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Liu Qin Yue’s Decision

Liu Qin Yue was the most hesitant. A long time ago, her master had told her that her talent in cultivation was not as good as that in alchemy.

It was not that her cultivation talent was bad, but that she lacked the courage of cultivators.

Although she had never stopped cultivating because of this, she still devoted the most energy to practice alchemy.

She had originally told Master to not be too concerned about her. Since the past two times Yi Hu Cheng appeared, she had understood more what her Master meant.

Her strength was higher than Baili Hong Zhuang’s, but she still needed her help to save herself. This alone had already proved the problem.

For the ancient monument, she was naturally full of interest, but when she thought of the dangers inside, she lost her confidence. Under such circumstances, would she still want to go?

After Gong Shao Qing and Dong Fang Yu pondered for a moment, their stance on this became more firm. This kind of opportunity was rare. Once missed, it wasn’t necessary that they will have it again in this lifetime.

If they gave up now because they were not strong enough, they would surely regret it in the future.

Cui Hao Yan, Zhan Yun Feng, Bai Jun Yu and Xia Zhi Qing also made their decision after struggling for a moment. They must absolutely not regret their choices.

Baili Hong Zhuang had never changed her stance from beginning to end. Giving up on something just because it was dangerous, that was not her style!

Di Bei Chen was also the same, when he sees an opportunity, he was happy to pounce on it. How could he give up just because of some danger?

After everyone made their decision, Liu Qin Yue suddenly said, “I have decided to go back to the College.”

Hearing Liu Qin Yue’s words, everyone stopped for a moment, but soon they understood her decision.

An alchemist was an extremely rare talent. Once she became an alchemist, she was doomed to become rich and wealthy.

What’s more, Liu Qin Yue’s talent in alchemy was outstanding and she was recognized as a genius alchemist. She simply does not need to take this risk.

Lu Huai Yan nodded slightly, “Well, I’ve already informed the College. They will release a signal flare when they arrive outside the miasma forest. When you see the signal flare, then go, that will be safer.

There were still a large number of cultivators outside the miasma forest. After the arrival of the four families, the outsiders would be even more eager to enter.

If Liu Qin Yue went out hastily, she would surely be apprehended by everyone. Only by someone from the College waiting outside will be able to guarantee her safety.

Hearing this, Liu Qin Yue nodded her head and said, “I understand.”

“You’re safe right now, stay here.” Fu Hong Bo felt a bit relieved.

Lu Huai Yan’s eyes fell on the crowd. “Since you have already decided to go in, you must be careful tomorrow. We cannot predict what kind of traps will be in there. Everyone can only react spontaneously and help themselves.”

“We understand!” Everyone responded.

Inside the monument, even if their teachers were present, they cannot guarantee their safety. The only one they could rely on was themselves.

As cultivators, they are always exposed to countless risks. From the day they walked down this road, they had been ready.

The people once again started cultivating, but the mood was significantly heavier.

“Gong Dage, you must be careful tomorrow, I won’t accompany you this time.”
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