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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Chapter 296: Federation Reinforcements ? Beloved Daughter

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–Third Person POV–

White City – Command Headquarters.

「Wolnasky, you fool!」

Martin, after receiving the report from the landing army in the headquarters, silently enters the commander’s room and closes the door before yelling angrily.

「Invading with a paltry 100 000 having only landing equipment, what is going on inside his head!?」

Martin slams the desk with his fist.
He went into the commander’s room so his shouting doesn’t make his subordinates anxious.
The only other person in the room is his trusted friend Nikolai.

「They are heading south under the pretense of cleaning up the surrounding enemies. A reply was sent for them to return to Zabrela and retreat immediately…… still it would take some time.」

「Because of the fog, the ship with the messenger can’t move fast either!」

Martin said that before chugging the entire bottle of water on his desk, then returns to speaking calmly.

「――sorry for the unsightly display. It was my incompetence that failed to see how stupid he was.」

Martin smiles wryly, which Nikolai nods in response to.

「No, it’s a natural reaction. I would have smashed the desk if I was the commander.」

There was a little laughter exchanged. The two of them go back to being good friends instead of superior and subordinate when nobody else is around.
However, it doesn’t take long for their laughter to disappear.

「We must take measures promptly. If they head south from Zabrela in a disorderly manner, they’ll eventually meet a powerful army. It would be disadvantageous for a lightly equipped landing army like them. We must also anticipate them being routed.」

Nikolai agrees.

「Wolnasky would request for reinforcements if possible, but it’s out of the question. As long as the Imperial fleet remains strong, the tens of thousands of troops we want to send would be isolated even if the fog lifts. Besides, it isn’t a day too far from now.」

Martin pulls out directives from the shelf as he speaks.

「Gather the eastern river fleet and the surviving ships of Ivanna’s fleet. ……that ship is also complete too. We should play the hands we can――」

Martine carefully writes up a letter and continues on, making sure his anger and impatience does not show.

「Reform your strategy with the assumption that the 100 000 elites of the landing army are annihilated.」

Nikolai answers with a splendid salute.

「Anyways, to think Wolnasky was this incapable…… my eye for people still has a ways to go.」

Martin sighs as he glances at Wolnasky’s career history, and realizes something.
Then he slams his glass on the desk after closing his eyes in frustration.

「What’s wrong? Did he do something else?」
「No, this anger is directed more at myself. Why did I overlook it?」

Martin hands the career history to Nikolai.

「Look at his family. His only daughter Sofia has married Lord Sembray from Kalinin. Her husband has died in battle, she couldn’t escape from the city and has gone missing. Wolnasky probably intends to rush all the way to Kalinin.」

「Misappropriating the army like that, he really is one incorrigible idiot. The issue is with his nature.」

Martin closes the file and looks up to the heavens.

「Yeah. But I could have done something if I realized it. Talking about it now doesn’t help.」

Martin continues after stretching his body.

「I didn’t know what to expect from that guy from Goldonia either. He was different from who I expected, but he was an interesting man.」
「It’s a common occurrence on the battlefield. We’ll pull through if we’re lucky.」

「I guess so.」

Martin looks in the mirror and ensures he doesn’t look angry or flustered before exiting the room, returning to his staff officers.

–Aegir POV–

Landing Army. Currently Retreating to Zabrela.

「It’s an order from Defense Headquarters. Are you sure?」

Wolnasky hangs his head disappointedly with the commanders lined up in front of him.
I am seated on a chair close enough to hear what they are saying while rubbing the ass of Celia, who is standing upright beside me.

「Nnh! Guh……」

Her eyes are desperately appealing to me to stop as, being an adjutant, she cannot make a sound in this place where all the commander level personnel have gathered.
That just makes her look cuter and want to rub her ass more…… until tears well up in her eyes. Crap, I got too carried away. Sorry.

We narrowly defeated an army of the Empire.
We finished off those resembling commanders, plus the enemy has retreated, so it can be considered a victory for us.

But if you look at the casualties, that can’t be said.
From that fight, the landing army has lost roughly half of its total troops and many powerful weapons including cannons and ballistae.

The enemy has also lost the same amount, except they started with twice the number of soldiers and have more left over.
If they reorganize and attack again, we probably won’t be able to hold out.

Celia, Yakov and the other commanders also thought the same way, and almost everyone shared the same opinion of proposing to retreat to Zabrela.

