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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Chapter 311: Mountain of Difficult Problems Domestic Affairs Edition

Table of Contents
–Aegir POV–

I sit down to eat breakfast feeling refreshed.

「Aegir-sama? Did something good happen?」

Celia asks while serving herself salad on a plate.

「Yesterday was incredible, wasn’t it? All of us were lying side by side in bed spreading our own legs.」

Carla smiles as she stuffs her cheeks with pasta.

「Aegir-san started on one side and pressed down on us in order, making all of us scream.」

Mel covers her mouth and laughs elegantly.

「I-it was pretty intense. Um, is your back okay? I couldn’t help it and dug my nails……」

Myla asks embarrassingly while looking up at me.
Sure, it made a mark, but it’s obviously not a big deal.
A girl digging her nails hard into you just shows how much pleasure she was feeling and is something like a medal of honor for guys. I’m not going to complain about that.

「Myla-san was incredible. Arching your back and screaming, even peeing at the end.」

Maria comments as she blushes.

「But Maria and the other girls, is it okay going so rough right after giving birth? Your stomach was being pushed up from the inside so much. Aegir’s dick got bigger yet again.」

Fufufu, oh is that right, I got bigger again?

「It’s been so long and I wanted to experience it without restrain……」
「After giving birth, I just yearned for master all the more……」

Maria and Miti are too cute.

「Maybe it’s been too long since I’ve given birth, but my belly felt so empty and lonely…… I wanted something to enter my womb.」

Marceline should have given birth to her last child in terms of how old she is. I’ll get her daughters pregnant next.

「I was about to go crazy from wanting a man…… it was after I swallowed up a large cock that I finally returned to normal.」

Catherine was apparently at her limits.
I know she was pregnant, still it was impressive that she endured my absence for half a year without cheating.
Last night, she was sucking me like a woman-possessed and it freaked out the other girls a little.

「――girls, we’re eating right now. Please refrain from talking about such vulgar topics!」

Nonna pounds the table.
Everyone’s eyes focus on her, and my eyes as well fall on the valley of her breasts exposed as she leans forward.

「This isn’t a bar off in some run-down district! It’s the dining room of Margrave Hardlett’s house! Is intercourse and sex related issues appropriate for discussing during a meal!?」

Nonna keeps hitting the table, while the two attendants remove the plates to prevent the soup from spilling.
I don’t remember ever seeing that jewel necklace in between her giant breasts, well let’s not worry about it.

「Oh be quiet. Nonna was also getting screwed by Aegir while sucking on Mel’s and my breasts, screaming “ahiih!” happily.」

「Like I said, don’t talk about things that happened at night during breakfast!」

Nonna slams the table more, her large knockers also bouncing up and down against the flat surface.


I’ll pretend I didn’t see Maria make an annoyed face.

「Pfft…… Adolph-sama has gotten out of bed so-! Kuku…… I have brought him here as instructed.」

I hear a maid’s voice coming from the corridor. It seems like she is trying not to laugh.

「Oh, please come in.」

「You called Adolph? And at such a time……」

Nonna seems displeased that Adolph was late to arrive for breakfast, although she doesn’t say anything knowing how busy he must be with his usual work.

「He was quite tired. If he sleeps well and eats well, he’ll surely get his energy back.」

He was sleeping soundly from yesterday afternoon until now.
Now he needs to eat some meat and he will be revitalized. If it were me, I would also need time with women.

「Besides…… fufufu, everyone might not recognize Adolph.」

I used the whole bottle of hair growth tonic specially made by Natia.
His hair might have grown long enough overnight to reach his waist.

I look over at Natia and smile, though she responds by tilting her head in puzzlement.

「He might become a man with a full head of fluffy hair, but you can’t fall for him.」

I joke with Celia while waiting for Adolph to show up.

「It looks like I slept for a whole day. I have to catch back up on work right away after eating……」

Adolph mutters as he appears. The black hair on his head is――――

「Gone! There’s nothing there!」

My voice came out unintentionally. What’s going on here?

Rather than a thick layer of hair, his head is completely skin color…… meaning not a single strand of hair grew.


Nonna spit out her soup right when she was about to say her morning greetings.

「You’re the dirty one…… gobph!」

Carla chokes on the pasta in her mouth and coughs violently.

「Bu. Pfufufufu.」

Mel, to make it seem like she isn’t bursting out laughing, hugs Ruu and trembles.

「This is horrible.」

Myla mutters as she shakes her head.

