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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Chapter 207: Order in the South

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「My, my…… I sincerely apologize for calling you out when you were about to head out.」

A middle-aged man bows his head deeply in the mansion’s reception room.
However, his facial expression does not align with his words and he probably does not feel any sense of guilt at all.
Even I can tell he is simply displaying the courtesy required in a negotiation.

「No, it’s fine, I’ve finished my business after all. I don’t mind at all.」

My errands are done and the dwarves don’t like sticking around for too long.
I just regret not being able to go around to Lintbloom’s brothel.

「More importantly, about the foreign affairs of the Democratic Nation of Libatis…… er, let’s see, can I ask the reason Foreign Affairs Molester Minister1 has come to see a local feudal lord like me?」

「Lord Hardlett, it’s Foreign Affairs Vice Minister Juno2. 」

This man is the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Libatis and the person responsible for all things related to foreign affairs. Apparently, he has a standing close to that of a cabinet minister.
Beside the middle-aged Vice Minister is a young man and a young woman.
The young man seems to be a sharp-minded domestic affairs official while the woman has a serious expression on her face and is taking notes of even the most meaningless chatter.

The earnest-looking woman appears to be around 30 years old, is quite the beauty and has fairly large breasts.
Judging by the elasticity of her thighs, her ass should be plump and soft as well.
If I grab her hips from behind and thrust into her, the dignified face she has on right now should quickly warp with pleasure.


「Hardlett-sama, please concentrate.」

On the other hand, I have Leopolt and Adolph sitting beside me while Celia is acting as my guard, standing behind me where my I can’t reach her.
How unfair, it would be nice if these two were plump beauties too…… on second thought, nevermind. Thinking of these two like that is gross.

「The reason I paid you a visit today is because I want to negotiate with Goldonia, more specifically, Hardlett-dono.」

「WIth me, personally?」

The feudal lords in Goldonia are similar to those in other Kingdoms, they are obligated to pay taxes and contribute soldiers during wartimes.
On the other hand, if the corresponding party is not anyone who opposes the Kingdom, you are free to conduct diplomacy for your own territory or sign treaties and pacts.

In that case, he must want to create a trade treaty with me or something.
But then again, he could have talked to Adolph rather than calling out to me specifically, and he didn’t need to come in person either.

「It’s true I want to talk about trade as well, however, I have a different reason for visiting you today. That reason is also why I couldn’t contact you before I came. I didn’t want it to be an official meeting, you see.」

For some reason, I get the feeling this is going to be about something troublesome.

「First, let me present the pretense3. Currently, the group of city states is using an open trade route which passes through my nation to Lord Hardlett’s territory in a separate agreement.」

He went and said it himself.

「Yes, there is an issue with the domestic tariffs. So I’m thankful for your nation’s help.」

Adolph nudges my side, meaning it’s probably better if I don’t say anything.

「Hahaha, well that is the weakness of a feudal system. We have to pay a tax like that too, so there is no need to thank us. ……which leads me to why I’m here, I was asked to negotiate an agreement with you which would allow the merchants in our nation to utilize this newly opened trade route and conduct large-scale trade.」

Adolph, explain what that means.

「Currently, the caravans are conducting trade using smaller business transactions…… now they want to expand their trade opportunities. They are probably looking to use our territory as a foothold and enter into trade with all of Goldonia in the future.」

「Do we need to do this?」

「If you’re asking if it’s necessary or not, it’s not…… Libatis is fairly rich and has a sophisticated industry. Our territory does not have much production of luxury goods, so perhaps it is a good idea if we have more paths to procure goods?」

The problem is Claire then, since she will probably get angry if we agree to trade here.
If I’m not careful, she may not spread her legs for me anymore.
Thrusting into Claire while Laurie licks my balls is such a supreme moment after all.

We will need to choose the best option possible right now.

「I leave everything to you, Adolph. Make sure Claire doesn’t get mad while ensuring we get benefits too.」


Adolph looks unhappy.
It’s a matter I can’t resolve on my own, so it can’t be helped.
I’ll treat you with some wine later.

「Understood. Then I will be negotiating with the domestic affairs official hereafter.」

Like he said himself, he’s acting under pretense, and maybe we can deal with it later since he’s not focusing on it.

「Alright, now let’s address the real issue at hand.」

Juno folds his arms and narrows his eyes.
This might become a tough negotiation.