Even so, commander Wolnasky said that it may be possible to advance to Kalinin since the enemy army also retreated, and that was when orders came from command headquarters.

The orders which were sent in the name of command headquarters this time were a harsh censuring on our misinterpretation of orders to head south, also telling us that a refusal to obey orders for an immediate and unconditional retreat would lead to a change of commanders with a replacement chosen from within the army’s hierarchy.

The corps commanders, using the directive as the trigger, all consented to dismiss Wolnasky after he kept advocating to march further.

And now, the army is slowly starting to retreat.
The enemy’s main force has also pulled back so there is no immediate concern of being pursued, however the soldiers are wounded and totally exhausted, looking almost like the survivors of a defeated army.

「It was inevitable. I’ll leave the rest to you……」

Wolnasky’s shoulders droop as he sets the commander’s staff and mantle on a chair before standing up.
One of the corps commanders asks a question sadly.

「Your Excellency, why did you advance with such recklessness? Your Excellency should not be a person who does such things without planning.」

He must be a long-time subordinate.

「――no point hiding it now. You see, my daughter married into a family in Kalinin.」

He starts to talk in a partially defeated manner.

He talked about how his only daughter in Kalinin was late to escape from the Empire’s raid and her whereabouts are unknown.
How a tragic end came to the feudal lord and his family and also the city occupied by the Empire.
And how he wanted to save his daughter who hasn’t done anything since she was young.

As the story continued, there was an increasing amount of anger in the air. It originated from the other corps commanders…… I guess that’s to be expected.

A father fighting to save his daughter sounds like a beautiful story, but mobilizing the army for that reason can only be seen as misappropriation.
Not to mention the soldiers of the landing army were handpicked elites, so it would affect the war as a whole if they were annihilated.

「Excellency―― no, you bastard――!」

One of the corps commanders pulls out his sword and attacks Wolnasky.
Meanwhile Wolnasky has given up and doesn’t resist.

「Well, wait a minute here. His Excellency has already been dismissed. Further questioning is meaningless.」

I get in between both parties and pull them apart.
I tell him that I will also take away the soldier grabbing his waist from both sides.

For now, Wolnasky will be kept under house arrest in a nearby carriage.

「Surely, you are angry as well.」
「No, not really.」

He endangered his own squad and even his fatherland for the sake of his daughter.
That may be a failure on his part as a soldier, however I don’t feel any unpleasant emotions or anger.

Even I would prioritize someone close to me rather than the 100 000 faces I don’t know.
It goes without saying if that person was my daughter, but I’d do the same for any women.

「Is that so…… will you listen to the story about my daughter?」
「Why not.」

If he were to safely return to White City, he would not be let off easy. I’m sure he knows that too.
I’m not particularly close to him, but the least I can do is hear him out.

「My daughter……」

Beside me, a father begins talking about his beloved daughter.

Wolnasky reminisces and elaborates in a fluid manner, while I feel my own expression changing.

「The last I saw my daughter, she was grumbling about how she was getting chubby. Her breasts were always big, so I guess it was easy for her to consider herself fat.」
「Plump and big-breasted……」

「She is an easygoing girl who smiles a lot. She certainly won’t be able to survive harsh environments. Moreover, she is such a pretty girl. I can’t bear it when I think how she could have suffered because of that.」
「So she’s a beauty too……」

「She’s whimsical and falls in love easily, though she’s late into her marriageable years at 24 this year. I was just thinking that it might be time to get a grandchild……」
「24 years old and a beauty who is susceptible to fall in love…… not to mention she’s curvy and has large boobs…… I see.」

My resolve stiffens.

「Excellency, if a man existed who could save your daughter, what would you do?」
「Hypotheticals are pointless. But if a man like that existed…… I would give anything for my daughter to be saved. There’s no question, in the end I’m just an unbelievably foolish parent.」

「…… and what if your daughter was requested?」
「That’s a difficult situation, although she is someone who gets easily charmed. If a man saved her, she would likely follow him regardless of her parent’s permission.」

That decides it.

「I cannot save you. However, I will let you meet with your daughter.」

He said something afterwards, but at this point it doesn’t matter.


「Unnh, Aegir-sama…… it’s thick.」
「Munyamnya…… giant cock……」

I leave Celia and Pipi in bed, then go make preparations.
I pounded them pretty hard so they shouldn’t wake up for a while.

「Sorry. But I have to go.」

When I kiss their two faces, their expressions relax in content.