Celia also stares blankly at Adolph’s head which became completely bald overnight, then she realizes from my earlier dialogue that I must have done something. She looks accusingly at me.

「Aegir-sama…… you did something unnecessary again?」

「Aegir, did you do something? This is too cruel.」
「This is too much.」

Carla and Miti also look accusingly at me.
Even if you look at me like that, I’m just as confused.

「Hey, this isn’t a temporary side effect which will lead to an instant growth soon after, right?」

I ask Natia who is leaning over.

「Huh? What side effect――」

The intelligent Natia suddenly realizes what I’m talking about.

「A-Aegir! Did you perhaps use that medicine on this person!?」

Natia shouts in disbelief.

「Yeah, I used the whole bottle thinking it would help him grow lots of hair…… did I use too much?」

Natia is left speechless. I’m getting a bad feeling.
I feel like I caused an irreversible tragedy after looking at Adolph’s head.

「That was a hair growth potion, right?」

「N-…… no…… it was a powerful hair loss agent! I thought for sure you were referring to a girl who was worried about excess hair!」

I look at Natia and blink my eyes twice.

「It looks like we had a slight miscommunication.」

「…… how horrible.」
「You went too far, Aegir-san.」
「Adolph-sama is unmarried too, and now master will have to take all the potential partners.」

Nonna, Mel, and even Marta is blaming me.

「Haa…… hair growth? Hair loss agent? What is everyone talking about?」

Adolph tilts his head while rubbing his eyes drowsily.

「It’s nothing. More importantly, you’re still tired, right? Eat plenty of food and recover your strength.」

I place a plate full of meat in front of him.

「He dodged the question.」
「He did, didn’t he.」

I can’t hear Carla or Celia.

「I can’t eat something so heavy so early in the morning……however my head feels clearer after getting a good night’s rest.」

That’s right, that’s what I think too.
His head has never felt clearer.

「I’ll take this time to wash my face first. It’s been a while since I could relax and eat breakfast.」

Adolph heads to the washroom.

「I fooled him somehow. I’ll have to keep this up until his hair grows again.」

「I don’t think that’s possible……」
「But he didn’t even realize it was getting thinner lately, so maybe there’s a chance?」
「……after applying that medicine, would it really grow back?」

Natia, don’t say something so unsettling.

「This is hard to bring up now――」

Nonna starts to speak while looking off to the side.

「I…… actually bought a new mirror and put it in the washroom.」

My eyes meet with Nonna’s and blink three times.

At the same time, I could hear a shriek from the washroom.

By the way, Claudia was eating meat the entire time.


「Adolph has finally collapsed after the accumulation of fatigue. Therefore, I am personally taking action to solve the problems.」

Adolph’s exhausting daily tasks haunted him and he fainted in front of the bathroom mirror.
He couldn’t take his hairless head on top of all the problems continuously coming in and collapsed.
That was due to the build up of problems within the territory and not the fault of the hair loss agent at all.


Polte and Gretel seem to look accusingly at me.
Who was it that told them the truth?

「Well, this is a good chance. He was given too much of a burden. I’ll let him rest for now and have everything resolved by the time he wakes up.」

It might be slight, but some fault still lies with me.
I’ll have to work a little harder.

I left him in the care of the thirty year old maid.
She’s the woman whose husband left after getting her pregnant with two children.
Apparently, she told her coworkers that she would be fine with any man as long as he looks after her, so she’ll most likely happily accept if Adolph goes crazy and pounces on her after waking up. This is my way of thinking about him.

「Alright, let’s get to work. What should I do?」

Together with me are Polte, Gretel, Celia who is acting as my adjutant, and Tristan who was brought back. The places he could possibly be were already listed out in an order of priority by Leopolt.
Incidentally, he was at the rental book store which ranked AA on the list, and he was together with a young girl.
I’ll follow him secretly next time and take a peek.

「Please take a look at this first. These are the numbers for spring and summer tax revenue. According to Adolph-sama, it was left unchecked on the desk yesterday.」

「Hmm, my head hurts when I look at numbers.」

I reluctantly take the tax document from Polte and glance over it.
Then hand it to Celia.

