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Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi Chapter 127: Madam IN Rafen

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–Aegir POV–

「So this is Aegir-sama’s territory!!」

Claudia fully opens the window of the carriage and leans her body outside. In a hurry, Clara grabs her waist, while I also help support her. Your center of gravity is strange so that’s why you’ll fall over if you lean out too much.

「Although it is still desolate compared with the capital.」

「There really is nothing here……to send you to such a remote region, the royalty of Goldonia are truly a bunch of idiots.」

She just went ahead and said it. That makes me a little angry, but it doesn’t look like she had any bad intent behind her words, so I’ll let it slide. Even so, a splendid highway runs from the capital to my territory and there is also a bridge, so our journey was very smooth.

「The meat of the monster I found recently is quite the delicacy, so when we arrive, please try some.」

「Oh my, I love meat!!」

I thought so, since she has an extra thick steak in the morning, at noon, and at night. Unless we have some intense sex every night, I’m pretty sure she’ll get even fatter.

「A carriage is nice and all, but it would have been better to ride with you on a horse.」

On the way, Claudia wanted to ride with me on Schwartz. From the beginning, Schwartz always looked forward to enjoy the ass of the girls riding on him, but the expression he made when he saw Claudia’s threatening leap onto his back was unforgettable. It seems horses can make a face of anguish too.

After that, Schwartz let Celia and Carla ride on his back and casually follows the carriage from a distance. To think he would be afraid of a woman’s ass for once.

As we get closer to the city, the fields along the highway spread out before us. The wheat for winter is already grown to a certain extent, and the sowing of seeds for the spring wheat is progressing smoothly on the land cultivated during the winter time. It has been fairly peaceful this year so the harvest should increase by a considerable amount.

I look off in the distance, thinking Adolph should also feel relieved, while Claudia makes a comment.

「Ara, the people here, there are quite a few of them buzzing around.」

If you say something like that about your own territory, you’ll cause a rebellion.

We arrive at Rafen and pass the almost-completed city walls to see a row of soldiers lined up along the main road.

「All units, salute.」

On Leopolt’s order, all the soldiers align themselves beside the carriage and raise their spears and sword altogether. Fumu, the expected two thousand are already gathered.

Up until now, we had the escort unit walking parallel along the carriage to protect them, with additional cavalry surrounding the outside of the escort unit as we proceeded towards the mansion. There is no longer a need to be protected within the city so this is just something ceremonial. This main road, which allows this many soldiers to pass with us, is constructed in a way which makes it much wider than that of the capital’s main road.

「It isn’t cool for me to stay cooped up inside the carriage.」

I leap onto Schwartz and leave Claudia on the carriage, although she wanted to follow me. It would be the worst if the horse tumbles in front of everyone.

When we arrive at the mansion, there is yet another line in front of the entrance, consisting of servants this time. At the center is the concubine who stayed in the mansion and is pregnant as my official wife, standing in a dignified manner while supporting her belly. In terms of time, she is already in her last month of pregnancy and it wouldn’t be strange if she gave birth at any time now.

「Welcome back home, my husband. “Welcome” Madam Malordol.」

As if it weren’t enough already, Mel emphasizes the ‘welcome’. I didn’t think Claudia was the type of girl to care about that sort of thing, but she gives Mel an envious look. When I look carefully, her eyes are directed at Mel’s stomach.

「……So you are pregnant with Aegir-sama’s seed……how enviable……I’m jealous……」

Perhaps perceiving danger, Mel covers her stomach to shield what’s inside, while Melissa and Kuu step forward to protect her. I don’t want to consider it, but nothing strange should develop here.

「Is something the matter?」

「No……I just feel envious. If only I can bear Aegir-sama’s child in my belly as well……」

What are you saying, you’re a married woman.

Since she’s become less tense, I first give Mel a gentle hug from behind, hugging Melissa and Maria while I’m at it, then kissing them.

