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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 025 out of 513 – Delivering herself (2)

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Chapter: 025 out of 513 – Delivering herself (2)

Marquis Moyu furrowed his brow. He stood up, walked to Wen Wan’s front, lifted her chin with his hand, and said, “You really don’t mind?”

Wen Wan mockingly curved her lips, “Has my lord ever stopped himself from going to another courtyard in consideration for my feelings?”

Ning Yuxuan’s brow relaxed. There was actually a trace of childish glee in his eyes. “Are you jealous?”

Wen Wan turned her head away. “Before I married you and became your wife, I already mentally prepared myself with having to share you with other women. It’s only that I can’t completely accept this reality right now, so I still feel bad. But, it’ll be fine once I get over these feelings on my own.”

Ning Yuxuan picked her up with one arm and sat himself down on the stool. He profoundly looked at the person in his arms and said, “What there’s for you to get over? No matter how many women I have, aren’t you still the one that I love the most? As soon as you’re unhappy, don’t I obediently come back to you? En?”

Wen Wan blushed from his teasing words. Although she made an angry sound, she still obediently leaned her head against his chest. “Yuxuan, I’m really afraid that you won’t treat me this well anymore after you’ll fall in love with someone else one day.”

Marquis Moyu slighty raised an eyebrow before lowered his head and kissing her forehead. “I already have you. Who else could I possibly fall in love with?

Wen Wan closed her eyes and stayed silent, but her fingers tightly grasped the lapel of his robe.

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Although Nie Sangyu definitely wouldn’t mind serving Marquis Moyu in bed, and would even be mad with joy, Ji Man would very much mind doing so. In modern times, she hadn’t married yet. She had gone through many boyfriends, but none of them were good. As a result, she was a rare person that was still a virgin. Wanting her sleep with a scummy man in this rotten world? Dream on!

However, she definitely couldn’t directly refuse. Needless to say, she couldn’t do something that was the opposite of fawning over him. More importantly, other people would accuse her of posturing. After all, Nie Sangyu was someone that would rush to Marquis Moyu’s side as soon as she saw him. No one would believe that she wasn’t willing to serve him in bed.

And so, Ji Man told Muxu to dress her up prettily and properly this afternoon. Then, she flung the handkerchief in her left hand and went over to Feiyu Courtyard.

If she had to describe the the women in the residence, Qi Siling seemed dignified and magnanimous with unfathomable depths, Qian Lianxue was a lovely and pitiful person that was fair and considerate, and Liu Hanyun seemed to have a straightforward personality, but she also didn’t like to cause trouble. There was only one person that caused trouble, Mu Shuiqing.

Ji Man didn’t know if Nie Sangyu had incompatible bazi with this woman. Mu Shuiqing had fully displayed the deviousness that a woman from a brothel would have towards her. She had successfully worsened Nie Sangyu’s reputation behind her back countless times. Moreover, she never had a good expression as soon as she saw Nie Sangyu.

(T/N: Bazi consists of the hour, day, month and year you were born. It’s used in fortune telling to tell your future and compatibility with other people.)

And so, right now, she was delivering herself to Mu Shuiqing to do her work for her.


When Mu Shuiqing returned from Qi Siling’s courtyard, she still looked extremely angry. As soon as she saw Nie Sangyu standing at the entrance, her expression became worse. In a peculiar tone, she started saying, “Yo, isn’t this Master Sang, who’s about to serve the marquis? Why are you here in my cold and cheerless courtyard?”

Ji Man lightly smiled, “I’ve walked the entire path and felt hot. This is the only place that feels pleasantly cool.”

It was currently clear and refreshing autumn weather. How could she feel hot? She was clearly coming here to show off that she was going to be favored. Looking at her, Mu Shuiqing’s teeth felt itchy.

“I heard that you haven’t seen the marquis in a long time.” Ji Man copied her expression. Then, she took out a handkerchief to almost hide her mouth as she smiled. “Do you want to come visit me tonight to see him? It’ll break up the bitter yearning that you’re feeling."

“No need to trouble yourself.” Mu Shuiqing sneered. “It’s not like you’re going to be favored for a long time. There’s no reason for me to feel jealous.”

Everyone in the residence knew how much the marquis hated this woman. He was only doing this because of old madame. This woman wouldn’t be feeling proud of herself for long.

Although she knew this truth, Mu Shuiqing still felt bad when she saw how pleased Nie Sangyu was.

“Younger sister, if you’re not jealous, then don’t look at me as if you have a great hatred towards me.” Ji Man smiled and said, “I heard that several new fishes had been added to the pond in the garden. Do you want go there with me to look?”

Mu Shuiqing opened her mouth to immediately refuse, but when her words reached the side of her mouth, they slipped away. Her eyes turned and she stuffily said, “Fine, let’s go. I was feeling bored anyways.”

Ji Man held Muxu’s arm for support as they walked toward the garden. Muxu was slightly nervous. Every time she wanted to open her mouth to say something, Ji Man gestured for her to be quiet.

“Ah, these fishes. They can only live happily when they have water.” Ji Man stood at the side of the pond to look. In a proud tone, she said, “They’re like us. We can’t live without the marquis.

Mu Shuiqing coldly laughed repeatedly, “The marquis has never loved you. Aren’t you still living well regardless?”

Ji Man kneeled down and fiddled with the water with her hand. She sighed and said, “That’s true. He doesn’t love any of us. But, it’s okay. It’s still better to receive his favor. Don’t you agree?”

Mu Shuiqing narrowed her eyes and had the impulsive to push her into the water. With today’s weather and the cold water in the pond, she would definitely get sick if she fell into the pond. If she was sick, then she wouldn’t be able to serve the marquis.

But, when she looked at the servant girl near Nie Sangyu, she didn’t dare to do so. They were in broad daylight; everyone would be able to clearly everything.

“Muxu, it’s windy out. Go get my cloak.” Ji Man turned her head and ordered.

Muxu didn’t move from where she was standing until Ji Man lightly pinched her. She reluctantly acknowledged Nie Sangyu’s order and looked at Mu Shuiqing several times before turning around and walking back to courtyard.

Mu Shuiqing, her servant, and Ji Man were the only three people left in this place. Mu Shuiqing was currently hesitating over what excuse to use when she heard the crouched down person in front of her ask, “Do you want to push me into the water?”

T/N: Oh Ji Man, you’re working so hard to accomplish two goals at the same time: creating an excuse to not sleep with Ning Yuxuan and getting Mu Shuiqing in trouble as payback for last time.

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