Spring/Summer Tax Revenue

Head Tax: 60 000 gold (Lintbloom, Vandolea Special Town exempt)
Mine Tax: 140 000 gold
Trade Tax: 80 000 gold
Extra Trade Tax: 2000 gold

Total Income: 282 000 gold

Mansion Maintenance: 13 000 gold
――Temporary Expenses: 1000 gold
Security Maintenance: 20 000 gold
Army Wages: 120 000 gold
Military Facilities and Other Miscellaneous Expenses: 18 000 gold
Paid Labor: 20 000 gold

Total Expenses: 192 000 gold

Net Income: +90 000 gold

「Heeh, so we’re 90 000 gold in the black.」

If I remember, catching Zaphnes would result in 100 000 gold.
For him to not be captured after half a year, I can see why the reward was so enormous.
So in the end, he wasn’t found and nobody claimed that money.

I put down the document feeling satisfied.
However Celia doesn’t seem content only looking at the summary.
She goes through the papers breaking down the details and starts hurling questions at Adolph’s stand-in, Polte.

「Regarding the income, aside from the head tax, the mine tax seems to be plateauing.」

While feeling frightening, Polte answers Celia’s harshly asked question.

「T-that has something to do with water and food and how Lintbloom’s population is not increasing any further. The mine tax offered to the country has increased so revenue will be like this in the future…… the trade of manufactured iron products will also grow in the future.」

Both the attacking Celia and the defending Polte are cute.

「Next is regarding the expenses. Why has there been an increase in the maintenance cost for the mansion?」
「That’s because……」

Polte trails off, though Celia presses harder.

「Is it something bad!?」
「The maids of the mansion…… they’re getting pregnant one after the other so money was given to them in congratulation and then it takes additional costs to employ replacement maids.」

Celia looks at me.
When I smile in return, her cheeks puff up more.

「Then what does this “temporary expense” mean? It sounds suspicious!」
「That is…… the spending allowance for the madam and the other lovers.」

Celia isn’t convinced.

「That’s strange. The mansion maintenance amount should already include that expense. Why is there a separate cost!?」

She worked hard in the Federation so it appears her legs and stomach have gotten more toned.
I would have liked it to be more plump though.I’ll get her to eat more sweets.

「Right, everyone’s allowance is…… included in the mansion maintenance cost, however……」

Polte is finding it harder to say than before.
Celia will think she misappropriated it or something.

「Well, it’s actually quite simple.」

Tristan, who was buried in the mountains of documents, lifts his head.

「What is it!? Are you involved as well!?」

Celia’s pointing her attack at Tristan now, but he seems unconcerned.

「Basically, there are people who spend more than their allowance so some money is allocated separately. To be specific, it’s Nonna-san.」

I see, the temporary expense is for Nonna’s extra expenses.

「That person …… spending wastefully again……」

「Now, now, don’t speak ill of her. It’s also my fault for leaving her alone for half a year. She’s been waiting patiently without cheating so losing a bit of money is not a big deal.」

Besides, she is entertaining the neighboring feudal lords in my absence.
It would cause inconveniences if she didn’t look her best. It is almost a necessity for her to spend.

「Then there is the military expenses which have gone up across the board. The reason for that is the influx of refugees. There was an increase in the number of guards plus the construction of lookout points, and also jobs need to be provided to allow them to buy food. A lot of it is work which is not necessarily needed immediately, but giving them a wages to do work is cheaper than strengthening the guard force. Gosh, I think Adolph-san did a great j-―――― ow! What was that for!?」

Celia and Polte whacked Tristan’s head simultaneously.

「How arrogant of you to act while you were slacking all this time!」
「Does Tristan-san know how hard Adolph-sama had to work because of the things you left unfinished!?」

For the gentle Polte to get physical, Tristan must have been constantly skipping out.

In any case, that ends the discussion about tax. Let’s move on.

「If I recall, there is a problem with the refugee measures. Alright, let me resolve it.」

I’m Adolph’s employer. I’ll show him that no subordinate is more competent than his superior.
I’ll quickly take care of a problem he struggled to solve.

Polte, as if the refugee measures are her speciality, seems to be acting more confident and is gathering all the relevant documents quicker than before.
The stacks of paper are getting taller. I have a bad feeling about this.

「First, could I have you take a look at these documents, then decide on a specific budget and personnel to allocate?」

I look at the document on the very top of the pile and the document on the very bottom.

「Alright, I’ve looked over them. You can continue. I’ll follow with the budget and number of personnel.」

「「Please wait!!」」

Polte and Celia object at the same time.