「I see you have returned.」

Adolph shows his face with a stack of documents under his arm. Does he intend to give me work as soon as I come back? I’ll tease him a little.

「Yeah, I’m back.」

I hug Adolph in the same way I hug the girls, though I leave out the kiss of course.

「I’m not into men! Please stop this instant.」

I don’t swing that way either, but it’s funny how flustered he gets.

「Lord Hardlett, here is the composition of the reorganized army and the plan for future reinforcement and training. Please take a look.」

Leopolt went straight to his office as soon as the reception ceremony is over and he finishes greeting.

「But before that, I’m back.」

I hug him in the same manner as I did with Adolph.

「The composition for your patrol of the new territory in the beginning of spring is complete. They are ready to depart at anytime, but an attendant for domestic affairs is needed. That area is outside my department so I ask for a notice from the Count.」

He completely ignored me. It’s nothing but uncomfortable to hug the squarish body of a man while his voice is continuously being whispered in my ear. The happiness I felt after teasing Adolph instantly disappears. I’ll have to replenish it from Celia.

「Wah! What is it, all of a sudden?! Hiih, please don’t grab my ass!」

「Leopolt, arrange the composition and equipment of the patrol army with battle in mind. I don’t have proof, but I feel as though something might happen.」


There is no particular hurry since Claudia came back. While engrossing myself a little in thought uncharacteristically and continuing to tease Celia, her face eventually melts. Look, Kroll’s small dick is getting hard looking at your aroused face, come back to your senses.

The day’s dinner is also acting as Claudia’s welcoming, so the black beast steak is prepared for the main course. The meat is divided into approximately half kilogram portions and roasted. It seems that this certain portion size brings out the most flavor when roasting.

I can eat one by myself, but since there are so many girls, it gets divided roughly in half. Naturally, Irijina also gets one but……Claudia clearly has two pieces of meat on her plate. Mel’s welcoming grin is probably a cynical one, but Claudia doesn’t seem to notice.

「Oh my! So this is the meat I’ve been hearing about. It doesn’t look any different from regular beef though.」

She uses the knife in a very familiar fashion, cutting the meat elegantly and stuffing her mouth.

「Wha-!? Th-this taste is……」

Claudia cuts a piece larger than the first time and carries it into her mouth.

「What a delicacy!! There is no meat as tasty as this in White City!!」

She continues to cut the meat elegantly and shovels it in her mouth with rapid speed.

「It’s delicious! It’s really tasty!!」

She’s ignoring the accompanying soup and vegetables and only eating the meat. She didn’t touch the bread either.


Woah, it flew out of her mouth.

「Excuse me……it’s delicious!!」

There isn’t anybody who dislikes this meat, but seeing Claudia’s grand display of eating, everyone stopped moving, including me. The entirety of the two pieces of meat instantly disappears into her stomach.

「Ara, it’s all finished.」

Her plate is clean – actually, there is a tiny piece of meat remaining if I look closely.


Then, she pecks a little at her vegetables, as if she remembered something.

If I remember the manners Nonna taught me, leaving a bit of food behind and not keeping your tableware means…….

「Please excuse me.」

Sebastian places another piece of steak on her plate and the woman starts eating happily again.

「Incredible.」「I didn’t think she would eat the whole thing.」「Her breasts have become worse.」

Carla, Mel and Nonna unconsciously look at each other. I’m surprised she hasn’t turned into a meatball doing this up until now. But I won’t say something so unromantic at this point, so eat as much as you want.

In the end, Claudia completely finishes three pieces of meat, the accompanying vegetables, soup and bread.

「Upu……I ate a little bit too much.」

「That’s not a little at all.」

It seems she didn’t hear Carla’s quiet voice.

「I’ll get fat like this, so perhaps I shall go out for a little walk. Clara, follow me.」

「If you want a little walk, why don’t you walk all the way back to White City.」

She didn’t seem to hear Mel’s whisper either.

