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Miserable, Dai Yun Yang

Thinking this, Wei Mei Dai became pale.

She wanted to go directly to Ling Jia Xin and the others, but thinking it over, even if she went to Ling Jia Xin and the others it would make no difference.

Ling Jia Xin and the others… how would they be able to compensate for her (BHZ’s) loss?

As Wei Mei Dai expected, Ling Kia Xin, Liu Jing Kan, and Pang Yun Xiang were all frowning, depressed.

Needless to say, after losing her bet with Baili Hong Zhuang, Ling Jia Xin naturally became impoverished.

She had thought that since Dai Yun Yang returned, her situation of poverty can be alleviated.

She never thought that Dai Yun Yang would use all his resources and money at the auction for the Channel Opening Pills, so he now had no extra money.

And now they had to compensate Baili Hong Zhuang for the loss of reputation she suffered, but she did not have any money.

As for not paying, she did not dare to think about.

Vice Principal himself had testified this. If she does not compensate and the news reached the Vice Principal’s ears, her final conclusion will certainly not be good.

Although Liu Jing Kan and Pang Yun Xiang were better off than Ling Jia Xin, not by much.

They were not born rich people, the amount of money with them was limited, and in many ways, they needed to rely on Dai Yun Yang.

They did not expect to lose Dai Yun Yang, that support pillar but also having to compensate such a huge amount.

It could be said that the most unfortunate of the three was Pang Yun Xiang, after all, Liu Jing Kang and Ling Jia Xin had been with Dai Yun Yang since a long time so they had gotten a lot of benefits.

Pang Yun Xiang had just recently joined the group, what benefits; he got nothing and now even Dai Yun Yang was lost.

Forget it, it was his own choice to rely on Dai Yun Yang, in addition, he had also been defeated by baili Hong Zhuang, lost face, and had to pay a huge fee… he could only blame himself.

Could there be anyone more unlucky in this world?

Dai Yun Yang lay quietly in his bed, he did not give up trying to practice even after finding that his dantia could not store even a bit of Yuan energy, he could except this outcome only after a lot of despair.

Ling Jia Xin looked at the haggard Dai Yun yang, before saying aloud, “Yun Yang, I will be unable to take care of you later.”

Hearing this, Dai Yun Yang momentarily forgot his depression, looking at Ling Jia Xin with surprise. “Jia Xin, what is the meaning of your words?”

“You know… You are now unable to practice, we should go our separate ways now.”

Ling Jia Zin’s words were firm and decisive. A waste had no future, they would only be ridiculed everywhere and could be killed anytime.

Even if her reputation was now damaged, as long as she had the hope of becoming a better cultivator, there was also a hope for a better future.

Dai Yun Yang couldn’t help but hold on tightly to Ling Jia Xin’s hand, “Jia Xin, Pang Yun Xiang has left, Liu Jing Kan has gone, now even you are going to leave me?”

“Yun Yang, you yourself know this, it is impossible for me to be with you now.”

“Not necessarily, maybe my dantian can heal.” Dai Yun Yang said without hesitation.

“Don’t say your dantian can be healed, even if it is healed, you will have to cultivate from scratch; by then, people will be long ahead of you! Your life is now finished!”

Hearing this remark, Dai Yun Yang’s entire being became sluggish, unable to contain his misery.

Ling Jia Xin was right, his life was now finished, completely finished…


[ T/N LJX is such a *****… Well, her words are true and I am not going to feel sorry for DYY, I have way better things to do, but still, this was pretty harsh. Anyways, enjoy ☆~(ゝ。∂)]

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