「It’s about the Malt Kingdom.」

「Malt? What do you want to tell me?」

Juno continues without answering my question.

「My nation was thinking about trading with the Malt Kingdom, however we were unable to get a favorable reply.」

Without delay, Adolph hands me a note in such a way the opposing party could not see.
Written there is a question, asking “Is he not exploring for an alternate solution after not being able to import grain because of the effects of the war between the Federation and the Empire?”

Juno continues.

「Even after all that negotiating and even presenting better conditions, they did not want to agree. They reacted almost like they didn’t have the power to make the decision.」

It’s because they really don’t.
According to the secret pact between Celestina and I, any form of trade and diplomacy is restricted.

「I tried negotiating with the Goldonia Kingdom in regards to this issue, but I didn’t get any response. And now you…… you, who invaded into Malt’s capital Biado during an earlier war and put the young King back on the throne. 」

Juno’s face is practically accusing me of making Malt into my puppet.
Adolph hands me another note, telling me to try and deceive him somehow.

「Aah, well I did feel sorry for the little Queen and helped her out, but that’s it. We have a friendly relationship, though nothing special-……」

As I try to talk my way out, something unforeseen happened.

「Monica! Is brother finished talking yet? I want him to eat sweets with me~」
「Your Majesty Celestina, Hardlett-sama is in the middle of an important discussion, please wait a little longer.」

A voice which should not be heard can be heard from the corridor.
Having negotiated with Malt, Juno should know Celestina’s name.


Silence enshrouded the entire room.
Adolph looks at me and hands me another note…… on it was a drawing with two hands raised and a face which appears to have given up.

As a result of the negotiations which followed, a fixed quantity of grain will now be exported to Libatis when they ask.
Apparently, they’re going to purchase it at a high price. Well, this outcome is probably more sensible than rejecting them and creating unnecessary conflict.

「I was prepared to pay a fairly higher price for my nation. Now that I can provide enough food for the people, they will surely feel relieved.」

I’m tired now, I want to play with Celestina or have the other girls serve me while I drink alcohol.

「Whew, that’s one load off the shoulder.」

「Hahaha, then let’s have a drink and close things-……」

「I have one more important thing to talk about.」

Ah, so annoying.
Can I dress Celia in my clothes and have her sit in for me?
But then I can’t embrace her…… Kroll can sit in then.

I imagine Kroll sitting in my position with my appearance.
Not good, the size of his dick is too different.
People will find out immediately if they saw it.

「It’s about those adjacent to our nation…… the Divine Nation of Altair and the Vandolea People’s Federation.」

「Yes, of course I know and am concerned about them, however I naturally need more specific information.」

Leopolt sends me several glances as I speak.
His shoulder wavered lightly.
This guy, he sighed without making sound.

「Like I explained before, those two are nations to the south of our land. The Vandolea People’s Federation is directly adjoined with our territory while the Divine Nation of Altair is on the border of the nation, connected via the Malt Kingdom. Both of them are fairly large countries.」

Of course I knew that.
I just wanted to confirm.

「So, what about these two nations?」

Both of them are expanding nations and there is a high chance either of them can do something dangerous, however, they currently see each other as the greatest enemy and shouldn’t interfere in Malt or my territory.
I don’t think they are opponents I can handle with my army alone, so if they decide to make a move, I would have to rely on Erich and the Royal Army.

Juno orders the young man to spread open a map on the table.
It is pretty detailed…… is it alright for me to see this?
I’m not exactly an ally of the Democratic Nation of Libatis after all.

「As you can see, my nation is adjoined with the Divine Nation of Altair and its growing borders. On the other hand, you are adjoined to the borders of the Vandolea People’s Federation. Furthermore…… the Malt Kingdom, which you have taken under your protection, is connected to both of them.」

「Right. They won’t be meddling with me at the moment though.」

Juno makes a troubled face.

「They are certainly fighting with each other now and don’t have the luxury of preparing for anything new.…… however these two nations are more dangerous than you think.」

When I look over at Leopolt, he makes a face as if telling me to hurry up and ask about it.
This guy only sends me to the front when it’s convenient for him.

「Fumu, we would like to hear more about the nations we’ll be dealing with, plus the day is still long. I would appreciate if you provided us with more information.」

Juno nods slowly and starts talking.

「The ruler of the Divine Nation of Altair was named the reincarnation of the Ancient God Altair by the Pope and demands for the people to unconditionally worship and serve. If anyone expresses their refusal to do so, they will be made to do disgusting jobs.」

Juno seems to stall for time by taking a breath before talking again.

