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Power and Wealth Chapter 74

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Yan Liang will be promoted and transferred out soon.

He did not tell anyone about this. This was still considered a secret now. But the Political Commissar Zhou has connections in the City Bureau, and he should have heard about it. Political Commissar Zhou went to look for Yan Liang. Both of them had some minor conflicts over the years, but it was nothing major. Both were still considered to be on good terms. Yan Liang will be transferred out soon, and his attitude had changed. He felt he should let some of his authority go and sell Zhou Guoan favor. If Zhou Guoan were able to succeed his position, Zhou Guoan would also treat his former close subordinates well.


Yan Liang had decided to support Guo Shunjie to be the Deputy Chief of General Affairs Office. Zhou Guoan’s side had got 4 votes. With Yan Liang’s vote, it will be 5 votes. Xu Yan only has 3 votes. She needs 3 more people to support her. But Pang Bin had expressed his support and Liu Hua will give up his vote. There were no more people.


This will be the final outcome.

“Xiao Dong do have the capabilities.” Yan Liang did not say much. But his tone was very obvious. “But his age?” If this were mentioned by someone else, Xu Yan and Song Shoujie would surely retort. But it was Chief Yan who suggested. It was different. Xu Yan could feel Yan Liang’s attitude. She sighed in her heart. She knew there was nothing she could do. The No.1 and No.2 of the branch had decided to support Guo Shunjie. There was no way Guo Shunjie would not get this position.

Zhou Guoan added. “State Security is a special department in our country, and the General Affairs Office handles the documents of a lot of departments. For a two-month-old newbie, we must take time to monitor and observe him. I am sure no one here wants any accidents to happen in the future.”

Xu Yan’s face changed. “These words are too serious.”

Zhou Guoan smiled. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Song Shoujie frowned. “Xiao Dong’s background checks were already concluded. If not, he will also not enter the State Security. This should not be mentioned now……”

“Let’s stop arguing.” Yan Liang massaged his temples. “Since Guo Shunjie and Dong Xuebing are the top candidates, then we shall vote. Those that support Guo Shunjie raise your hands.” Yan Liang did not raise his hand immediately. When there were different views, he will usually wait until after everyone have expressed their views.

Yan Liang was a righteous person. But being righteous was only his weapon for power. Struggling for power…… was the primary motive for being in politics!

Yan Liang had high political wisdom. If not, he would not climb to the position of branch bureau Chief.

“I support Guo Shunjie.”

“Me too.”

Zhou Guoan, Li Mingyu, Zhao Jingxi, Cheng Haimei raised their hands. 4 votes!

Yan Liang nodded. “Those that support Dong Xuebing raise your hands.”

Xu Yan was the first to raise her hand, followed by Song Shoujie and Yang Yizhong. 3 votes!

Zhao Jingxi smiled, and side glanced to his side. But this gesture made Pang Bin furious again. Chief Pang still remembers Zhao Jingxi’s sarcastic remarks earlier, and he wants to stir up the problem for him. Pang Bin loudly said. “Since Guo Panwei does not have any chance, then I think Dong Xuebing is a better candidate than Guo Shunjie.” He finished speaking and raise his hand!

4 votes!

Zhou Guoan sneered.

Zhao Jingxi knew from Zhou Guoan that Chief Yan will support them. He smiled at Pang Bin.

Pang Bin also knew from Yan Liang’s tone that nothing will change even if he supported Dong Xuebing. But he still raises his hand. His purpose was only to add some obstacles to Zhao Jingxi.

Zhao Jingxi’s sarcastic remarks and Cheng Haimei’s last minute change of mind had pissed Pang Bin off.

Xu Yan and Song Shoujie looked at each other and smile warily. They knew this was decided. But they were still surprised to see they had gotten 4 votes. It was the same number of votes as Zhou Guoan’s side. This was still a good sign. If Dong Xuebing was slightly older and had a longer length of service, the results will be different. Chief Yan might also……

“I support Dong Xuebing!”

When everyone was waiting for Yan Liang to announce Guo Shunjie’s promotion, they heard someone saying this. Everyone was shocked!

1 second…….

2 seconds……

The time seems to have stopped!

Zhao Jingxi looked at the person sitting beside him in shock. This was someone who never says anything during their meeting. He still thought he had misheard. “What?”

Yan Laing, Zhou Guoan, Xu Yan, Song Shoujie, Cheng Haimei, Li Mingyu and the rest all turned to look at that person. All of them had different facial expressions.

This person had come to the Western District for more than a year. He had never expressed his views during their Party Committee meetings before. All this while, he has been keeping quiet in a corner from the start until the end of the meetings. Liu Hua, who have always give up his vote, had voted for the very first time in their sessions! Liu Hua raised his hand and did not give any reason. He only repeated what he said calmly: “I support Dong Xuebing.”

5 votes!

No one expected Liu Hua to say anything, but at this very moment, he opened his mouth!

This was surprising!!!!

At this moment, Xu Yan could feel goosebumps. She stared at Liu Hua in shock before turning to look at Yan Liang!

Zhou Guoan’s face was black. Very black. He also turned to look at Yan Liang!

Song Shoujie swallowed his saliva and turned to look at Chief Yan!

Soon, everyone was looking at Yan Liang. They want to know who will Yan Liang support!?

Yan Liang took a deep breath. He had wanted to vote for Guo Shunjie. Yes. That was what he had decided. Firstly, Dong Xuebing was too young, and he still prefers Guo Shunjie, who was older. Secondly, he wanted to sell Zhou Guoan favor. They had already discussed this before the meeting. But now, Yan Liang suddenly realized that…… he cannot vote for Gou Shunjie!

Yes. Yan Liang cannot vote for him!

It was 5:4 now. Even if Yan Liang vote for Guo Shunjie, it will still be 5:5. A draw!

The No.1 and No.2 of a branch bureau voted for the same person, and the result was a draw, it will be a laughing stock if words get out! This Leaders in the City Bureau will think there are some problems with the leadership in the Western District branch!

If Yan Liang had voted for Guo Shunjie at the first moment, Pang Bin will surely not dare to vote for Dong Xuebing!

If Yan Liang had openly voiced out his support for Guo Shunjie, then they will not need to vote!


But…… there are no so many ifs!!!
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