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Power and Wealth Chapter 256 – Xie Huilan is in trouble!

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It was eerily quiet around Dong Xuebing.

Zhou Zi and Hou Zi were staring at the result on the scoreboard, thinking if their eyes had played tricks on them. Hu Silian was thinking about something as she looks at Dong Xuebing. Lui Dafa was shocked by the result and walked over to the 100m target area for a closer look. Wei Nan’s face had turned black as he looks at Dong Xuebing. Even Xie Huilan, who had been ignoring Dong Xuebing, narrowed her eyes when she saw the perfect score.


Every shot had scored the full rings!

This result had shocked everyone!

The ones in the range were not people with limited sights. There are staff of the shooting range, former Public Security Bureau’s Former Office Director, Hu Silian, and Zhou Zi and Hou Zi, regulars at shooting ranges. All of them had met good shooters before and had seen people scoring full rings at 50 meters. But Dong Xuebing had scored full rings at a fixed target 100 meters away! That is two times the normal distance for pistols! Furthermore, Dong Xuebing fired five shots in less than 10 seconds and scored full rings!

How good is Dong Xuebing’s marksmanship?

Even the national shooting team cannot beat Dong Xuebing’s result!

Zhou Zi finally said. “This is an eye-opener…”

Hou Zi added. “Chief Dong is good enough to join the Olympic games, and I heard that you have not fully recovered from your injuries.”

Everyone knows Dong Xuebing’s result is not based on luck. No matter how lucky you are, you will also not get this result!

It is not easy for Dong Xuebing to get this result. When he was shooting earlier, he had almost missed every shot. Once in a while, he will hit the target, but it was only on the 5th ring. He had to use BACK several times before he hit the 10th ring. Dong Xuebing had lost count the number of BACK used to get this result, but he does not regret it. He does not mind using his powers if he can get Xie Huilan to look at him differently.

Hu Silian, Zhou Zi, and the rest continued to praise Dong Xuebing on his marksmanship.

Although Dong Xuebing tried to be modest about it, he was still jumping with joy in his heart. He stole a glance at Xie Huilan and saw her eyes narrowed while drinking her tea. She should be surprised at his result.

Dong Xuebing laughed and asked. “Manager Wei, how about competing for another round?”

Wei Nan almost cursed out loud. How am I going to compete with you?

Dong Xuebing said in his heart. Didn’t you think you are very good with guns? Do you still want to teach Sister Xie how to use a gun?

Hu Silian laughed. “Chief Dong, can I challenge you?”

“Sure.” Dong Xuebing agreed.

But this time, Dong Xuebing did not use his BACK, and they are shooting the 50m target. His score is very low and much worse than Hu Silian.

Everyone knew Chief Dong is letting Hu Silian win.

At this time, Hu Silian received a phone call and passed the phone to Xie Huilan. Most leaders, like Xie Huilan, will have two phones. One will always be kept by her, and only her superiors will know that number, and the other will be held by her secretary. The phone number of the phone held by the secretary will be released to subordinates like Liu Dafa.

Something should have happened in the County, and Xie Huilan left after hanging up the phone.

Only Lui Dafa is left accompanying the three investors. Dong Xuebing had got no mood to remain there and politely rejected Zhou Zi’s dinner invitation. After that, he drove back.

On his way home, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang.

Dong Xuebing looked at the number, and it was Deputy Team Leader Feng from the County’s Public Security Bureau. “Hello, Old Feng.”

“Chief Dong, I tried calling your house, but no one answered. Are you outside?”

“Yes. What’s wrong?”

“Something happened here. You must watch out for your safety.”

Dong Xuebing asked curiously. “What happened? Why should I look out for my safety?”

Deputy Team Leader Feng should be outside, as his background is very noisy. Dong Xuebing could hear police sirens and police radio through the phone. “We had just received news that a man that resembles one of the escaped convicts was spotted in Yan Tai County. That man is Wu Daguang. He had been on the run since the jailbreak a few months ago. Oh, you should know his brother. His brother one of the convicts who held hostages in Nan Liu Junior School. He is that convict with Vitiligo patches on his face.”

“Oh, it’s him…”

“We suspect Wu Daguang is back for revenge.”

“He is a wanted man himself, and he is still thinking of revenge?”

“Before he and his brother were arrested, they had made and sold bombs. They also have dealings with the triads. He is a dangerous person.”