「That country was extremely small at first…… no, it was really just a group of cult followers. And then, riding the momentum of wars, they instantly expanded in size.」

When the world goes out of control, unsavory things start rearing their ugly heads..

「There was a historic yet small country in the northern part of what is currently the Polpo Kingdom. That country of about 200 000 people believed in traditional animism and refused to be servants of the God Altair.」

「And they were destroyed?」

「No, it would be normal in such a troubled world if they were just destroyed. Looking at it from a historical point of view, it isn’t anything unusual. However……the abnormality of that country is unprecedented even with the past in mind, they didn’t only destroy that Kingdom, they massacred all 200 000 people. 」

「They massacred…… 200 000…… citizens, not soldiers?」

Juno nods after Adolph unconsciously speaks out.

That would be dreadful if true, but is that really possible?
People are not stupid, they would have resisted or ran away if they knew they were going to be killed.
I don’t believe five or ten thousand soldiers could chase all the fleeing people down.

「That’s the scary part. The citizens of Altair are all servants of their God. With just one order, everyone from women and children to elderly people will grab hoes or sickles and head to the battlefield. Their population is roughly 1.4 million, though I’ve heard they mobilized 500 000 in the past. The insane rule has lasted for a decade, and at this point, the leader isn’t the only crazy one.」

「I see, if all the citizens are like that, I can see why no spies were able to infiltrate the nation.」

Leopolt obviously doesn’t say anything about the spies he sent into Vandolea People’s Federation and the Democratic Nation of Libatis.
But everytime he tried to send spies into the Divine Nation of Altair, communications would quickly be severed with them.

「On the other side, the Vandolea People’s Federation is also a twisted country. On the surface, they are similar to our Democratic Nation of Libatis and is a nation of the people which promotes more freedom and equality…… or so they say, but they are essentially an autocratic country not dependent on bloodline. The one fortunate thing is that they dislike any authority based on royalty and religion. Because of that, their relationship with Altair is terrible…… they just constantly fight and murder one another without any form of rules or order.」

Fumufumu, how educational.
Celia has taken copious amounts of notes too.
Learning doesn’t do me much good though, let’s just get to the main issue.

「So…… what do you want us to do?」

Juno smiles slightly after my direct question.

「I want you to conduct harmonious talks with Vandolea while fortifying the borders between you and them.」

Before I realized, Leopolt was already in front of me.

「And the reason is?」

「If you gradually let Vandolea know you are not a party who will attack them, they will recognize you pose no threat to them. When that happens, they can focus their full strength on fighting their long time rival, Altair.」

I see, however that yields no benefit to us.

「Of course, we will do the same with Altair and keep them in check. With that, you will also feel more secure.」

In other words, we are to display a harmless appearance to the two adjacent dangerous countries while making sure they don’t underestimate us either.
When done, they will not attack or defend against us and instead concentrate on the opponent they’ve been fighting all this time.

Leopolt doesn’t say anything.
It doesn’t mean he has unconditionally accepted the proposal, it just means he’s processing the logic.

「But didn’t you stress the insanity of Altair just now? Can you really use normal reasoning against them?」

「I can’t make any guarantees. Which is why I will also use a plan I developed as insurance.」

This man has the same kind of smell as Kenneth.

「It’s perfect that Her Majesty Celestina from the Malt Kingdom has come too…… my nation, the Malt Kingdom, and Hardlett-dono will form a secret agreement ……to protect each other.」

「Secret agreement? But-」

Even if we agree to this mutual defence, we can’t muster up much forces.
If I’m independent, I only have roughly 10 000 and Malt has even fewer.
Would there be any meaning if Libatis was essentially the only one fighting?

「We will pretend to leak that information to Altair and Vandolea.」

Leopolt nods slowly.

「……If Lord Hardlett approves, then it will look like Goldonia has an agreement with Libatis to the other two countries. And they have no way to confirm it.」

There is no reason to answer if they ask us if it’s true and even if we deny it, they might not believe us.

In fact, I signed no agreement so the Kingdom has no reason to get upset at me.

「It is an imaginary piece of information, but it is as good as a sturdy wall until they can clearly deny the claim.」

Standing in their position, it would be a bad idea to make both Libatis and Goldonia into enemies.
Not to mention they are already engaged in a fight, meaning they will be conscious about getting triple-teamed.
Ah, Malt is included too, so it would be four against one.

