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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter 278 - Misunderstanding Nie Sangyu's wish 1

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Chapter 278 - Misunderstanding Nie Sangyu's wish (1)

Ji Man looked at him with an extremely frustrated gaze for a long time. After she finally calmed down her breathing, she took his brush and wrote out the words, "I love you" on the fine writing paper.

"How do you read this?"

Ning Yuxuan raised his eyebrows. This woman was strangely focused on these words. He pursed his lips and asked, "What are you scheming?"

"This servant just wants to hear my lord say these words to me," Ji Man said.

Marquis Moyu was silent for a while, then he took the fine writing paper away. Sounding very cool, he said, "Let's talk about this tonight. I'm busy with something right now."

Ji Man, "..."

She had slightly calmed down from her earlier excited state. She turned around and walked out of the study. Looking at the clear, dark blue sky, Ji Man opened her mouth and sighed.

This dream had lasted too long. Wasn't it about time for it to end?

After Ji Man returned to Feiwan Courtyard, Dengxin had many things to report to her, but Ji Man didn't pay attention to any of it. Anyways, as long as Ning Yuxuan said those three words to her tonight, she would be able to go back. What was the point in continuing to concern herself in these matters?

Sitting on the bed, she thought about all the things that had happened. She thought of the people that were no longer here, Old Madame, Gancao, and Qian Lianxue... She still had so many connections to this world. Unfortunately, her outlook on life and principles didn't match this world. It was impossible for her to find a man here and decided to spend the rest of her life with him. Staying here was the same as agreeing to compete for favor until the day she died.

And so, when Ning Yuxuan came over that night, Ji Man was still in high spirits. She pulled him over to sit on the bed and looked at him with a hopeful gaze.

Marquis Moyu wasn't an idiot. The current Nie Sangyu wasn't a person that enjoyed hearing honeyed words of love. Why would she be so eager about hearing those simple words?

"The emperor bestowed pear wine to me today." Ning Yuxuan pointed at the container of wine that had been placed on the table. "It was fermented in spring. Today happens to be a good day to drink it. It tastes pretty good."

What? Did they need to drink wine to liven things up?

Ji Man doubtfully looked at the wine. "This servant doesn't have a high tolerance for alcohol..."

The last time she had to drink wine, she had spat it all out into her sleeve.

Ning Yuxuan chuckled, went over to the table, and personally poured two cups. "Do you still remember that on our wedding night, we weren't able to drink our marital wine?"

You don't say! Of course she remembered. At that time, Nie Sangyu had desperately wanted him to drink that wine, and Ning Yuxuan hadn't been able to resist. But, in the end, perhaps because she was too enthusiastic with tilting the cup forward as he drank, he only had a sip before choking and spluttering the wine out. The good luck woman couldn't stop laughing, so Ning Yuxuan dealt with the rest of the wine by pouring into his sleeve.

Back when Ji Man had been watching that memory, she finally understood why people in ancient times had such sweepingly big sleeves.

Ji Man asked, "My lord, are you going to make up for that time by drinking wine now?"

Ning Yuxuan brought the wine to her. The strong smell was a bit pungent, but once she got used to the scent, she could smell a light, sweet fragrance too.

After hesitating for a moment, Ji Man took the cup. This was a regular sized cup. It would be fine if she just drank a little and didn't finish the entire cup, right?

(T/N: The cups used to drink wine are usually much smaller than the cups used to drink tea and water.)

Their arms intertwined. Ning Yuxuan looked at her and said in a low voice, "This time, I won't spit it out, so you have to drink all of it too."

The corners of her lips twitched. Ji Man decisively took a sip and let the rest of the wine fall into her sleeve. Only a fool would listen to him and drink all of the wine.

He grabbed her chin and tilted it up. Marquis Moyu's lips descended down on hers, and his opened lips were followed by high alcohol content wine. All of it entered her mouth without a single drop being missed.

"It's not easy for the servants to wash clothes. Why do you insist on wasting this pear wine?"

As the strong alcoholic drink went down her throat, Ji Man felt an uncomfortable burning sensation. And yet, there was a nice fragrant aftertaste. It was actually quite good.

Someone seductively whispered into her ear, "Didn't you want to hear me say the words that you wrote down? Let's talk about it after you finish drinking."

Raising her eyes to look at Marquis Moyu, Ji Man shook her head. She suddenly thought of the words that Ning Mingjie had once said. If someone wasn’t willing to speak the truth, then just get that person drunk first and that person will finally speak the truth.

Right now, Ning Yuxuan was implementing that idea.

But, this wine was truly too strong. Nie Sangyu had probably never drunk wine before. After only one mouthful, her mind already felt somewhat muddled. The chest that she was lying against, the person that was gripping her chin and gently pouring more wine into her mouth, she almost wasn't aware of who that person was.

In the midst of her disoriented state, Nie Sangyu seemed to appear before her eyes.

A secluded, serene voice drifted over, "You're wrong."

From a distance, the shadowy figure weakly repeated, "You're wrong."

What was she wrong about? Feeling as if she was lying down on soft clouds, Ji Man asked the figure in the distance in confusion, "What am I wrong about?"

"My wish hasn't been fulfilled. This isn't my wish..."

Silently cursing, Ji Man lifted her skirt and chased after Nie Sangyu. "Didn't you want him to love you? Are you messing with me? I don't care! Once he says that he loves you, you have to let me go back!"

"If my wish isn't fulfilled, it'll be impossible for me to enter the cycle of reincarnation..."

Reincarnation, her ass! Ji Man felt as if she was being angered to death. Why can't this stupid girl just clearly say what her wish is? Didn't she want Marquis Moyu to love her? If that wasn't her wish, why had she shown her such a romantic scene then?

"I thought you weren't willing to accept what had happened? Didn't you want me to help you? He's going to say that he loves you now. Can you please just listen?"

In the distance, there was only pitch-black darkness. There was no one there to reply to her words. Ji Man was gasping for breath from running, but she suddenly felt as if someone was choking her to the point that she couldn't breath.

An angry voice that penetrated through the layers of darkness asked her, "Who are you really?"

Who was she? Ji Man absent-mindedly looked at the night sky. "I'm just me. I'm Ji Man. The character Ji is from huaji (flowering season), and the character man is from jiman (graceful, soft and beautiful season). My English name is Ji Man too."

The night sky fell silent. The pressure around her neck also loosened. Ji Man felt very sleepy, so she lied down. Rolling over, she mumbled to herself, "Just say, "I love you", then let me go back to my year-end bonus. There's also that handsome guy that's waiting for me to go on a blind date with him…”

Pear wine... dreaming of pear blossoms.
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