「Escort unit, have some people protect her.」

It would be a huge mess if some hoodlum kidnapped her. Although it wouldn’t be too easy to carry her.

「Well, night is upon us……」

The door closes. And it was at that moment.


「Madam! That’s loud!!」
「It’s alright, the door has closed so nobody can hear……uu」

Bubooh, Baboboh

「Geez, Madam!」

Sorry, our doors aren’t made of the finest materials like the ones you have at home, plus there are gaps here and there so sound leaks out. Even so, what a loud fart…….

「Nonna, please voice a complaint!」
「No. Why do I have to go and smell that pig’s fart?」
「If you smell that, you’ll have a miscarriage.」

It seems my wives heard it quite clearly too.

「Aegir-sama! We’ll be entering the bath first today.」

「She is at least a guest, so I wanted to have her enter first……」

「If that woman’s ass is sunk into water first, I’ll just go with a rinse today!」

Don’t say that, she did give us a mountain of gold and a bunch of other things.

「Then it would be fine if only Nonna, the wasteful spender, went in the water. If she washes her body with that pig’s broth, maybe she’ll come to her senses.」


It’s impossible for Claudia and the other girls to get along, huh.

Thus, Claudia’s pleasant stay in Rafen finishes amongst the discord and without much happening on the surface. She manages to somehow get some fresh black beast meat to bring back with her, but as expected it won’t last all the way to White City, so as she sobs uncontrollably, she loads smoked meat on her wagon and heads back.

「That person, she ate an entire beast’s worth of meat during her stay here, didn’t she?」

「It’s about the size of a horse. As expected……」

I caught a glimpse of Claudia eating her second slice this morning.

「I would like to think it didn’t happen.」

But I’m not confident about that.

It was finally the last night in preparation for her departure tomorrow.

「……Is it not possible for me to live here permanently?」

「You are the wife of another man. Please try to understand that.」

「Aah, how annoying!! If that man would just fall ill soon……that’s no good. That would mean I would lack gifts to send Aegir-sama!」

So she actually realizes she’s eating into her husband’s fortune. Moreover, her relationship with the girls here are already all messed up, and I’m not going to support a woman with 10 times the wasteful habits as Nonna, so I ask you to act more prudently.

「At the very least, let me make love to you until you go crazy tonight.」

「Yes, yes! I’ll go crazy. Let’s become sex beasts.」

With that said, Claudia opens the small bottle containing the aphrodisiac and mixes it with the water in the pitcher.

「Ufufu, Aegir-sama is already peerless from the beginning. There’s no need to use an aphrodisiac but……I wonder what will happen if we do.」

Although this may be a bit late, I don’t know if I can trust this drug. Would I die if I drank it?

「Please pardon me.」

Seeing my hesitation, Clara steps forward from the side, fills her cup with water from the pitcher and gulps it down.

「It’s fine to drink.」

The girl returns to her place along the wall. Fumu, If Clara says so, then it must be true.

「Go on, go on now……」

「Then, I’ll drink it.」

Claudia stays beside me and we kiss and caress each other lightly after we drink the water. Fumu, my body feels slightly hotter.


I hear a voice and turn to look to see Clara sliding down the wall in agony. Her face is flushed and her crotch is overflowing with juices almost as if she wet herself.

「I’m terribly sorry!」

After she apologizes again, she takes off her underwear and uses her own finger to stir her crotch vigorously.

「It has an incredible effect, doesn’t it?」

「Yeah, Clara only had one cup, so what will happen to us……」

We drank a huge jug full of it.

The next moment, I feel a thump within my body like a huge pulse, and then a hot feeling flows down to my crotch.


My dick is about half erect from Claudia’s caresses, but I can see it visibly increase in size, standing at attention higher than its usual peak and bending backwards to slap against my stomach.


I feel some fluid spraying out from the tip of my meat rod. I thought I ejaculated, but it appears to be just the pre-cum. My thoughts are distorting.

