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The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir Chapter: 107 out of 513 – Yet another prostitute (2)

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Chapter: 107 out of 513 – Yet another prostitute (2)

Ning Mingjie continued to stay silent. Ji Man decided that she wouldn’t keep trying to persuade him. After all, everyone had his or her own thoughts. She couldn’t force other people to accept her viewpoint, right?

After the snacks came out, Ning Mingjie looked at the plate of steamed milky yellow roughage buns, took a deep breath, and slowly took off his mask.

Everyone paused in eating and the golden roll in Ning Errong’s mouth fell out.

“Older brother…?”

Ning Mingjie rubbed his face, turned his head, and said to the nearby waiter that was blankly staring at him, “I want to eat melon cookies and the greasiest foods you have.”

Once again, Ji Man saw this face. It held a hint of a child’s unwillingness to accept that he was wrong. His facial features no longer looked blurry, like something from a dream. He looked a real person.

Because she had been staring at Ning Mingjie for too long, Nie Qingyun called out, “Sangyu.”

After returning to her senses, Ji Man seriously explained, “It’s not that I have a voracious desire to look at beauty. It’s just that Young Master resembles someone I saw in a painting a while ago, so I looked at him for a bit longer.”

“Eh? What painting?” Ning Errong curiously asked. “My older brother has never let anyone paint his portrait.”

If you told one lie, then you naturally ended up having to tell more lies. Ji Man could only put on a bold face and say, “I just happen to see it in one of the capital’s stores. The owner of that store said that man had failed to be loyal to his lover. He abandoned his fiancée of four years and slept with another woman.”
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