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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 165 out of 513 – Reversal in fortunes (2)

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Chapter: 165 out of 513 – Reversal in fortunes (2)

Several people in the household were unhappy when they heard the news that Muxu had received the marquis's favor and was promoted to the position of a concubine by Nie Sangyu.

Jinse was especially displeased. She was swinging her handkerchief as she walked over to Wenxiang Courtyard. Her voice was as sharp as needles as she said, "For a lowly servant girl to be promoted to a concubine by her master, you must have cultivated for eight lifetimes in the past to be so lucky.

Muxu frowned. She looked at Jinse and said, "Although I was only a servant girl, my body was clean. Miss Jin, your slender, pale arms must have been used as a pillow by countless men and your sweet voice must have sang to hundreds of men. For someone like you to enter this household, I'm afraid that's truly not an auspicious sign."

Jinse wasn't angered by her words. She giggled in response. "Isn't this just the pot calling the kettle black? Let's wait and see who's the one that has a good ending."

After the dislikable Jinse left, Qi Siling was the next person to drop by under the excuse of instructing Muxu. Muxu could only put on a brave face and obediently listen. By the time that Qian Lianxue came over to visit her, Muxu was pretending that she was feeling a bit unwell and resting in order to avoid visitors. Muxu had originally thought that becoming a concubine would be a wonderful thing, but she already felt mentally and physically exhausted, and it was only the first day.

Of course, the marquis didn't come over to visit her that night. As she stood in the courtyard by herself that night, she suddenly reminisced about Li Zixiu's kindness.

However, after she pretended to be sick and requested to see a doctor, Zixiu didn't come over. He probably never wanted to see her again. As Muxu lightly laughed, tears spilled out from her eyes.


As Ning Yuxuan sulkily sat inside Feiwan Courtyard, Ji Man leisurely peeled a lychee for him. After she finished peeling one, she casually fed it to him. "My lord, what's wrong?"

Marquis Moyu stayed silent, but he stilled opened his mouth to eat the lychee.

During the workday, while he was in the Six Ministries, he kept feeling suspicious about last night's matter. He couldn't get rid of the nagging feeling that Nie Sangyu had successfully schemed against him. But, what advantage did she gain by promoting Muxu to a concubine? Because he had been unable to figure out why Nie Sangyu had done this, his face had remained gloomy all day.

He really hated this feeling of something being outside his control.

After Ji Man had fed him fruit, brewed tea for him, and massaged his shoulders, Ning Yuxuan's expression finally improved. He took off his outer clothing and got into bed.

With the voice of a main wife, Ji Man said, "My lord, if you have free time, you should visit Lianxue. Her health seems to be doing a bit poorly because of the recent change in weather."

Ning Yuxuan looked at her in askance. "Didn't you used to dislike Xue-er a lot before? Why are you concerned about her now?"

Had Nie Sangyu liked anyone but him in the past, ah? Hadn't she disliked all of the women in this household? Ji Man smiled and said, "Don't you think that this servant has become sensible? Moreover, compared to everyone else, Qian Lianxue has the most likable temperament."

"True, her temperament is very good. She doesn't fight for favor, and she's not unreasonable like Wan-er." Ning Yuxuan lightly harrumphed and closed his eyes. "You should learn from her. She's the type of woman that doesn't make me worry."

Ji Man's lips twitched. Not worrying her ass. He wouldn't even know if Qi Siling started a raging fire in his harem.

However, she still showed a curious expression as she asked, "My lord, did you meet Lianxue because of Sir Qian?"

"En," Marquis lightly agreed.

Qian Lianxue was his older sister, so it was only natural that Qian Yingchen was their matchmaker. However, Ji Man had met Qian Yingchen before. He was an interesting person. She hadn't sensed any hostility directed towards her during their meeting.

Ji Man closed her eyes and quietly contemplated how she could have possibly offended Qian Lianxue. Ning Yuxuan also didn't say anything else. They eventually drifted off into slumber together.


A month later, the capital was peaceful, Prince Huainan's household had returned to his fiedom, and Nie Qingyun and Errong's relationship was stable. It seemed as if there was nothing for Ji Man to worry about.

During the past month, Ning Yuxuan had visited Feiwan Couryard the most with Xuesong Courtyard and Jiyue Courtyard being the second and third place he visited the most often. It could be considered as him sharing his favor among the women. However, he only visited Jinse and Muxu's places without staying the night.

Since a month had passed, Wen Wan was naturally let out of the woodshed. Marquis Moyu wanted to assign her as his personal servant girl, but Old Madame refused. Instead, she assigned Wen Wan to Nie Sangyu.

Seeing such a large bomb being thrown her way, Ji Man felt a headache.

But, when Ji Man saw Wen Wan wearing a servant's clothing and quietly standing in front of her, she felt somewhat surprised.

Wen Wan seemed to have changed. Wen Wan used to previously radiate a strong expectant aura of "everyone should pamper me", but that aura had been worn away by her confinement period.

Wen Wan lifted her skirt and knelt down. "Servant Wan-er greets Madam."

Ji Man slightly raised her eyebrow when she heard the sound of Wen Wan's knees meeting the ground.

Gancao and Dengxin, who were standing by Nie Sangyu's side, were also surprised by Wen Wan's action.

Ji Man had originally thought that Wen Wan was too prideful to be willing to kneel down in front of her. As she pursed her lips and gestured with her hand that Wen Wan could stand up, she suddenly thought of that day in the main hall when Marquis Moyu had married Wen Wan.

At that time, she had just transmigrated into this world. Ji Man sighed. The female lead's transformation was starting. The saying that adversity matured a person was truly apt.

"In the future, you'll be serving me. Be attentive. I won't treat you poorly."

"This servant understands."

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