A woman, anyone will do but I just want a woman. I don’t mind if they’re ugly, older, or even a little girl. I just want to screw some woman’s hole. If they resist, I’ll just have to rape them.

「Haah, haah……a woman……give me a woman.」

When I take hold of my own cock, I can feel it has gotten much larger than normal. That doesn’t matter because I’ll just force my way in.

「There is a woman over here.」

It was said this drug has an effect on both men and women. Having drank the same amount, Claudia has also been heavily influenced, opening up her thighs and spreading her hole apart, her love juices practically gushing out.

「Uoooh! A woman!!」
「A man!!」

There is no longer a need to caress or to hold back. As if throwing the woman coming to hug me, I lay her down and grab her with both hands. With her legs spread apart almost if they have been dislocated, I use only my hips to match my cock against her crotch and instantly shove my shaft into her hole.


I can hear the sound of her flesh being spread apart twice – once when my overly enlarged cock forcefully pushes apart her hole and the second when I forcefully open up the entrance of her womb.

With the size of my dick, it would usually only cause sharp pains if I move vigorously. It would probably severely injure the woman.

「I’m cumming!!」

But the voices leaking out from our mouths are shouts of pleasure. The drug doesn’t only strengthen our lust but also enhances our arousal.

She flails her arms and legs but my ejaculation doesn’t stop. At this rate, her stomach will burst. If that happens, the number of holes would decrease by one.

「Stay still!」

I roll her over and forcefully pull out my dick even though the tip has gotten stuck, then push against her stomach.


My seed is spraying out like it’s being squeezed out, causing her stomach to deflate.

「Alright, now I can cum again.」

I drive my dick into her hole once again and move my hips intensely. This movement isn’t for me to ejaculate. I have already ejaculated, but in addition to giving myself an even stronger stimulation, I want to enjoy her body to the fullest.

「Agaaaah……feels goood……」

After my piston movements, and Claudia’s body trembles enormously, she loses consciousness. Even so, I continue to thrust deep and furiously so she could not faint.

「Eeeii, it’s gotten loose.」

Maybe it’s because she lost consciousness or perhaps it’s because I stretched it too much, but her vagina has gotten looser. In order to get more pleasure, I turn Claudia on her stomach and spread open her asshole.

「My ass……no good……aoooh……」


I push down on her completely and press my expanded dick into her hole. The sound of her flesh stretching is even more intense than before.

「It-it’s ripping!!」


If it rips, the hole would loosen again. I grab the slippery fluid I had prepared for our lovemaking and slather it on her ass, then insert myself inside again.

I see my giant cock split apart her tight hole and when it goes in about halfway, it suddenly slips all the way in up to the root.


「It’s in……it went in!!」

I don’t remember much of what happened from that point on. I probably swung my hips like I went insane and Claudia probably continued screaming in pleasure like she went mad as we continued having anal sex, and after I ejaculated a large amount in the end, the two of us collapsed in bed together.

Suddenly, the feeling of water running down my throat brings me back to my senses. I roll over in bed and lay in the ‘大‘ character position.

「Have you returned to your senses?」

The one who let me drink some water is Clara, who apparently transferred it mouth-to-mouth.

「Please rest assured. This water doesn’t contain anything in it.」

That’s good. If I did what I just did to the smaller Clara, she would undoubtedly break and might die in the worst case.

「What about Claudia?」

「I entrusted her to one of our mansion’s servants while she remained unconscious. She was in a terrible state. Too much must have been pumped into her ass because partway through the hallway, something gave way and semen and feces gushed out……」

「Nevermind, it’s fine if you don’t say anymore.」

It’s fortunate she wasn’t conscious.

「I only had a small amount so it didn’t take long for me to return to my normal state……but I didn’t think the drug would be that effective.」

「Wasn’t an entire bottle used?」

If less was used, the both of us could have enjoyed arousing and passionate sex. If too much is used, we’ll completely turn into beasts.