「It’s fine. I’ve checked plenty of documents before and haven’t gotten many things wrong at all.」

「That’s because you’re checking documents which have already been looked at by Adolph and Leopolt-san! These are really documents which haven’t been checked yet. Besides, you’ve only ever drafted the documents for the trainees of the Royal Institution, so you’ll surely get plenty of things wrong. On top of that, I’m always checking things for you.」

Before Celia finishes talking, I lift up the mountain of documents.

「Tristan, you’re going to be looking over all of this. It’s your punishment for skipping.」
「I knew it! I knew this was going to happen for sure!」

Tristan seems disappointed, but I know he’s capable of doing a lot of things so it’s a waste to keep him idle.
Celia and Polte also agree to make him work.

「Cutting corners or skipping is not allowed. Don’t forget that Aegir-sama will be doing the final check. If an error is discovered, you will suffer the consequences!」

「Aah, what a day……」

That takes care of the documents.

「Well, the documents aren’t that important. There’s actually a problem with the refugees, right?」

The issue won’t be resolved just by looking at what’s on paper, someone needs to address what’s going on in reality.

「The number of refugees has already passed 20 000. If you include the females brought by the feudal lord-sama, the number would be greater than 30 000……」

「Is the problem with the overwhelming number?」

We have accepted citizens from other territories before.
There shouldn’t be a problem if we give them food and a place to live. We should still have money and food left.

「Of course the large numbers is also a problem. Not only is there currently a lot of people, it may increase even more in the future. A vast area of land in Vandolea has been covered in ash, preventing them from growing crops. They were already low on food and are now being pushed out by the heavy influx of people from the Empire――」

「Wait. Why would the people from the Empire want to move to a place with a shortage of food? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?」

「Shall I explain?」

Tristan appears from under the mountain of documents.
This guy really likes to explain. You still have to complete the work on the documents though.

「The remote lands of the eastern Empire connected to the Central plains has recently been subjugated by them. The residents by no means holds positive feelings towards the Empire, so the Empire’s governing in turn treats them severely. Many military slaves come from this region too.」

I feel like I’ve heard this before.

「The Empire has greatly exhausted itself from the fight with the Federation. To continue fighting, they would need a great deal of money and manpower. They need it, thus they must bring it back from somewhere. However the place they’re taking the money and people from will become desolated. It makes sense for them to suck it up from places which are more rebellious or places they don’t care about.」

「So you’re saying the conditions of the remote regions of the Empire is even worse than the miserable situation in Vandolea.」

Tristan nods.

「It will get even worse in the future. The Federation won the battle after all. If the Empire had won, they would have gotten some form of profit, but they get nothing since they lost. All the extensive sacrifices were for naught. If the Empire doesn’t tighten things up more than before, it will get difficult to manage the nation.」

Which means the refugees won’t stop coming in the future. In fact, the number will increase.

「The residents in the border zone are frightened by the growing number of refugees. Additional guards have been added and simple fences were constructed around the cities, however…… the hungry refugees are stealing from nearby villages, providing the cause for residents to attack, albeit infrequently, although the occurrences are slowly multiplying.」

I see. That’s problematic.

「Guards and the construction of fences, the distribution of food, and houses will be needed for the many families that come. However, that will cause the residents to feel a sense of unfairness and dissatisfaction……」

Polte is at her wits’ end. It’s probably because she’s overcomplicating things in her head.
It’s fine to keep things simple.

「If you want to keep them out, we need walls. If you want to accept them in, we need food and money to pay wages for labor. We should pick one or the other.」

And the conclusion is already clear.
Simply speaking, half of the refugees are women.

「I think it’s fine to accept them. We still have food to spare, right?」

「Y-yes. We don’t have enough to sell off, however the amount we have should last until the autumn harvest.」

「Then we can just use food and money. We don’t need to continue increasing the number of guards or building fences around the villages.」

Let’s try doing it this way.
If things don’t work out, we can rethink our strategy.

「Do you have something that concerns you?」

Polte isn’t one who strongly expresses her opinions.
If I don’t ask her, she often ends up staying silent.

「Well, the residents may express their dissatisfaction. In fact, there are plenty of petitions commenting about the lack of guards……」
「Then use the military.」

We don’t need to go out of the way to add more guards when we can just use the army.

Besides, this is all about impression.
Spearmen and archers are not necessary to actually keep stealing and fighting under control, much less heavy cavalry.
However the military composed of those units has a different level of intimidation. A heavily armed group of soldiers works better than guards holding short spears to offer a sense of safety to the residents and also to ward off lawless idiots.

