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Strange Yuanli Guo

Previously, their Master’s breakthrough speed to the Mysterious Heaven Realm Intermediate Stage was already very fast. They had not expected that with the help of these Yuanli Guo, she would immediately start to breakthrough into the Innate Realm.

If the news of this speed of cultivation were to spread, they were afraid that the number of people shocked will be beyond count. This trip to the ancient monument was really worth it!

“Master is so powerful. That Ji Yun’er is not the opponent of our Master, she is a bit older and dares to boast of her cultivation level.”

Xiao Hei’s brows rose and his eyes were full of pride.

In the past, Ji Yun’er’s strength had been stronger and this had been extremely unfavorable to their master. They had not expected that their Master would break through into the Hong Border in such a short period of time. They wondered what kind of expression Ji Yun’er would make if she knew this.

“Ah, why is it that all of the Yuanli Guo have been absorbed by Master, but there is still one floating here?”

Xiao Bai’s eyes fell onto the only floating Yuanli Guo in the stone room, the characteristics of this Yuanli Guo were too unusual.

Listening to Xiao Bai’s words, Xiao Hei also looked at the Yuanli Guo in the air and his eyes were full of an expression of wrongness.

“It’s hard to think… This one must have some hidden mystery to it.”

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei looked at each other and saw the flashing interest in each other’s eyes.

In the next moment, the figures of the two fluffballs did not hesitate to shoot towards the one Yuanli Guo.

However, the Yuanli Guo seemed to have spirituality and avoided the attack of the two fluffballs.

Seeing this situation, the two fluffballs were sure that this Yuanli Guo was special. All the previous Yuanli Guo had been very easy to capture. Only this Yuanli Guo was slippery and could not be caught.
If Master had not absorbed all of the Yuanli Guo, they would have not found this mysterious Yunali Guo.

“The way to leave this stone room must be related to this Yuanli Guo.”

Xiao Hei said, his brain’s hole getting wider. During the period of their Master’s retreat, they had searched every corner of the stone room, and there was no mechanism to be found.

It seems that this Yuanli Guo, which was constantly running away, was likely the way to leave the stone room!

When they thought of this, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai were full of endless excitement. They didn’t believe that with their power, this Yuanli Guo could not be captured.

Then, a chasing game broke out in the stone room. Two figures, one black and one white were constantly chasing the green Yuanli Guo, and all three were lightning fast.

In desperation, the two fluffballs found that the speed of this Yuanli Guo was beyond their expectations. Even if they chased it together, this Yuanli Guo had still had the capacity to escape.

Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai were even angrier and immediately pounced towards the Yuanli Guo. This situation was really embarrassing for Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai, and if they really couldn’t catch it, then they were both useless!

When Baili Hong Zhuang successfully broke through to the Innate Realm and opened her eyes, she saw two fluffballs lying on the ground panting, and they looked like they had had a big fight with others.

There was a hint of sorrow in their eyes, and doubts emerged in Baili Hong Zhuang’s mind. There was no one in the stone room except her and the three beasts. What were the two little fluffballs doing?

“What happened to you two?” Baili Hong Zhuang could not help but ask, did the two fluffballs fight among themselves.

“That…” Xiao Hei gasped and sat up, saying, “Master… I am exhausted.”

Xiao Bai’s situation was also not good, but his eyes were flashing with excitement.
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