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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 137 out of 513 – Nie Sangyu’s original time of death (2)

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Chapter: 137 out of 513 – Nie Sangyu’s original time of death (2)

As soon as Wen Wan saw that old madame had come inside, she put on a show of struggling to get up. She thought that Yuxuan would stop her, but he didn’t. So, she could only brace herself as she got off the bed and saluted old madame.

Since Wen Wan was pregnant and also the secondary wife, there was no reasonable excuse old madame could use to give Wen Wan a hard time. She let Wen Wan lie back down on the bed and started asking the doctor about Wen Wan’s situation.

The doctor confirmed that the baby had been conceived before the Southern Trip, so it was almost certainly Ning Yuxuan’s baby.

Old madame sighed, ordered the servant to take good care of Wen Wan, and cast a meaningful glance at Nie Sangyu to indicate for her to come along. She would admonish her in private.

Officially, Wen Wan still had the position of the main wife. If Wen Wan reversed her fortune now, it would be difficult to find another opportunity for Nie Sangyu to take back the position of the main wife later on.

Ji Man felt that as long as she still had her life, everything was still okay. This incident had been Nie Sangyu’s fated calamity in the original novel. As long as she safely passed this period, it could still be considered a good thing.

And so, she raised her foot and prepared to follow after old madame.

“Sangyu,” Ning Yuxuan quietly spoke. His voice sounded very gentle.

Ji Man curiously turned her head around to look at him.

Marquis Moyu faintly smiled and said, “I spent last night talking with the crown prince, but I’m having a hard time falling asleep. You’re pretty good at massaging. Would you be willing to attend to me so I can sleep for a bit?”

Old madame paused. Her son actually wanted his wife. This old lady naturally couldn’t steal his wife from him, so she simply waved Nie Sangyu to let her go.

Ji Man thought something was off. Right now was Wen Wan’s most needy time. Why would Marquis Moyu be going over to her place instead of staying here with Wen Wan?

Ji Man glanced at Wen Wan. As expected, her expression was ugly.

After Ji Man nodded her head in agreement, Ning Yuxuan said a few comforting sentences to Wen Wan, then he left the room with her.

After sending away the servants, the two of them walk on a path with bordering blooming spring flowers, with one person following after the other.

Ji Man couldn’t figure what Ning Yuxuan was planning, so she silently followed after him like a small tail.

After they had walked for a while, he suddenly said, “You can’t do anything to Wen Wan’s baby.”

He turned his head and somewhat gently looked at her as he asked, “Can you promise me this?”

Beauty trap? The corners of Ji Man’s lips twitched. Was there any point in him asking this question? Of course, she would say yes. Otherwise, she would be giving him an excuse to drag her out to be beaten for no good reason at all.

“My lord, you don’t need to worry.”

Ning Yuxuan nodded. He stretched his hand out and pulled her closer to walk by his side.

Marquis Moyu's voice was exceptionally light as he said into her ear, “Last night, I drank a lot with the crown prince. He was completely drunk, but I was still sober. At the end of the night, he said something about you.”

Shocked, Ji Man raised her head to look at him.

“The crown prince said that if he became the emperor, he would find a woman as clever as you to be his empress.” Ning Yuxuan’s voice was very light as his slender fingers caressed her face. “You’re certainly very skillful.”

Ji Man pursed her lips and explained, “If this servant said that the crown prince is deliberately sowing dissension, would you believe me? There’s nothing between him and me.”

Ning Yuxuan said, “En. You don’t need to explain. I understand the crown prince’s thoughts very well and won’t fall for his trap. Today, I want to discuss something with you. I’m going to have to let you unjustly suffer for a period of time. How do you feel?”

Ji Man looked at the person in front of her and felt as if she was seeing nine foxtails fluttering in the wind behind him.

“My lord, what do you mean by this?”

“Since the crown prince have already said those type of words, I have to show some type of attitude, ah.” Ning Yuxuan chuckled. “Go and stay in the confinement courtyard for ten days, just ten days. Okay?”

Because she was clever, Marquis Moyu straightforwardly told her his plan. A clever person saved time when he or she was talking with another intelligent person. Ji Man could tell that Ning Yuxuan was guarded against the crown prince. He was doing this to show the crown prince that he didn’t like Nie Clan and cared more about Wen Wan.

She sighed. She had avoided Nie Sangyu’s original time of death, but she still hadn’t been able to avoid other unpleasantness.

To make it even worse, Ning Yuxuan, this fox, directly asked about the trap, “Let’s discuss this. Will you jump?”

She didn’t even have the leeway to refuse. At the very least, if she took the initiative to help him, she could at least bargain for something in return.

How could she refuse?

Ji Man helplessly nodded, then she looked at Ning Yuxuan and asked, “What benefit will this servant get for doing this?”

“En, I’ll tell the Ministry of Revenue to hurry up with processing your official promotion to main wife.”

Ji Man, “…”

Indeed, she should have guessed it earlier. It had all been a lie when he said it would take a long time to process the paperwork. This person had been scheming against her the entire time.

Ji Man sighed. She was underneath his roof, so her only choice was to lower her head.

She followed Marquis Moyu back to Feiwan Courtyard. They put on a show of her acting discourteously and him getting angry. It ended with her being punished with a stay in the confinement courtyard.

When old madame asked him for the reason, Ning Yuxuan repeated the crown prince’s words again. There was nothing that old madame could say to this. Sangyu would only be confined for ten days, and this was also a good way for Sangyu to lie low until the fuss over Wen Wan’s pregnancy died down.

And so, from this point on, Wan Wan had a “reverse in fortune”. Once again, she became favored due to her pregnancy. As for Nie Sangyu, she moved back to the confinement courtyard with Muxu.

Muxu had already cried for a long time. With red eyes, she looked around the courtyard and said, “Master, I can’t believe we’re back here again.”

Ji Man smiled. “En. If we’re hungry, I’ll go to the kitchen and steal another chicken.”

Her words cheered Muxu into momentarily laughing. But, Muxu quickly ended up feeling bitter again. It had been such a difficult journey before life had finally improved. Why did this happen?

That night, Ji Man was lying on the bed and silently lamenting the miseries of being a supporting female character. When she turned around, she saw someone jumping over the window and covering Muxu’s mouth and nose with something that rendered her unconscious.

T/N: I’m sorry for the late chapters again. I’ll do my best to not be late with chapters going forward. But, if I’m ever late again, don't worry. I'll always make them up before the month ends.

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