「That might be the case. In any case……」

Clara gets on the bed and extends her hand to my crotch. I’m certain I ejaculated so much to cause myself to worry whether Claudia’s stomach would burst, but my cock is still standing straight up and my balls are still tight.

「You aren’t satisfied yet either?」

「I am still sane……」

Now that I look, Clara has juices emitting a womanly scent coming from her thighs.

「Shall we do it?」

It might be the perfect condition to have sex as our bodies are aroused while our senses are retained.

「Lick it.」

I push my imposing dick in front of Clara.

「My pleasure.」

She brings both hands to my cock and drags her tongue up and down the tip.

「I’m very sorry. It’s too big and it won’t fit in my mouth, so I’ll use my tongue to service you.」

Because of the drug, my dick has been affected, just like her crotch has been. Even if she opened her mouth as far as possible, her jaw would probably dislocate if she tried to stuff my dick inside.

「It’s fine, because of the drug, I can’t take much more and will cum soon.」

She gently strokes my shaft with her hands and draws circles by crawling her tongue around the tip. Occasionally, she flicks her tongue up and down the tip from the front and licks it like she would lick candy.

「You’re doing quite well. Did you practice this on another guy?」

「No way, I imagined Hardlett-sama’s thing while licking a dildo.」

When I picture her doing so in my mind, my meat rod pulses.

「It really is like a log……drug aside, for it to get this big.」

「It’s fine if you just use your mouth or rub it in between your thighs.」

It’s probably impossible for her hole.

「No, I’ll take it in my vagina even if it tears. That’s a woman’s pride.」

Is that so, then I’ll have to be careful not to hurt her.

「If you feel uncomfortable, please let me know.」

Clara fixes my cock in place while gently inserting her pinky in my urethra. Using her other hand, she strokes the shaft, which causes her pinky to wiggle around slightly inside my dick.

「Does it hurt?」

「No, perhaps it is because of the enlargement. It feels great.」

「Then I’ll stop.」

She then bites the tip lightly swiftly runs her teeth against it. Because of how hard my dick has gotten, it doesn’t hurt, but rather gives me an intense feeling of pleasure.



I push Clara away and straddle her face, then ejaculate straight at her. My semen comes gushing out like a fountain and she is dyed pure white.

「Abuh! Kobuh! Nboh!」

Even so, she brings both hands to her face to catch it all. I release more seed as if to praise her for her commendable efforts.

「Aah……I came.」

「I’m pleased.」

Looking at Clara now, it’s no longer clear whether she’s a boy or a girl. All I know is that she is dripping in cum.

「Want to wipe your face?」

「If you don’t mind, can I you put it in like this?」

「Isn’t it uncomfortable?」

「No, absolutely not. Tonight is the last night. I want to spend my time surrounded by Hardlett-sama’s intense smell.」

What a cute thing to say, but you’re saying you want your face to covered in sperm.

「You pervert.」

「Do you dislike that?」

「I love it.」

Clara lies face up on the bed as I press against her. As I do so, she opens her legs and when I place my dick against the entrance of her hole, she bites the sheets. She understands that pain is inevitable for a small girl. She has an expression that tells me she will absolutely bear with it. It can’t be avoided if I accidentally keep her in suspense either.


There is a ripping sound as about half of my rod buries itself into her hole. Her vagina didn’t tear but……it stretches open in a strange way.

「It’s tight, guess that’s about it.」

「Guh……go ahead, please swing your hips.」

However, when I look at Clara’s face, she’s smiling. Then she scoops some of the semen clinging to her face, sticks out her tongue in a naughty manner and licks the seed off her finger. She is trying her best to act like a lewd woman to turn me on. I know she’s acting, but I’ll play along.

「Then I won’t hold back and take you up on your offer.」

As soon as I move my hips, Clara forgets to act and her face instantly shows her agonizing. To offer some comfort, I use one hand to hug her body close to my chest, gently rubbing her back.