「We should discuss this with Leopolt-sama before mobilizing the army…… we’ve talked about it before but, ah!」

A smile forms on my face unconsciously.
Adolph and Leopolt have equal standing despite having different responsibilities, unlike me.

I summon Leopolt to the office.

「Include the army in the refugee measures right away. Impressions are important so make sure to assign a good amount.」
「The ability to deal with clashes against neighboring feudal lords and sudden rebellions will weaken, are you sure?」

Leopolt only asks for confirmation.

「I don’t mind. What use is worrying about things that don’t happen?」
「Understood. Preparation will take two days, marching will take a week, so they can be deployed at the border within ten days.」

There, that was simple.
We don’t need to discuss anything. I can give the order and get things done quickly.

「Is there anything else?」

Polte was flabbergasted for a brief moment before she speaks up again.

「The refugees are concentrated in the border zone and there isn’t much work for them to do. We’ve considered splitting them up and having them do different things……」

「It isn’t a wise choice to scatter them around due to the risk of insurrection.」

Leopolt answers before Tristan could open his mouth.
He goes back to flipping through his documents sadly.

「It’s true that there are few jobs for 20 000 people to do near the border.」

It’s possible to conduct large scale developments in the border zone, however it isn’t preferred due to the dangers of wars breaking out.
I would really like for them to be spread around the territory doing all sorts of work…… is there a way to do that?

「I would also want at least the women to be placed near Rafen.」

Polte and Celia are astounded.
Leopolt is expressionless as usual, and Tristan is the one who speaks up like he just remembered something.

「Then I have a good idea. What is the ratio of refugees with families?」
「Erm……roughly speaking, about 30 percent?」

Polte replies.

「If many have families, isn’t it fine to prepare houses near Rafen for only the wives and childrens to live in? Then we can have the men work elsewhere. On the surface, we can make them think that we’re keeping the women and children safe. Once they’ve worked enough and accumulated enough money, they can live together with their families.」

「If they start an insurrection, we can hang their families……? That’s fine.」

The way Leopolt says that without changing his facial expression freezes the entire room.
Of course I’m not going to do that, the most I’ll do is abandon the husbands and make the women belong to me.

「That won’t happen. If those people whose wives and children can live safely, in other words the 30 percent who don’t want to rebel, are within the group, an insurrection definitely won’t happen. There would be internal conflict.」

We nod and review the points made.

「So, first we will show off the heavily armed soldiers, then guarantee safe living conditions for the women and children of the refugees close to Rafen, then after that scatter the men to work throughout the territory in groups of a thousand, everybody fine with that?」

There don’t seem to be any objections. I’m the one making the final decision anyways, so that’s that.

「That does it for the refugee problem. Everybody except Tristan is dismissed.」

I leave the office as well.
Today is the first tiring day for me since Adolph’s head became bald.
It’s still day time, but maybe I can head over to the brothel for a bit.

「That was quick…… by the way, what will happen to the 10 000 girls brought over from the Federation……?」
「I don’t know. Won’t they all just be made into lovers? More importantly, can you help me out with some of these documents?」

「I can’t. I have to go pay Adolph-sama a visit after.」

Polte and Tristan are talking about something which I can’t hear.
Meanwhile, Celia is grabbing my arm like she sensed something from me.
I can’t go to the brothel like this.

「No going to the brothel! Instead of going to a place like that, I can……」

All of a sudden, I catch a whiff of the thick scent of a woman.
When I turn around, I see Alice.

「……my ass…… slimy…… give birth…… then…… grow again……fufufu.」

She’s walking unsteadily on her feet and doesn’t seem to be in good health.

「Alice? What’s going on?」

Alice doesn’t respond, continues to mumble something incoherent and passes right by me.

「You’re going to ignore Aegir-sama like that! Mghmgh!」

I cover Celia’s mouth as she begins to yell.

I see streaks of syrupy juice trickling down her thighs.
Her entire body is giving off a strong aroused smell.
Sebastian reported that she may be cheating, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

「We’re following her.」

Celia and I proceed out the rear entrance and shadow Alice.
I hope this isn’t something serious.

–Third Person POV–

Southern Region of Vandolea.

「This one’s no good too.The entire family is dead!」

One soldier shouts.

「Everyone here has been wiped out. What the hell’s going on!?」

Another soldier shouts back.
The commander they obey also can’t believe what he’s seeing.