「Still, wouldn’t it be better to take this directly to the Kingdom? There’s no reason to talk to me specifically.」

It would be the same thing if he made this agreement with Goldonia.
In that case, there can be an actual agreement for the mutual defence.

Juno just smiles and doesn’t answer.

「So…… should we accept?」

While Juno and the others are taking a break and drinking tea, I gather Leopolt, Adolph, and Tristan, who woke up in the afternoon, to discuss things.
Celia kicks Tristan’s ass for oversleeping.

「There is no reason to refuse the matter of trade. Even the amount of grain we are exporting…… is within a permissible range, we can’t just hog all of it to ourselves like some corrupt merchant. It’s better to turn it into money.」

Adolph doesn’t have any objections for the most part.
The problem is military.

「I’m okay with their suggestion. From what I heard just now, it doesn’t sound like they’re opponents who you can feel at ease with if they’re fighting each other.」

Tristan, what you said sounds reasonable, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you overslept.
Celia, kick him more.

「I agree with the strengthening of borders. Fortunately, we are only slightly touching the territory of the Vandolea People’s Federation, so even if they invade from this direction, we can attack their flank from the mountain nation territory. If we use Malt Kingdom as a buffer zone and intercept them, it will minimize the damage to our territory.」

I understand the logic, but doing that would make Celestina cry.

「Juno said all that, but sometimes tactics don’t work on certain people. Just in case, I’ll inform Erich about the unstable conditions of the south. If we were to really prepare for this plan, how would we make it work?」

「A fortress would be nice.」

Tristan is unusually proactive, maybe trying to escape from Celia’s attacks.

「A fortress?」

「Right, if we station a lot of soldiers at the border, it would leave us lacking in manpower in other places. In particular, it would be nice if we can say to our opponents, “we have a defence structure in place here!”. The best tool to let them know on first glance is a fortress.」

「But still-……」

The image of the Majino Fortress still lingers in my mind.
I don’t know exactly how much money and labor was invested into that fortress, but it didn’t make much of a difference.
Sure, the castle walls can protect the city it surrounds, however I’m not convinced that a wall stretching across the land is effective at all.

「Something can be done about that. It’s possible even without spending money.」

「Hohooh, is it a simple method?」

Seeing me get interested, Celia stops hitting Tristan.
Tristan nods.

「If you’re curious, it will probably take shape in the winter.」

「Alright! Then I’ll leave it to you. I’ll assign you with some guards, so go all the way to the borders of the Vandolea People’s Federation.」

Tristan stiffens up like a rock.

「Don’t hesitate to dispatch a messenger if you need money or workers. Also, it’ll get colder from now on. Bring a thick tent and coat with you.」

Tristan falls to the ground on his knees in disappointment, but he has to go out once in a while and become stronger.

「Well then, we will be excusing ourselves. I hope we can maintain this friendly relationship in the future. It would be nice if Hardlett-dono eventually came to visit our nation too.」

Negotiations continued with Juno in the afternoon as well, but after the important topics have been resolved in the morning, the following talks had a more gentle and relaxing feeling to them like an informal social gathering.
The one and only thing which resulted from our meeting was an agreement for the caravan travelling back and forth from the city states to my territory to be given special treatment, where tax will not be taken from them.

They will be staying for one night and then quickly returning home.
Apparently, they’re really busy.

「I think I’ll leave a secretary here as a contact and any detailed adjustments so if you can prepare a place for her to stay-……」

「Of course!!」

My voice was louder than expected.
Not good, they’ll see my ulterior motive.

As I tilt my head, the female secretary bows her head deeply.

「From now on, I will be your contact with Libatis. Please treat me well, Your Excellency Hardlett.」

Libatis does not have a noble system, so they don’t address people with ‘Lord’ or ‘Margrave’.
Even so, having this plump 30 year old woman call me Excellency with her head lowered makes my dick hard.
Juno may have realized the faint feelings of love I’ve developed towards that woman.

「I will be preparing the house you will be staying in. High quality food will be readied as well.」

「Eh? T-thank you very much. But you don’t really have to do such excessive things-……」

「Oh right. There is a large bath in our mansion. Please feel free to come over and use it.」

The secretary smiles despite being slightly baffled and expresses her thanks.
That smile of hers isn’t just for appearance’s sake.
There’s no doubt that being able to use a bath whenever you want as a female is a very attractive offer.


