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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 136 out of 513 – Nie Sangyu’s original time of death (1)

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Chapter: 136 out of 513 – Nie Sangyu’s original time of death (1)

According to the original novel, Nie Sangyu hadn’t been pregnant at this time. Ji Man had thought that since the Southern Trip had changed, then this might have also changed. Ji Man sighed, didn’t think any further about this, and had Muxu send the doctor out.

Since she wasn’t pregnant, then she could only watch as Wen Wan’s fortune reversed. She couldn’t kill her. In the original novel, Nie Sangyu had died around this time. Since she had only read up to Nie Sangyu’s death, she had no idea what happened after that.

In addition, something would be happening in the palace as well. Noble Consort Nie had already been three months pregnant. Once the emperor had been informed, the empress also naturally found out too. While feeling overjoyed, the emperor said as long as Noble Consort Nie gave birth to another son, he would promote her to the position of imperial noble consort.

(T/N: Imperial noble consort is one step above noble consort. She would be the second most powerful woman in the imperial harem.)

However, Ji Man knew that Noble Consort Nie would be framed as faking a pregnancy. Later on, while feeling furious, the emperor sent Noble Consort Nie to the cold palace. Once that happened, Marquis Moyu ordered Nie Sangyu’s death without having to worry about any consequences.

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As long as Noble Consort Nie didn’t enter the cold palace, Marquis Moyu wouldn’t heartlessly sentence Nie Sangyu to death and plan on marrying another one of Nie Clan’s daughters in order to maintain the relationship between the two clans.

Ji Man didn’t want to die at all.

So for now, she would disregard everything else and convince old madame to go to the palace immediately.

“Why do you want to go to the palace? Right now, there are a lot of people over at the noble consort’s place congratulating her.” Old madame was quite confused.

With a solemn expression, Ji Man said, “Sangyu had a nightmare last night. In the dream, someone had accused the noble consort of faking her pregnancy and said her stomach was just bloated. That person even found a wicked imperial physician to slander the noble consort with her. They caused the noble consort to be condemned and sent to the cold palace. Even more hateful, the noble consort ended up suffering miscarriage. The dream felt too real. Sangyu is scared and wants to go to the palace to check up on the noble consort.”

Seeing that Nie Sangyu was scared enough that she was perspiring despite the cold, old madame thought that the dream truly did have enough foundation in reality to be frightful. Although the emperor hadn’t favored the empress in a long time, Xiao Clan had considerable control over the imperial court. The empress had a wicked heart. She might not be willing to accept the noble consort’s second child. The emperor was also exceptionally happy because it was rare for him to have another child due to his advance age. The greater his hope was right now, the greater his disappointment would be. Thus, the punishment would also be much harsher.

(T/N: Since it’s only been mentioned one time before, including a reminder that the empress comes from Xiao Clan here.)

Thinking of these thoughts, old madame agreed to bring Nie Sangyu into the palace. Anyways, it would be good to take a visit there and see Noble Consort Nie.


Once they arrived at Ninglu Palace, before Noble Consort Nie had time to say anything, Nie Sangyu said with a serious expression, “Aunty, vigilance must be maintained to avoid being harmed. Although an old imperial physician has already confirmed that you’re pregnant, Sangyu feels that it’s better to be safe than sorry. When the emperor comes by later, just pretend that you’re not feeling well and have all of the imperial physicians come over here to check on you.”

Noble Consort Nie looked at her in confusion. “Why do you want to involve so many people?”

“Sangyu wouldn’t harm aunty,” Ji Man said, “If you have all of the imperial physicians come by to check your condition with the emperor acting as a witness, then no one will dare to accuse aunty of faking a pregnancy later on.”

Noble Consort Nie had battled in the imperial harem for many years and had used methods like this one before. But, maybe it was because her life had been too comfortably lately. Or perhaps, it was because she was too old and didn’t want to compete anymore. She had forgotten that even if she didn’t want to harm someone, other people would still want to harm her. With Sangyu’s reminder, she became alert again.

And so, when the emperor came by Ninglu Palace and Nie Sangyu and old madame kneeled down to greet the emperor, they heard Noble Consort Nie painful scream. She was clutching her stomach and her expression looked painful.

“Beloved consort, what’s wrong?” The emperor was shocked. He hurriedly went forward to support the noble consort. As Noble Consort Nie voiced her pain, she ordered her personal palace servant girl to bring over all of the imperial physicians.

Several imperial physicians came over and they all said that the noble consort’s fetus was very stable. Noble Consort Nie apologized to the emperor for making a fuss about nothing. She had just been too worried at the time.

The emperor was currently in a very good mood. How could he possibly blame her? He even decided to stay over in Ninglu Palace that night.

Everything had gone according to the plan. Ji Man let out a large sigh of relief.


On their way back, old madame somewhat reproachfully said, “You must have been overthinking things. Look at how much the emperor favored the noble consort. How could he possibly sentence her to the cold palace just because someone slanders her?”

Ji Man sighed. Women could never successfully guess what men would do next. Anyways, it was fine. This trial had passed. Nothing else was important.


When they returned to Marquis Moyu’s residence, a group of people were coming and going. They looked very frantic. Once glance was enough for Ji Man to figure out what had happened. What was meant to happen would always happen.

Tanxiang was blocking the entrance. Seeing that old madame and Nie Sangyu had returned, she excitedly reported, “Mistress Wan is pregnant.”

Old madame was stunned. Holding Nie Sangyu’s hand for support, she asked, “How could she be pregnant? Xuan-er had only recently returned. Whose child is this?”

Tanxiang’s smile froze and disappeared. She said, “My master has been pregnant for two months. The baby was conceived before the marquis left for the Southern Trip. Old Madame, if you don’t believe this servant, you can go inside to ask the doctor.”

After a light snort, old madame brought Nie Sangyu along with her as she walked to Qiangwei Courtyard.

Ning Yuxuan had returned and was currently sitting at Wen Wan’s bedside. With a gentle expression, he held Wan Wan’s hand. Wen Wan’s eyes were red. She had probably recently cried, but her entire body seemed filled with vitality.

When Ji Man entered the room, Marquis Moyu turned around to briefly look at her. His gaze was a little bit strange. Ji Man didn’t understand what it meant.
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