Dong Xuebing remembered which escaped convict he was. Ten men had escaped from the jail, and he had shot nine of them died during the Nan Liu Junior hostage incident. That convict with Vitiligo was the leader, and before he dies, he asked Dong Xuebing about Wu Daguang’s whereabouts. After that, he laughed and said his brother would take revenge for him. But who will Wu Daguang target?

Will Wu Daguang take revenge on Dong Xuebing or Yan Tai County’s residences?

Is he going to target the County’s Public Security Bureau or the County’s government?

Wu Daguang is very dangerous. He is being wanted all over the country, and he still dares to return for revenge. This shows that he no longer cares for his life and might do anything without thinking about the consequences. He is extremely dangerous.

Dong Xuebing asked. “What is Chief Liang going to do?”

“We are going to set up roadblocks on major roads and increase the manpower protecting our County’s leaders. We had also sent people to protect your mother.” No matter who is Wu Daguang’s revenge target, it will be in Yan Tai County. That’s why Public Security must take precautions by protecting the leaders. This is also a trap for Wu Daguang. “Chief Dong, where are you now? I will get my men to fetch you.”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Fetch me for what?”

“Safety first. You…”

“Just help me look after my relatives, and don’t need to worry about me.”

Chief Dong had refused protection, and Deputy Team Leader Feng did not say anything else. But he will still send people to the County’s Public Security quarters to protect him secretly. This is the order from above, and he cannot ignore it. He also knows Dong Xuebing is extraordinary, and if that Wu Daguang went to look for Chief Dong, he would be seeking death.

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing’s phone rang again.

This time, it is a leader from the Public Security Bureau, and the same things as Deputy Team Leader Feng.

On the way back, Dong Xuebing passes by several roadblocks. The officers at the roadblocks checked on every car, and it was tense. Dong Xuebing also called Hui Tian Village Station to ask his men to be on guard and asked Liu Dahai to send some officers to protect his relatives. Liu Dahai was saved by Dong Xuebing in the landslide and will spare no effort to protect his relatives.

After returning home, Dong Xuebing forgot about the fugitive and started to think about Sister Xie.

To Dong Xuebing, Xie Huilan is more important than other matters. His feelings for her are real and want to get back with her.

Sigh… what should I do to get back with Sister Xie? Dong Xuebing knows it is not practical for them to become a couple again, but at least he must get Xie Huilan’s forgiveness, and not let her hate him so much.

No. I must do something!

Wei Nan is still hanging around, and I must not let him get the opportunity to be with Sister Xie!

Evening. Dong Xuebing used the leftover rice to cook fried rice and closed his eyes to take a short nap.

One hour…

Two hours…

Three hours…

Dong Xuebing looked at his watch and left his house.

It is about 10 pm, and it is very dark, as the moon is covered by dark clouds.

A Mercedes Benz entered a street next to the County’s Party Committee quarters. Dong Xuebing parked his car and entered the estate. He secretly entered a building and took the elevator up. When the doors open, he looked around to see if there are anyone around, before turning to the unit on the left. Dong Xuebing wants to have a good talk with Xie Huilan, and since she is not willing to speak to him, he can only visit her place late at night.

Dong Xuebing took out a bunch of keys and opened the door.

The apartment is dark, and there was no one in the living room. Dong Xuebing could see lights from the gap of the bedroom door.

Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan might be preparing to sleep at this time, and he changed into slippers, before knocking on the bedroom. Dong Xuebing waited for a while and said. “I am coming in.” He opens the door and saw Xie Huilan sitting by the window, with a glass of wine. She ignored Dong Xuebing and continued looking out of the windows.

Xie Huilan was only wearing a white shirt, and her long slender legs were exposed. She is not wearing any pants, and Dong Xuebing can see her black lacy underwear. She was crossing her legs, sipping on her wine, and made no attempts to cover herself up.

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Sister Xie.”

Xie Huilan continued to ignore him.

“Err… it’s cold, and you should wear pants.”

Xie Huilan did not reply to Dong Xuebing and swirled her wine.

Dong Xuebing went to her closet and took out a pair of white long johns. Xie Huilan did not take it from him and treated him as if he is invisible. He placed the long johns on the bed and mustered up his courage and went over to hug her.

Xie Huilan pushed Dong Xuebing away. “Don’t force me to get mad! Get out!”

Dong Xuebing forced a smile. “I am sorry. Please don’t get mad.”

Xie Huilan replied coldly. “Leave my keys here! And get out! I don’t want to repeat myself!”