Coming to a man’s house and entering the bath fully naked basically tells me it’s alright to embrace her as well.
I better tell the maids to inform me as soon as she arrives.
My cock is bulging in anticipation.

Side Story: Marceline’s Public Disgrace

「Things can’t go on like this.」

「What do you mean, Hardlett-sama.」

I go into deep thought in front of Rita.

「It’s about Marceline and her daughters. I managed to let them go outside, but I saw something unpleasant.」

When the maids encountered Marceline and her daughters in the corridor, all of them collectively turned their eyes to the wall.

「…… it can’t be helped to some degree. The citizens of former Arkland were made to suffer quite a bit after all.」

「That was the fault of the Treian King. Marceline had nothing to do with giving the orders.」

She and her daughters were not involved with politics and they should not have had any say in making the policies for the country.

「But the citizens still consider them as part of the same Royal Family. Aside from those who only experienced tough times, there are some who have lost friends and family and I don’t think they will change their opinion no matter what words you say to them.」

Rita is the head maid and manages the other maids.
She has knowledge of their circumstances which I am not cognizant of.

「There are some who have an unusually deep-seated hatred for them after all.」

Unlike the time with Nonna, the maids probably won’t be satisfied with just a spanking.
Besides, Marceline did not make a mistake herself, it would be weird to punish her for nothing.

「Maybe not for punishment, but maybe you can humiliate her in front of the servants?」

So that really is the only option?

「Everyone already knows in the bottom of their hearts that Marceline hasn’t done anything wrong. They just can’t accept her, that’s why I think you should shame her and show everyone that she isn’t a royalty of Treia anymore, but Hardlett-sama’s woman.」

「Rape, huh? ……But she’s just recently become attached to me, so I don’t really want to do anything too terrible.」

Marceline and her daughters are already my women.
Would they not let me get a little rougher with them?

「No, I don’t mind.」

Perhaps she was listening, but Marceline herself opens the door and enters the room.


Rita averts her eyes after feeling she spoke ill of her, though Marceline shakes her head to indicate she hasn’t done so.

「I do not mind shouldering the blame for the brutality committed by my past husband. However, it’s saddening for even my daughters to receive those hateful looks …… if violating me thoroughly would clear up a little of that grudge, I will gladly accept my fate.」

「Are you sure? I can also reassign the servants to somewhere else if you want.」

I will ultimately prioritize my women over anyone else.
However, I don’t really want to do this because if I do this, it will seem like Marceline was the one who requested it.

「No, please do so as thoroughly as you can! It’s just, no matter how you disgrace me…… I want it to be done by Hardlett-sama. Any other man is…… if possible……」

「Of course. Why would I let another man touch you.」

I hug Marceline and give her a hot kiss.
When Rita puffs her cheeks, I also give her a deep kiss.

「Call the servants who might have grievances to that room. Oh right, I’ll also ask Yoguri for her opinion. Since she writes scripts, she might have a better method.」

Rita and Sebastian nod silently.
Sebastian, you were listening to all of that with a serious face? ……being a butler is pretty tough.

Before long, the servants gather in front of me, as I’m hugging Marceline’s shoulder.


The ones who are here have either suffered hardships themselves or lost loved ones.
It goes without saying that all the eyes directed at the woman beside me are filled with hate.
Just in case something happens, I have Gido and Kroll standing by outside the room.

「I know what all of you want to say. But she is not the one who brought all that suffering upon you. Right now, she is nothing more than a single woman.」

「……But still, she surely engorged herself with the bread meant for my little sister, who died of starvation.」
「Since she’s the Queen, she could have said something and stopped all of this from continuing……」

I knew I wouldn’t be able to convince them easily.

「But I know you won’t be satisfied with words alone. That’s why…… I’m going to violate her right now and show you the moment she becomes my woman.」


As everyone was dumbfounded from what I said, Marceline lets her dress fall to the floor.

「Geh! What the heck is that!?」「Getting fully naked after taking off one piece of clothing……」「What a pervert, this perverted Queen.」「Such vulgar and droopy tits.」

Her naked body is exposed from under the thin piece of cloth.

「We will become Hardlett-sama’s women from now on. We won’t be royalty any longer so please forgive us……」

「She has a nice body, how detestable.」「Of course, it’s all because she ate our portion of food.」

Despite feeling embarrassed, she doesn’t cover up her exposed genitals or breasts.
I allow the servants to voice their complaints only for this incident.
If they let out all their grievances, it might make things easier on them in the future after all.

