

But, with Ning Yuxuan's remarkable ability in knowing everything that was going on, Ji Man didn't believe that he had no inkling of what was going to happen before the bubble had burst. He had brought almost his entire household to Foshan and left her behind to deal with matter on her own. And now, he had the nerve to pretend to be innocent?


"Your older brother seems to be working very hard too." Ning Yuxuan stretched his hand out and held her hand. "How about inviting him over tomorrow? There are new vacancies in the imperial court. I can help him scheme a plan. This will let the other elders in your clan feel more at ease too."

"Thank you my lord." Ji Man nodded and saluted.

Although this should be a good thing, for an inexplicable reason, her heart kept feeling uneasy. Every day, the competition between the first prince and third prince was become fiercer and fiercer. If Nie Qingyun was promoted at this time and the third prince failed, would he end up just being a corpse that was put on display after his execution?

A gust of wind blew over and she sneezed. Ning Yuxuan gently hugged her and quietly said into her ear, "Don't worry. I can't bear to part with you anymore."

Thanks. Ji Man secretly rolled her eyes as she accepted his hug. "Sangyu believes in my lord."

After returning to her courtyard and getting a good night's sleep, Ji Man thought that nothing big would happen until Ning Mingjie returned to the capital. She should take this time to rest up and recharge.

In the end, she had guessed wrongly. Liu Hanyun and Xia-shi were destined to not get along. Once they were brought together, their fighting would never end.

"Madam, Mistress Yun fell into water."

Ji Man felt the beginning of a horrible headache.
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