“Sister Xie, can you give me a chance?” Although Xie Huilan is overbearing, Dong Xuebing felt she is still very nice. At least, most of the time, she will be smiling. But now, Dong Xuebing finally experienced her might.

After begging and speaking for several minutes, Xie Huilan was still treating Dong Xuebing coldly.

Dong Xuebing knew his time with Sister Xie was up, but he was still trying. “Alright. Rest early, and I will come tomorrow.”

Xie Huilan looked at him emotionlessly. “Leave the keys here!”

Dong Xuebing pretended not to hear it. “What would you like for dinner tomorrow? I will prepare for you.”

Xie Huilan’s face turns black. “Don’t you understand what I said? Leave the keys here and get lost! Do you understand?!” Xie Huilan took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. “I will be having dinner with Wei Nan tomorrow.”

Dong Xuebing’s face changed. “Wei Nan? Only the both of you?”

“Yes. Only us.”

Dong Xuebing was unhappy. “Why are you having dinner with him?”

Xie Huilan sneered. “Who are you to question me? Do I need to report to you? I finally understand something. Although Wei Nan is not perfect, at least he is devoted towards me.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think?”

“You want to date Wei Nan?” Dong Xuebing asked. “Are you purposely trying to spite me?”

Xie Huilan laughed. “Do I need to?”

“You should know his character. He…”

Xie Huilan looked at Dong Xuebing coldly. “At least, his character is better than you!”

Seeing Sister Xie is thinking of dating Wei Nan, Dong Xuebing got mad. He banged on the table. “Xie Huilan! What is the meaning of this? I admit I had made a mistake and you can scold me or hit me! But why must you go to Wei Nan? Are you doing this to spite me? My character is not as good as him?! My feelings for you cannot be compared to him?! Bullshit!”

Although Dong Xuebing knew Xie Huilan was not telling the truth, he was still mad. After a long pause, he controlled his anger and said. “Sister Xie, I am begging you. If you are angry with me, just come to me. Don’t get close to Wei Nan. It is not worth being with Wei Nan just to spite me.”

Xie Huilan let out a cold laugh. “Do you think I will treat my marriage as a joke? I think Wei Nan is not bad.”

Dong Xuebing replied angrily. “Not bad, my ass!”

Xie Huilan narrowed her eyes. “Stop shouting at me! Do you think that by raising your voice, you are right?”

Dong Xuebing stared at Xie Huilan. “What do you want?”

“I am tired and want to find someone to get married.”

“But, you should not pick Wei Nan!”

“I am still considering, and it’s not up to you to decide for me!”

When Dong Xuebing thought of Xie Huilan might be in Wei Nan’s arms in the future, his blood boils. He stood up immediately and shouted. “Fine! Xie Huilan! Go and find whoever you want!”

Xie Huilan’s eyes narrowed into a slit. “Trying shouting at me again!”

Dong Xuebing was blinded by his anger. “Don’t try to scare me! Just marry whoever you want! Do you think I will die without you?! If you think Wei Nan is a good person, go ahead! If I meddle in your affairs in the future, I will change my surname! I will not pester you again!”

“Good! You are the one who said it!”


Xie Huilan nodded. “Remember what you said!”

Dong Xuebing took out Xie Huilan’s keys and threw it on the table. “I don’t need you to remind me!”

Xie Huilan took the keys. “Get out!”

Dong Xuebing stormed out of her house and slammed the door closed.

Both had fallen out completely.

Back at home, Dong Xuebing took off his clothes and went to bed. He had been holding back his emotions the past few days and had exploded in front of Xie Huilan. He is still furious over what Xie Huilan saying Wei Nan is better than him.


This is too infuriating!

Dong Xuebing decided not to care about Xie Huilan in the future. Even if she fell into the river and drown, it will have nothing to do with him!

We will go our separate ways!

We will cut ties with each other!

The next morning.

Dong Xuebing slept until 10 am.

After Dong Xuebing woke up, he was still furious. Even in his dreams, he was quarreling with Xie Huilan. He went into his bathroom to wash up, and after he changed, he noticed he had a dozen missed calls on his phone in the living room. The missed calls are all from the County Public Security. Dong Xuebing returned the call unwillingly, as he got no mood to work today.

The line got through.

A shocking piece of news reached Dong Xuebing’s ears!

“How did this happen?!”

Dong Xuebing held his phone in a daze for a while, before rushing out of his house!

Dong Xuebing got to his car and sped out of the quarters!

At this moment, Dong Xuebing had forgotten whatever he had said yesterday!

Xie Huilan is in trouble!
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