「This body will become mine now. Watch carefully.」

It actually already belongs to me, but the scenario is supposed to have me rape her, make her fall from royalty and turn into my lover.
The hated noble woman will be made into an absolute mess in front of the servants by the man and she will finally succumb to the pleasure.
That’s the development which Yoguri recommended.

The naked Marceline turns red from the merciless stares of the servants, I can’t let her get embarrassed any more than this.
I take off my shirt and fling off my pants.
I am already aroused from seeing her bare body so my slightly swelling dick is exposed.

「Hiieh! So thick.」「You’re kidding!」「I-it sprang out.」

Why are they reacting more when I strip?

「I will make you my women with this cock. First, I’ll have you suck on it.」

I sit on the edge of the bed and have Marceline sit at my feet.

「Start licking from the side and do it so everybody here can see it.」

This is something like a play so we have to make sure the audience sees everything.
Understanding my intentions, she nods and drags her tongue along the side of my rod, making sure those behind me can see too.

「Uwah, she’s really licking it.」「The Queen is sticking her tongue out and licking a man’s penis…… how pathetic.」
「What a nice feeling. Make her do more.」「Feudal lord-sama, hold her head down and stuff it deeper into her mouth.」

I stroke her head as if negating the voices and smile to reassure her.
My dick gradually gets bigger and bigger from the devoted service.

「Hey~ how much bigger is it going to get?」「That’s…… going to be impossible, no?」

When the audience starts expressing their unease, I grab Marceline’s hand and arm and stand her up.
I have her put her hands on the wall and turn towards the servants.

「I’m going to make Marceline my woman now. Those who want to watch up close, come over here.」

The servants were initially dumbfounded, but they eventually crowd around.

「Alright, here I go.」

I put my cock up against the entrance of Marceline’s hole.

「Um, what about foreplay……」「With that kind of size, it’s not going to go all at once, right?」

「No need.」

Truthfully, oil was already slathered inside her hole ahead of time.
However, purposely not telling them would induce a bigger reaction from them.

「Hardlett-sama…… it won’t fit.」

Marceline is properly keeping up the act too.

「Fufufu, prepare yourself…… hmp!!」

I hold onto her hips and thrust forward furiously, instantly causing her to let out a piercing scream.


In reality, I slipped in easily because her insides were lined with oil and she should be feeling good, though Marceline is screaming like her body is being torn apart.

「It went in all at once……」「That’s going to tear her, isn’t it.」「Not only that, won’t it break her womb too?」

Her womb has already been filled with plenty of my seed, it won’t break.
But in order to make a convincing act, I pump my hips hard.

「How does my dick taste? I’ll move even more, take that, and that.」

「Noooooo! It’s so thick! I’m dyinggggg—!!!」

Marceline cries out and shouts. Her insides should have expanded to fit my size from the previous time we had sex, plus the slipperiness from the oil should really help her feel more pleasure than pain, so she should really not be dying.

「What do you think? She’s no longer a Queen, but my woman, no?」

I turn Marceline’s face, which is dripping with tears and saliva, towards the servants.

「W-what a face……」「That certainly doesn’t look like the face of a Queen.」

Some of them have already started to accept the fact, although the reaction is still weak.
I’ll push them a little more.

「Marceline, do you like the taste of my dick? Is it better than your former husband’s, the King of Treia’s!?」

I ask her in a loud voice with the intense slapping sounds of my hips hitting hers echoing in the background.

「Aau…… aau…… that’s…… I can’t say.」

She hesitates…… or pretends to, and makes everyone watch closely in anticipation.

「Answer me, Marceline.」

When I sink especially deeper inside with a single thrust, she declares in a screaming manner.

「Aaauuuu— it’s good!! Hardlett-sama’s huge cock is better…… much better than the shabby rod of the King! I can’t take it anymore. I don’t care if I’m a Queen or whatever! It doesn’t matter as long as I have your cock!!」

The moment she screamed, a large puddle formed on the floor.
It seems her own words made her climax.
Cheers erupt from the servants.

「Did everyone hear that?」

「Incredible, our feudal lord-sama made the Queen fall with his cock.」「Yes, this person isn’t a Queen anymore, she’s just a lewd woman.」

Now for the finisher.
I lift Marceline up and spread her legs apart, then bring her close to the servants’ eyes.