「Your giant cock……is so big it hurts but……if I can get used to this……I can bear any kind of……」

「Alright, alright, you cutie.」

I lift up the girl about halfway and rock my hips, occasionally prodding her asshole with my finger as a joke. Being sensitive in the first place, the both of us quickly climb up the hill of pleasure and reach our climax soon.

「I’m about to cum.」
「I’m also about to orgasm!」

We look at each other and smile.

「How would you like to finish?」

「I want you to hug me tightly……and also lift me up……」

「Like this?」

I hold Clara’s ass and lift her up from the front. Of course, this is done while my cock is still inside her.

「I’ll support you, so if you want to throw your head back or stretch out your arms, you can do as you like.」

Since she’s so light, I can lift her with one hand.

「Y-yes……ah, ah, ah!! Aaaaaaaaaaah—!!」

She spreads her hands out and throws her head back unabashed as I thrust up while supporting her, my climax chasing after hers.


The drug has lost some of its efficacy by now but I’m sure there is still a bit of it left in our system. Different from naturally building up pleasure, the orgasm this time is forcibly caused. There is a certain time necessary to reach a regular orgasm but it isn’t bad to do this kind of play every so often.


Clara loses consciousness while she throws her head back, and as I continue to hold her puppet-like form I ejaculate into her extremely tight hole. Her stomach gradually expands more and more, and although I feel a bit sorry that she starts foaming at the mouth, unless my dick releases everything, the tip will get caught inside and I won’t be able to pull out.

「Gonna cum a little more, sorry…………hm? Oh shit.」

Clara completely loses her strength and her pee drips down my thighs and onto the floor. I’ll give a bonus to the maid who cleans this.

「I’ll come agaaaaiiinn!!」
「Well then, please take care.」

Claudia’s stay is over and she tearfully leaves to her motherland. Since there are no more guests to entertain, I can finally start patrolling my new territory.

「All units, line up! The entire army will now begin their march and follow Lord Hardlett from now on. Although this is within our territory, do not lower your guard, and know that any ineptitude is a blow to the Count’s prestige!!」

Leopolt shouts and the army starts marching. Things regarding the territory shouldn’t take that much time, but I have a feeling there is a storm brewing.

As a side note, on the day Claudia returned home, a middle-aged gardener and a cleaner maid had sex in the mansion’s garden. The gardener says he was tempted by the maid, while the maid has no clue why she did something like that and cried. Rita gets worked up about firing the both of them, but I manage to smooth things over. It’s probably because of the water we left behind.

I’ll give the maid something extra. The gardener gets nothing, because that maid looks tasty. Next time, I’ll have a go at her.

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett. 22 years old. Spring.
Status: Goldonia Kingdom Count. Great Feudal Lord of Eastern Area of Goldonia. King of the Mountains. Friend of the Dwarves.
Troops Commanded: Private Army – 2500 (of which 1000 are Bow Cavalry) – Reorganizing
Assets: 14300 gold (Reception Fee -200) (Travel Expense -100) (labor -300) (Call up -100) Loan: 20 000 gold
Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword), Dwarf’s Spear, Jewelled Shield, High-grade Steel One-handed Sword
Family: Nonna (wife), Carla (concubine), Mel (pregnant concubine), Kuu (lover), Ruu (lover), Mireille (lover), Leah (Self-declared Sex Slave), Casie (ghost), Miti (lover), Alma, Kroll (non-virgin), Melissa (lover), Maria (lover), Rita (head maid), Catherine (lover), Yoguri (rehabilitating), Pipi (follower), Sebastian (butler), Dorothea (lover, in the capital)
Children: Sue, Miu, Ekaterina (daughter), Antonio, Claude (son), Rose (foster daughter)
Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina (commander), Luna (commander), Ruby (Luna’s follower and lover), Myla (peace officer), Leopolt (staff officer), Adolph (domestic affairs official), Gido (escort), Claire & Laurie (official merchant), Schwartz (horse), Lilian (actress)
Sexual Partners: 106, children who have been born: 10
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