「We came to check on the crops…… and this is what we find. Is it bandits? Monsters? No, that can’t be!」

There are no signs that the village was attacked.
Fields abounding in ripening wheat are all around.
Nevertheless, death has come to all the families within the village.

「Hey, did you find out anything?」

Ten soldiers shake their head in response to the captain’s question.

「Not a single clue. All we know is that the body gets covered in bumps and they die after coughing up blood.」
「Nobody survived so we can’t ask what happened.」

The captain is at a loss for what to do.

「Is it a skin disease? No, it can’t be……」

The word “disease” causes the soldiers to become uneasy.

「It shouldn’t be possible. It was just one week ago that we met the peddlers who traveled through this village. There was no mention of an outbreak or an epidemic. It’s unthinkable for the village to go from healthy to annihilated in one week.」

The soldiers feel reassured as one person refutes the claim made.

「You’re right. Besides, even if there was an epidemic, it wouldn’t kill everyone. It must be something else―― like poison in the well, or everyone ate poisonous mushrooms, or at worst they got cursed by something.」

Neither the captain nor the soldiers have ever heard of an illness that can spread throughout a village and kill everyone in one week.
It’s natural to conclude the cause was poison or some kind of curse.

The soldiers also agree and nod with stern faces.

It was at that moment when one soldier yelled out from a short distance away from the village.

「There’s a survivor! I found a survivor!」

The survivor was a young woman.
She is still alive…… although barely, as blood is leaking from her mouth and she is weakly staring up at the sky.

「Hey, what happened to the village!? What caused all of this!?」

The girl mutters feebly while choking.

「People from…… Empire……came…… to village…… sick…… nursed…… but…… still died…… same for everyone……」

The girl’s eyes stay open, but her hand goes limp.

「Shit! She died!」

In the end, they learned nothing. The captain stomps the ground in frustration.

Close to ten brand new graves were added to the village cemetery, however nobody seemed to pay any particular attention to them with all the corpses lying around the village.

「We can’t figure anything out from only corpses. For now, we should report back to headquarters. Guos will head back to the city on horseback. Everyone else will bury the corpses and return immediately to the guardroom. If this is the work of a curse, it would be bad to stay here long.」

The appointed man gently closes the eyes of the dead woman before mounting his horse.

「Poor thing…… she probably had a cute face before being covered in rashes.」

The man wipes the blood spilled on the palm of his hand on his clothes and gallops off to the city where his headquarters is located.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Summer.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator. Sex King of White City.

Citizens: 181,000. Refugees: 22,000. Female Prisoners: 9500
Major Cities – Rafen: 29,000. Lintbloom: 5000. Vandolea Special Town: 9000.

Army: 9500 men
Infantry: 5000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 800, Bow Cavalry: 500, Temporary Refugee Guards: 2200
Reserve Army: 2000
Cannons: 26, Large Cannons: 20, Dwarven Cannons: 16, Chariots: 10

Nonna (legal wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (concubine), Miti (concubine), Maria (concubine), Catherine (concubine)
Melissa (lover), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Pipi (lover)
Casie (ghost), Rita (head maid), Yoguri (playwright), Alice (???), Leah (lover)
Marceline (lover), Daughters – Stephanie (lover), Bridget (lover), Felicie (lover)
Natia (elf, feeling guilty), Sofia (lover), Sekrit (free)
Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (capital mansion supervisor), Claudia (gluttonous meatball), Clara (female attendant)

Brynhildr (vampire), Lammy (sulking in bed), Alraune (really really dense), Mirumi (mermaid)
Pochi (winged giant fire lizard), Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (horse), Felteris (meat toilet)

Celia (adjutant), Marta (aide), Myla (commander), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby
Gido (escort unit), Polte (refugee case worker), Gretel (domestic affairs assistant, betrothed)
Leopolt (mobilized dispatch of troops), Adolph (completely bald), Tristan (exhausting work)
Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Lilian (lobbying), Kroll (servant), Alma (servant)

Assets: 95,450 gold (tax revenue + 90 000), (mobilization of army -5000)
(Grant Money –unopened)
Sexual Partners: 505, children who have been born: 66 + 555 fish
5 Best Chinese Romance Books of 2018 So Far
Table of Contents
New Books: Immortal Devil Transformation the witcher Beyond the sunset Tomb Raider King Destroy your new life, repair it, destroy it again by doing crazy things while screaming YOLO! A Different Kind Of Journey System MAZE - The endless Quest BattlePope Our Perfectly Imperfect Relationship Rebirth and Second Chances The Prince of the World