「Uwah…… it’s stabbing into her.」「The bulge over here, that’s from the cock, right? How far did it go in?」

I think it might be an abnormal sight, but because I’m always in orgies, I’ve gotten used to it.

「Now I’m going to fuck Marceline more intensely and make her yield completely. I’ll carry all of your dissatisfaction and anger on my dick and slam it into her. In exchange, could you treat her as one of my women from now on?」

I start rocking my hips after declaring to everyone.
Only the sloshing sound of my meat rod entering and exiting her wet hole can be heard in the room.
Someone say something, I’ll look like an idiot at this rate.

「My sister’s regret…… I will entrust it to master!」

Finally, one of the girls reached her hand out to my shaft and touches it lightly.
Her white hand feels velvety smooth and when I tighten up my abs, my dick bulges even more.


That sensation was also transmitted to Marceline and she lets out a voice filled with agony but also pleasure.

「Look! The power of your feelings made his dick swell up!」
「Amazing…… then we better inject it with more!」

The servants flock around my meat rod and express their thoughts.

「Everyone’s anger, I’ve certainly accepted it! Here I go!!」

I groan like a beast and shake my hips violently.
Marceline’s body bounces up and down and her breasts swing around like they might tear off.
Her stomach bulges out in time with my movements and it’s clear, even from the outside, how far my dick has pierced into her belly.

「Do it harder!」「Slam the regret of my husband into her!」

Juices spray out from the area we are connected at and those looking closely get sprinkled with the fluids, though none of them seem to mind.
All of them are waiting impatiently for the final moment.

Marceline’s limit is upon her as well.
She starts convulsing as she works her way towards an intense orgasm while my balls start tightening up and is about to unload the pent up semen in its storage.
The servants whose faces are stuck close to the connected area also realized that.

「Share your power with me…… all of you!」

All the servants put their hands on my rod and balls.

「Cum, feudal lord-sama!」「Shoulder our thoughts!」「Cuuuuuuuuuuum!!」

「What do you want, Marceline!!」

If she declares here that she has become my lover, then it will be the end of this chapter.

「I- I am……Hardlett-sama’s exclusive meat toilet! This old lady will be a toilet you can fuck any time in whatever way you pleaseeee!」

It seems her level of arousal has built up too much.
I can’t hold myself back any longer either.


I buck my hips until I release my entire load of semen and the woman’s stomach is filled to the brim in a mere ten seconds, some of it even squirts back out of her hole and splashes onto the servants.

「We did it! The feudal lord-sama used all of our strength to turn that Queen into a meat toilet!」
「With this…… the fighting is over.」
「It’s coming, isn’t it. A new age.」

I collapse to the floor while hugging the unconscious Marceline.
It turned into something strange at the end, but everyone’s expressions have become pretty relaxed now.
I think this can be considered a success.

I go into thinking while feeling my dick pulse wildly.
I think it might be better to use contraception this time…… if she gets pregnant with all the anger and anxiety poured into her, the child she gives birth to will be miserable.
With that said, she might already be pregnant from the last time we had sex though.

「「What is this……」」

Kroll and Gido peeks into the room, worried after hearing the screaming, while I pull my dick out from Marceline after hearing their shocked voices.

As I look briefly at my surroundings, I hear a wet squelching sound.

「Arabel, what are you doing on your own!?」
「Sorry, the feudal lord-sama was just so amazing, I couldn’t take it anymore……」

「You too!?」
「Uuu, well I just-……」

I have to take responsibility for turning all these women on.
I’ve finished ejaculating, but my still-hard cock is thrust in front of the girls.

「Those who wants it, come. I’ll make love to all of you.」

In the end, I increased the number of my women again.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 23 years old. Autumn.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Margrave. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves. Friend of the King of Aless.
Citizens: 162,000. Major Cities – Rafen: 24,000. Lintbloom: 4000.

Tristan (Long-term business trip)

Army: 5500 men
Infantry: 3000, Cavalry: 1000, Archers: 1000, Bow Cavalry: 500
Cannons: 19, Large Cannons: 10, Super Large Cannon: 1 (impossible to move from Lintbloom)
Reserve: 3000
Security Unit: 100

Assets: 11 100 gold (First Sale of Grain to Libatis +4000) (Fortress? Building Expense -2100)

Sexual Partners: 222, children who have been born: 48
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