I’ll be heading to Kalinin now.
Fortunately the landing army, having suffered many casualties, moves slow so the city is not very far away.
I’ll arrive in no time if I go by horse.

I know it might be a bad idea to leave the squad on my own, though I’m sure I won’t have anything to do until they reach Zabrela anyways.
I made sure to leave a note just in case someone discovers I’m gone too.
Things will be fine if they see that. Fufufu, I think I’ve become quite the schemer.

The problem is with security measures around Kalinin, which should be tight since the enemy should also know we’ve retreated. It should be hard to enter alone.

「Well, you’re not alone.」

Just when I snuck outside, Brynhildr calls out to me.
Night to her is the time for action, so there was no way to slip past her eyes.

「Hmph, like I can let you go alone. It makes me extremely upset when I think about you dying somewhere I can’t see and all that delicious blood disappearing into the ground!」

If I try debating here, Celia and the others will wake up.
I really wanted to clean things up by myself, but oh well.

「Alright Brynhildr. You’re going to help me again, huh?」
「D-don’t misunderstand! It’s only because your blood is delicious! After all, thinking about what to do when you die would keep me awake during the day!」

I cover Brynhildr’s mouth with my hand when she raises her voice, then bring out Schwartz.
His wound…… doesn’t look completely healed even though a salve was used.
Well, I’m a little injured too.

「We’re going to save a girl. She’s got big boobs. Can you manage?」

Schwartz neighs and urges me to get on quickly. As expected of a perverted horse.

「I’ll leave the heavy equipment behind. I wouldn’t be able to enter the city wearing full armor and a longsword on my back.」

If I’m going to be sneaky, bringing the massive shield and longsword with me would be impossible.
Besides, wielding the lighter Dual Crater would lessen the burden on Schwartz too.

「Human and horse are both so lustful. What a helpless little brother you are…… I’ll have to set you straight one of these days. I don’t know what’s so good about a big chest, flat is just as good.」

I mount Schwartz, then extend a hand to Brynhildr who is patting her own breasts.

「Let’s go. Ride behind me Brynhildr.」
「No need. I can move faster on my own.」

Brynhildr takes off after that and really is faster than Schwartz.
Schwartz increases his speed and runs with his pride as a horse on the line, but she kicks the ground, running like she’s flying in the air, occasionally also turning back to show her concern.

And so we run like the wind, arriving in front of the city walls of Kalinin in the best time, right before dawn.

–Third Person POV–

Side Story: Tristan Runaway Chronicles④ Forfeit.

「Unn, this is unfair manual labor…… munya.」
「……why did things turn out this way?」

Estelle puts her elbow on the bed and lets out a big sigh.
This result was strange no matter how you look at it.

In order to allow Tristan to get away, Estelle clinged to the security officer who broke in.
Then finally the soldier drew his sword――

「It would make more sense if I was laying on the bed after being cut.」

That wasn’t what actually happened.
Tristan ran forward in a panic when he saw the soldier pull out his sword.

「My body got hot too when the lethargic Tristan rushed to save me……」

Before Tristan could stand in front of Estelle, he tripped on a book by his foot and knocked himself unconscious when he fell.

「Stumbling in a room and fainting like that, are you an old woman? How clumsy can you be!?」

Estelle pinches the cheek of the sleeping Tristan. A feeble voice leaks out.

「Nevertheless…… I can’t believe this guy is the feudal lord’s staff officer. He simply ran away from his duties? What the heck is that?」

The soldiers get flustered after seeing Tristan pass out.
Estelle questioned them in detail, emphasizing how weird the situation was, and learned the truth.

In the end, Myla came after hearing of the commotion and allowed the fainted Tristan to stay for one more day to rest.

「I feel exhausted after all of that.」

Estelle rests her head on the bed Tristan is sleeping on.

「This was pretty nice though. So it will all end tomorrow, huh?」

She felt relieved knowing that Tristan won’t be punished.
On the other hand, knowing he is the feudal lord’s staff officer made Estelle think it would be impossible as a mere book rental shop owner to get close to him in the future.

「…… so lonely.」

Estelle pours herself some alcohol, which she doesn’t usually drink, and drains the cup in one gulp.

「Oh yeah, this guy said he couldn’t drink a drop of alcohol. Drinking a whole cup would make him throw up buckets too.」

She giggles.

