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If You Want, I Will Accompany You!

“Previously, I had looked down on this Baili Hong Zhuang. With her cultivation being just at the Mysterious Eon, and having so much courage; it is rare.”

Yan Ling Xuan shook his head in exclamation. Before he ha thought that Baili Hong Zhuang was really courageous with the way she treated Ji Yun’er, but he had not expected her to be just as fearless in battle.

Seeing Yan Ling Xuan’s admiration for Baili Hong Zhuang, a touch of dissatisfaction appeared in the eyes of Ji Ynér, and her next words also had a hint of sourness.

“What’s so great, can’t everyone do that?” Ji Yun’er snorted. “This kind of thing is not worthy of us personally fighting.”

As children of cultivation families, they had no need to undertake a task personally when the time came to fight.

“Ji Yun’er, if you haven’t eaten the grapes, don’t say they are sour. Even if you do it, I am afraid you won’t be any better than Baili Hong Zhuang.”

Lin Yi Rou said softly as she looked at Ji Yun’er. Such an attitude, she did not like people like Ji Yun’er.

In fact, if Baili Hong Zhuang had also been from a cultivation family, she believed that she would be among the young generation of powers.

“Lin Yi Rou, what do you mean by that?”

Ji Yun’er stepped forward, and a trace of anger appeared on her face. Since yesterday, Lin Yi Rou had been praising Baili Hong Zhuang from time to time. It was clear that she was taking the opportunity to mock her.

“What do I mean? I am just telling the truth.”

Lin Yi Rou felt quite indifferent; she did not care about Ji Yun’er’s question.

“Ji Yun’er, you should know that with who I am, others may be afraid of you, but I don’t have a reason to be.” Lin Yi Rou whispered softly, an indifferent and cold expression appearing on her gentle face.

Han Xi Lin looked at that conflict between Ji Yun’er and Lin Yi Rou, a very strange feeling appearing in her heart.

It seemed that although Lin Yi Rou appeared soft and weak, underneath there was a strong heart.

Ji Yun’er obviously did not expect that Lin Yi Rou would go against her, and her face turned ugly. “I don’t have the time to squabble with you. After we come out of the ancient monument, we will slowly settle this account!”

“If you want to, I will accompany you.”

Lin Yi Rou softly raised her eyebrows, not putting Ji Yun’er’s words in her heart.

“Master, the Qing Tian Mo Alligator is dead.” Baishi’s voice screamed in Baili Hong Zhuang’s head.

“Then we should go now.” Baili Hong Zhuang said.

“Master, I… I want the demonic core of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.”

Baishi squinted his small eyes, eagerly looking at Baili Hong Zhuang, thinking of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, the demonic crystal of it was very good.

The Qing Tian Mo Alligator was a Huang border demonic beast. The energy in its demonic core would also be very rich. It would be much higher than normal demonic crystals. It would really be very great for him.

Baili Hong Zhuang felt a bit awkward, but she had completely
forgotten about her contractual beast who would gobble demonic cores in seconds.

Looking at the light flashing in the star-like yes… it was impossible to refuse.

“I am going to get the demonic core!”

Di Bei Chen looked at the sudden change in Baili Hong Zhuang’s expression, his handsome face filled with a trace of incomprehensibility. “Wifey, what is the problem?”

Baili Hong Zhuang slightly shook her head, then pointed at the little guy in her arms, saying, “This little guy wants to eat the demonic core of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.”

Hearing this, Di Bei Chen also reacted. “The Beast King always like to eat demonic cores.”
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