「What a strange man. He has no interest in girls or alcohol and also hates work. What does he want to do with his life…… oh, books and tea, I guess? He really is just like dad.」

Estelle lifts her body and inspects Tristan’s face from up close.
His chest is moving up and down in a regular manner, his lips are slightly open, and he has a flat atmosphere about him but he’s handsome enough.
Due to the alcohol, her body feels hotter than usual.

「This is the end so I might as well seduce him with all I have…… wait, it’s no use. He definitely won’t react at all.」

The alcohol is surely clouding her judgement.

「If tempting him won’t work, then I’ll have to make the first move. He’s weak so even I should be able to use force……」

The corners of Estelle’s lips are slowly drawn upwards.

「Uurgh…… what on earth…… Estelle? Err, what happened?」

Estelle smiles as Tristan wakes up.

「You tripped when you tried to protect me and was knocked unconscious. You’re really a blockhead.」

Tristan’s face becomes faintly red.

「Haha, I shouldn’t be doing things I’m not used to. I’m utterly useless when it comes to fighting.」

「Yeah, you were totally uncool. I heard everything from Myla-sama.」

Tristan smiles wryly after finding out she knows about him.

「But I was happy, Tristan.」

The two of them smile and look into each other’s eyes, though Tristan suddenly returns to being expressionless.

「So, what is this?」
「What, you ask?」

Tristan attempts and fails to move either arm.
Of course he won’t be able to. His arms are bound above his head and tied to the bed.

「Why am I being restrained?」
「Ufufu, you want to know?」

Estelle asks while putting weight on the man’s body.

「What are you going to do? It’s heavy so I’d like if you moved off……」
「Nfufu, nope.」

Tristan realizes Estelle’s strange state all too late.

「Did you have a drink? ……really, what are you going to do!? Are you completely drunk!?」
「All that tempting didn’t work on Tristan so a more forceful strategy was necessary. I’ll get rid of your virginity so just be good.」

「Isn’t this simply rape?」
「It’s not rape when a girl violates a guy! Don’t say something a girl would say and stay still, everything will be over soon if you listen to me!」

「Aah…… how did this happen? I only wanted to relax and read――」
「Resistance is futile! I’m stronger than you. Count the stains on the ceiling or something.」

The two shadows merge into one and slowly rocks back and forth.

The Next Morning.

「Unbelievable…… I was defiled…… it was stolen……」

The weary Tristan returns to the mansion accompanied by soldiers.
Estelle sends him off wearing nothing but a sheet wrapped around her body.

「You were next to the mansion right? Why didn’t you save me……?」

Tristan gives them a resentful glare, but the soldiers make puzzled faces.

「Such a beautiful girl mounted you…… did you really need saving?」
「Right? I thought you were doing some sort of rape-play.」
「If you didn’t like it, just shake her off. A woman’s thin arm is nothing.」

Hearing the soldiers’ whispers, Tristan responds with “I’m the weaker one though”, before slumping his shoulders.

「It was a terrible ending…… but I’m indebted to you.」

Tristan bids farewell to Estelle with a sigh.
However the girl’s response was not an acceptance of the farewell.

「Yeah. You owe me big time.」

Estelle, while still hidden under the sheets, rubs her abdomen gently.

「You were refusing so much yet so much was let out…… fufu, it may be possible for that. When it happens, please take care of me.」

As Estelle continues to brush her stomach with a kind smile, Tristan lets out a sigh pushing all the air out of his lungs.

Federation VS. Empire – Comparison of Military Forces (Current + Losses = Max Mobilization. In the case where numbers don’t match, it means there are spare forces.)

Olga Federation 「South Coast Battle In Progress」
Military Strength – Current: 1 140 000, Max Mobilization: 2 550 000, Losses: 1 410 000, Civilian Victims: 980 000

Garland Empire
Military Strength – Current: 1 420 000 (460 000 of which are military slaves), Max Mobilization: 3 100 000, Losses: 2 140 000 (Military slaves not included)

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 24 years old. Early Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. Mountain Legend. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless. Dragon Slayer Hero.
Elf Mediator.

Army under command: 105th Division Provisional Army: 5500 men

Accompanying: Celia (commander), Marta (standby), Natia (unique archer), Leah (standby)
Brynhildr (monster), Pipi (archer)
Messerschmitt (worthless dog), Schwartz (injured), Mirumi (submerged), Yakov (second in command)

Estelle (perpetrator), Tristan (victim)

Assets: 13,000 gold
Sexual Partners: 450, children who have been born: 55 + 555 fish
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